5 Reasons to Learn Macrame This Summer

5 Reasons to Learn Macrame This Summer

By Sarah Hinds-Friedl

Macrame classes in SF are fun and relaxing, and there are so many more reasons why you’ll want to add this craft to your summer must-do list!

As we all know, summers in San Francisco aren’t all sunny weather and sandy beaches. That’s why, when the temps drop and the fog rolls in, you might be looking for some fun indoor activities instead. Learning how to macrame is the perfect option!

Macrame is the perfect cold-weather craft

DIY macrame class

As the rest of California breaks out their sunglasses and beachwear, everyone in the Bay will be bundling up for that typical SF fog. And, if you’re sick of spending your days off binging whatever is left to watch on TV and wishing you were somewhere warmer, learning how to macrame is sure to bring you out of the funk.

In fact, crafts like macrame are a great way to cope with the summertime blues. If you tend to experience Seasonal Affective Disorder during the cloudier months, learning a new hobby can help by releasing dopamine in the brain. And, by creating something tangible—that your houseguests are sure to fawn over!—you’ll also experience a newfound sense of accomplishment and motivation. 

In short, learning how to macrame is a good cozy weather craft, and it can also help to ward off the negative effects of our not-so-summer weather.

Your springtime plants are begging for a macrame plant hanger

How else are you supposed to celebrate the coming of spring other than filling your home with brand new houseplants? And hey, since plants are scientifically proven to be naturally stress-relieving, we say the more the merrier! Whether you grew your own little baby sprouts or hit up your local nursery, your new plant family is going to need some accessories. 

Making your own easy macrame plant hanger is a great way to maximize your space and showcase your gorgeous plants. By hanging your plants from the ceiling, shelves, or window frames, you can make sure that your indoor plant wonderland looks intentional instead of cluttered. And, it’s a great way to make sure that all of your plants are getting the ideal amount of sunlight.

You can easily learn the techniques of making your own DIY macrame plant hanger in just one class or take your skills to the next level with more complex designs. 

If you gave up on meditating, learn macrame!

Macrame kit

Over the last year, many of us tried to achieve inner peace through guided meditation. And, well, many of us failed. Meditation is not as easy as it looks, and there were plenty of distractions to keep us occupied. 

With macrame, though, you’re not just sitting in silence and hoping that your brain will stay still. Instead, by focusing your mind on a repetitive task, you can naturally enter into a meditative flow state. 

If you have ever tried starting up a meditation or yoga circle with your colleagues with little success, perhaps macrame team building activities are the answer!   

The relaxing nature of making macrame is one of the reasons why these indoor activities make such great bachelorette party ideas. Gather your favorite girls, get knotting, and say goodbye to any pre-wedding jitters!

The key is to start simple. Don’t look up videos of a complicated macrame wall hanging and expect that you’re going to be a pro right away. By attending a beginner’s class or ordering a DIY kit, you can learn and master the basics at a relaxing pace. 

The benefit of trying a beginner’s macrame project is that you’ll be able to enter the flow state without getting overwhelmed or stressed. And that can open up all the mental health benefits of the flow state: satisfaction, self-confidence, a boost in creativity, and even better emotional regulation. Once you start meditating via macrame, it won’t feel like a chore. You’ll want to keep coming back to this practice all summer! 

You’ll never want to leave your house without a macrame bag

Sure, there’s a summer chill, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t be getting out to explore every once in a while! There are plenty of summer events in SF that you won’t want to miss, from farmer’s markets to outdoor concerts.

And whether you’re going to hit up the Heart of the City Farmer’s Market in the Tenderloin or the Mission Community Market, you’re going to want to have at least one trendy and functional bag to bring home your haul. DIY macrame bags are great for carrying fresh produce and your extra layer for temperature changes. And you might bring a light blanket to sit on the grass in Golden Gate Park.

Don’t be surprised if you get compliments on your macrame bag while you’re out and about this summer. Market bags are one of the easiest beginner macrame projects you can try, but they always look great!

Mini macrame kits make great experience gifts for the friends you’re reconnecting with this summer

Macrame kit experience gifts

Maybe it’s been a while since you’ve seen your friends IRL, and you’re wondering how to make your reunions more special. What better way to reconnect than by sharing your recent hobby in gift form?

Macrame gifts, like keychains, plant holders, jewelry, and mini wall hangings are a wonderful way to show how excited you are to reunite with your besties.

If you’re not able to whip up macrame gifts in time for your upcoming friend meet-ups, you might attend a class together instead! Macrame classes are relaxed and welcoming, giving you and your friends plenty of time to chat and catch up. You can find these San Francisco workshops in a variety of neighborhoods, or order kits for your friends to try in the location of your choice.

Macrame is good for your mind and your summer plans!

Macrame classes in SF

We love that macrame is as practical as it is enjoyable. By learning basic macrame techniques, you can beat the SF summer blues, work some meditation into your schedule, show some love to your indoor plants, and make special experience gifts for your friends and family! So, whether you plan on cozying up inside or exploring the city with your macrame tote this summer, your macrame projects will never be far away.

Get started by taking a beginner’s macrame class in your SF neighborhood or ordering a macrame kit to your home. 

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