Coffee Tasting: Seed to Cup

Come along on the complete coffee journey in this coffee tasting experience in NYC!

Joe Coffee Company
Joe Coffee Company
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2 hours Class size 6 to 8     label $90

In this coffee tasting experience in NYC, you'll learn the complete journey of coffee. Through the Seed to Cup presentation and discussion, you will learn how coffee starts its journey as the seed of a tropical fruit, passing through a complex supply stream before finally reaching your cup as the coffee you know and love.

Along the way, there are many transformative steps that affect the way coffee tastes. In this class, we’ll dive into these steps, tracing the journey from seed to cup to give you a better understanding of how coffee is produced.

After the presentation, we’ll set up a coffee tasting, or a cupping as coffee professionals like to call it. This is a standardized way to taste different coffees side by side, which is used across the supply stream for a multitude of purposes and goals. This allows us to taste the coffee without the influence of the brew method. You’ll have a chance to taste several of our coffees, from some of our favorite year-round coffees to unique single origins.

Whether you're looking for fun team building activities that will give your colleagues a boost of energy (and caffeine) or you're looking for experience gift ideas for coffee lovers, you'll find yourself thoroughly engaged in this experience!

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This class is great for a team building activity, birthday or bachelorette party.


131 W 21st St, New York, NY 10011

This venue is within walking distance of 23 St, 18 St, 14 St / 6 Av and 28 St stations

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Joe Coffee Company
Joe Coffee Company

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