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Back Porch Soap Company was founded in 1998 by Marla Bosworth. She launched one of the first schools of natural skincare in the U.S. Marla offers cosmetic formulation training in organic skin care and natural hair, soapmaking and candle making. In addition to natural cosmetics online training, Marla teaches in New York City. Marla is well-known in the indie beauty community for sharing her knowledge of natural cosmetic and soap formulation along with her extensive background in entrepreneurship. She teaches experiential workshops that engage and empower students with knowledge in natural skincare formulation. A shamanic practitioner and energy soul coach, Marla speaks at corporate and private events, wellness gatherings and conferences around the world.




Jyoti Krishan Mar 2023

Cold Process Soap Making Workshop

This was a great class. So informative, friendly and welcoming. The instructor was very knowledgeable and open. So glad I signed up for this.

Lisa Yang Oct 2022

Cold Process Soap Making Workshop

I loved that Marla and Kit were both obviously very seasoned and knew a lot about soap making. I was really happy to have attended their class with maximal safety precautions around lye.

Alicia Cooper Sep 2022

Organic Lotion Bars, Scrubs, and Lip Balms Class

The instructor was very nice and patiently answered every question asked. Her assistant was very nice as well. The distributed overview information sheets explained a lot and I’ll definitely refer back to them for future use. Thanks soo much for wonderful experience.

Jacqueline Thomas Jun 2022

Natural Wax Candle Making Class

I did not know what to expect, however, I must say the class and the wonderful interaction with the teacher, Ms. Marla Bosworth and other students was a real treat. On arrival to class, the containers, tools and ingredients were neatly set out on the tables for each student. We had an opportunity to interact with the teacher before the demonstration actually started and while the various activities were being conducted. I learned a lot of the technical issues that I need to apply to my own candle making business. Some of the technical things  + more

Joanna Khan Apr 2022

Cold Process Soap Making Workshop

Love this class, wonderful teacher, well organized, clean and spacious area to work ingredients and tools were provided with a super assessment. All in all with the money.

Cold Process Soap Making Workshop review by Joanna Khan - New York City

Kimberlee Garnes-Walker Mar 2022

Natural Wax Candle Making Class

Marla's Natural Wax Candle Making Class at Little Shop of Candles was amazing. My husband and I attended this class as part of our "date night" before dinner. Prior to the class, Marla emailed us reading material in preparation for the class. This included steps necessary to make soy and coconut candles, a list of websites to purchase supplies, etc. The venue was a cute arts and crafts shop on Amsterdam. When we arrived there was another class ending at the front. The class was held towards the back of the shop. Marla and her assistant, Kay  + more

Akila Wetherill Feb 2022

Cold Process Soap Making Workshop

Loved the experience! Marla was so much fun and knowledgable on so many aspects of the soapmaking process. Workspace was clean and everything you need is provided. Big plus is you get access to tips and info that will make your journey into soapmaking easier. Definitely would recommend especially for first timers like myself :)

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