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Kintsugi is the Japanese art of mending broken ceramics and filling the cracks with gold or other metallics. It's a beautiful slow art form that gives the heart time to reflect and connect. It's a truly transformational experience and participants have come out of this more hopeful and with a different perspective on the world.

This introductory workshop is 3 hours long and participants will need to be sent a kit beforehand.




Jody Thomas May 2023

Kintsugi Class

I've been wanting to take a Kintsugi class with Kat for over a year and this experience did not disappoint. It was an intimate class size (4 students total), so Kat was able to attend to each person's questions. The overall vibe of the lesson was very meditative, mindful and rejuvenating. It also helped to have other classmates who were wonderfully open and thoughtful. I learned so much and am able to do more Kintsugi work at home. I highly recommend this class.

Piper Overbaugh May 2023

Kintsugi Class

This was such a great class! Kat was a lovely teacher, very informative and helpful with sharing her knowledge and put together adorable little kits for each student to take with them in order to do more Kintsugi at home. The venue was at a charming house and was comfortable for all the people who attended. Highly recommend if you are looking to learn more about Kintsugi!

Celia Gannon May 2023

Kintsugi Class

This class is a wonderfully supportive introduction to the art of kintsugi! Kat presents the information and instruction in such a kind and interactive way that you come out of the workshop feeling well-informed and able to continue the process independently. It helps that she has thoughtfully put together customized tool kits, as well as providing extensive online resources. Kat is a natural teacher and her love and deep knowledge of kintsugi is evident in her detailed approach to the workshop. I definitely recommend and will definitely take the  + more

Christine Savage-Mindel Apr 2023

Learn Kintsugi

What a wonderful class! I’m so grateful to have been able to learn Kintsugi from Kat online. I’ve been dreaming of learning this art for years and was so pleased to finally find a class that was so accessible. I no longer fear my precious ceramic treasures breaking - I only wish I had saved all the ones that broke in the past

Tim Huang Apr 2023

Kintsugi Class

Can not be happier with the class! Kat was such a excellent singer and teacher.

Pottery class review by Tim Huang - Los Angeles

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