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Kat McDowell is a Kintsugi Maker, Origami teacher and an award winning, chart topping singer songwriter who creates ocean pop music in a blend of Japanese and English.

Her love for singing and crafts came from her Japanese grandmother. Although Kat spent the majority of her twenties and thirties as a Musician and touring artist, she would always be handcrafting her own merch through making paper crane earrings or canvas paintings and making was always a part of her soul.

Kat wrote two songs in 2019 that would change the course of her life.
One was called "1000 Paper Cranes" written in honour of her grandmother who passed away, and "Scars" which was inspired by another Japanese artform called "Kintsugi" which is all about mending broken ceramics and highlighting the cracks with gold bringing beauty out of brokenness.

Both of these songs led Kat to dive deep in to these artforms, and as the pandemic halted all musical tours and performances, Kat started to teach these artforms virtually instead. Helping people find some relief during a very stressful season.

Coming full circle back to music "Kokoro no kakera" the Japanese version of the song "Scars" went on to win Grand Prize in the world section of the John Lennon Songwriting competition in 2021.

To Kat, the spiritual aspect of Kintsugi is just as important if not more than the craft itself. She loves how art can heal and touch the soul and wants to continue sharing this with the world.




Rachel J Jun 2024

Wonderful class. Highly recommend. Great instruction and care. Satisfying process. Kat is skilled at her craft but also as a teacher and sensitive facilitator. Fabulous experience.

Ella Sugerman Jun 2024

I liked the course a lot and the instructor was clearly very knowledgeable. I found the pacing to be a bit slow.

Margaret Jun 2024

This was a great class. So much was presented and accomplished during the class time. The materials sent were wonderful and I learned a lot about mending pottery and china. Kat was an excellent teacher.

Sam Sugerman Jun 2024

This was a great introduction to Kintsugi, and Kat provided everything we needed to be successful with a first project. Definitely recommend!

Sharon Grassi Apr 2024

Two-and-a-half hours flew by during this contemplative, fun, and purposeful class.
Reclaiming what is broken is a beautiful philosophy that is made tangible with Kat’s help ️

Emma Husseman Mar 2024

Kat’s kintsugi class was an amazing introduction to this beautiful and ancient art form. I really appreciated Kat’s framing of the practice of kintsugi and I feel as though I walked away with not only new artistic skills but a lovely experience. I would highly recommend her course. I am especially grateful for the kit that is provided - as I get to continue practicing kintsugi in future projects.

Hiromi Helmuth Mar 2024

Very cool experience!

I got this as a birthday gift, my teacher was knowledgeable and very supportive. Also the teacher speaks Japanese and English fluently which made it feel very at home for me. I learned how to repair the broken pot and paint the cracks to make a beautiful piece of art.

I really enjoyed it because it was like a puzzle but way more fun.
My piece was too difficult and I couldn’t finish it but when I got home I finished it because I enjoyed it so much. I will continue to practice this in my life as I’ve found a new hobby.

Angela Guldan Mar 2024

What a great meaningful experience, I would highly recommend this class as well as coming again!

Tracey Corinne Feb 2024

I took this to add to my abilities as a ceramic and mosaic artist. It did help that I had a much loved piece I had wanted to fix for years. I couldn't believe how nice it looked when I was finished. I really hate the way cracks look on mended things but the kintsugi looks so pretty. Kat is a very patient and thorough teacher and the other participants were a unique and interesting group. It was so much fun I could take the class over and over just to practice my skills and meet new people.

Sarah Starr Jan 2024

Oh did we have fun. We were so graciously welcomed. And now, with Kat’s clear instructions and all materials provided, my broken dish is now whole! Just a lovely afternoon we all agreed. Plus tea! Thank you.

Patti Rayne Jan 2024

I highly recommend this class. Bring a little practice dish so you can make sure to get a feel for how to perform the mending and making new of your dish! All materials were provided. The class was held in a lively outdoor setting. Hot tea and cookies were provided. Kat showed us the modern version of Kintsugi. I left feeling confident that I can mend a dish beautifully. Thanks, Kat. I look forward to doing this again.

Minako Rogers Jan 2024

Kat !
Thank you sooooo much for such a great class!
After your class, I was very in busy for next my projects, please see my attached photo.

You were very professional and very knowledgeable for teaching beginners.
No rush and get along with each students project.

Now I know how to fix broken dishes so i’m not scared and kind of expect to break something

Vanassa Mau Nov 2023

I recently had the privilege of taking a Kintsugi class with Kat, and it was nothing short of a transformative experience.

Kat is a skilled instructor with a deep understanding of Kintsugi, guided us through the process with patience and expertise.

As I carefully pieced together the fragments of my broken plate, I found myself reflecting on my own life. Just like the plate, I have experienced my share of cracks and breaks. But rather than discarding these broken pieces, I learned to embrace them, to see them as part of my story.

As I carefully applied the gold lacquer, I felt a sense of peace and tranquility wash over me. The repetitive motion, the delicate touch, the focus on the present moment – it was all so meditative.

In the end, I emerged from the workshop with a newfound appreciation for imperfection, and a calmer, more centered mind. The class was more than just a lesson in Kintsugi; it was a journey of self-discovery and healing.

I highly recommend this Kintsugi class to anyone seeking a transformative experience. It is a reminder that we are all broken, but we are also beautiful, and our imperfections make us unique. Just like the Kintsugi plate, we can embrace our cracks and breaks and find strength and beauty in them.

Kintsugi Class review by Vanassa Mau - Los Angeles

Teacher's response

Thank you so much Vanassa! It was so wonderful meeting you and I'm happy to hear that it was a journey of self-discovery and healing for you!

Shannon Lewis Nov 2023

We live in a disposable world …sigh and Kintsugi focuses on repairing instead of disposing. Thank you Kat for your lovely energy. Enjoy sharing Kintsugi with the world.

Teacher's response

Thank you so much Shannon! It was so great to see all of the beautiful pieces you had kept and mended together with your husband over the years and now you can add the final touches!

Janet Rorschach Nov 2023

What was the teacher like? Charming, knowledgeable, and gracious.
How was the venue (if applicable)? Lord sitting outdoors while we learned how to do Kintsugi.
If materials were provided, did you like them? The materials worked great and allowed each student to complete one piece.
Was the experience good value for money? Absolutely.
What did you do / learn? We learned how to transform a broken ceramic piece into the beautiful art of Kintsugi.
What did you like most? The entire process was soothing. I could focus on the work rather than worry about it all being perfect the first time around. It was a gentle, calming class.

Teacher's response

Thank you Janet! It was wonderful meeting you and appreciated the enthusiasm and energy you brought to the table!

Jeannette Lee Nov 2023

An exceptional introduction to the art with thorough instructions, guidance, and supplies to begin your journey with this art form.

Avra Douglas Nov 2023

I loved this class and would highly recommend it. It was so gratifying to see something broken and seemingly unattractive, become more beautiful and something unique. I also love the metaphor of embracing life’s imperfections. Kat was a great teacher and provided all the supplies to make this class fun and easy!

Savannah Castro Nov 2023

I’m so glad I took this class. Kat’s instruction was great, she was kind and patient and answered everyone’s questions. She also shared really informative information on Kintsugi. Great class, would recommend to everyone!

Teacher's response

Thank you so much for your kind words Savannah! It was great meeting you!

Katherine Hamilton Oct 2023

Great class. I learned a lot about the philosophical concepts and practical techniques of Kintsugi. Kat was an engaging, knowledgeable, and patient teacher. Although it is often difficult to feel connected during an online class, this class felt quite intimate. The class was organized well- I appreciated having all the materials sent ahead of time with some instruction on what to expect. And at the end, I had a beautiful Kintsugi piece I was proud of! Would recommend to anyone interested in Kintsugi.

Teacher's response

Thank you for your kind review Katherine! It was such a special little group we had, I am happy to hear that you could feel connected and engaged even though it was virtual. It was wonderful meeting you and I hope to connect with you again in the future!

Lisbeth Henrikson Oct 2023

Loved this class. The instruction and the sharing were wonderful. It has opened my eyes to even more of what kintsugi has to offer. Will definitely take more classes if they are offered!

Susan Henry Sep 2023

The pace of this class was perfect. The instructor was clear and patient and fostered a relaxed and sharing atmosphere.
Love it!

Francesca Morfesis Sep 2023

Kat’s class was lovely and supportive. It’s so nice to learn with a group and Kat was very good at giving us space and time and also shepherding us through the skills.

Justin Sep 2023

Kat was a truly wonderful instructor, this was a special experience, I highly recommend it for those interested in learning the beautiful practice of Kintsugi.

Rebecca Markman Sep 2023

This class was a wonderful experience all aroundThe instruction and the materials provided were stellar and I definitely would recommend taking the class with Kat. In fact I would love to do another one!

Julia Walker Aug 2023

Kat's class is a really fun, non-intimidating introduction to Kintsugi! Highly recommend for anyone in the Los Angeles area who is curious about the technique.

Victoria Aug 2023

It was a great experience! Kat mailed me the supplies with plenty of time, and sent videos to set expectations before class. She did a great job on instructing, and providing educational videos to share about the history of Kintsugi. She also had a camera setup that was clear to see/easy to follow. It is clear that it's an art form she is passionate about, and it was a very approachable class.

Chris Stoneley Aug 2023

Kat is a wonderful teacher. There is an authentic sincerity in her creation of a safe space to be still, reflect, and practice this ancient art. Subtly merging the practical and philosophical, she leads her class through a meditative process, which is part catharsis, and part healing. What a beautiful, safe, and sacred space. I learned so much to hone my art, and I’m so grateful I got to spend an afternoon with Kat.

Cannot say enough good things - just take the class. I promise you won’t regret it. I feel like I just meditated on repair and recovery for a few hours, and I’m both relaxed and exhilarated as a result. Blissful.

Kintsugi Class review by Chris Stoneley - Los Angeles

Khalighi Keri Aug 2023

Kat is a delight and full of love and knowledge of this precious art form. This was a wonderful way to spend a day…mending a beloved item and turning its brokenness into a new kind of transformed beauty. Thank you, Kat!

Kathy Smith Jul 2023

Kat's Kintsugi workshop was everything I hoped for. I had tried a do-it-yourself kit and was so discouraged with the results. I almost gave up on learning kintsugi but decided to give Kat's workshop a try and I am so, so glad I did. First of all, Kat is just delightful. She is a creative, open, warm, and encouraging instructor. The pace of the class is perfect with plenty of time for each step. The materials she supplies are top quality and I highly recommend her workshop. I'm looking forward to continuing my Kintsugi journey thanks to Kat.

Pottery class review by Kathy Smith

Mary Desjardins Jul 2023

LOVED, LOVED, LOVED Kat's kintsugi class! I have been looking for a contemporary kintsugi techniques class and the universe led me to Kat! Grateful I said YES. A delightful kintsugi kit is mailed to each participant ahead of class. Kat is patient and has developed a strong, developed technique and is an excellent teacher. Not only that- kintsugi inspired Kat to compose an award winning song! Looking forward to further adventures with Kat.
Mary desJardins

Learn Kintsugi review by Mary Desjardins

Lynda Thipavong Jul 2023

Thank you Kat for such a beautiful experience. I enjoyed the class, music and learning about Kintsugi. I will definitely continue to learn this wonderful art and look forward to seeing you again.

Thank you!

Nicola Morgan Jun 2023

I recently attended Kat's Kintsugi workshop, and it was exactly what i was looking for! Set in a serene outdoor location, this workshop offered a peaceful ambiance to explore the art of Kintsugi. With Kat's expert guidance, I had an enjoyable and satisfying experience working on my first Kintsugi project. Highly recommended!

Paloma Anoveros Jun 2023

This was a fantastic class! The materials provided were ideal for the project and Kat was very attentive and inspirational. Thank you!

Stephanie Wurth Jun 2023

This was a great class! I was impressed with the history and philosophy of kintsugi that was shared by Kat. The class was engaging, well coordinated, and successful with everyone completing their projects. I highly recommend this course and would complete it again!

Learn Kintsugi review by Stephanie Wurth

Amit Chaudhary Jun 2023

Loved it, perfect pace, good explanation and material and information to be ready. Break not just chip a ceramic bowl or mug and show up with kit

Pottery class review by Amit Chaudhary

Ännä White Jun 2023

So wonderful, one of the best classes I have taken. I feel very able to kintsugi on my own moving forward.

Learn Kintsugi review by Ännä White

Anna Laifer Jun 2023

I loved this workshop and thoroughly enjoyed my time learning Kintsugi with Kat. I joined because I had a broken bowl that I wanted to fix and it far exceeded my expectations! Kat did a wonderful job holding space, connecting the practice to spiritual growth and allowing for us to connect and bond with one another. We sat outside and it was a beautiful day. thank you!

Shawn Ledingham Jun 2023

Kat was a patient and communicative instructor. She also cultivated a very positive and enjoyable environment. It was a wonderful afternoon.

Beth Colcord Jun 2023

Kat led a very informative class that taught me what I needed and wanted to know to start learning Kintsugi. The kit and other supplies were super organized which made transitioning to different steps, effortless. Kat has a very calm presence and the outdoor pleasant setting was a great compliment to her teaching style. It is a wonderful feeling to now be drinking from a cup I thought was previously unusable, especially one that was a cherished gift. Highly recommend this class.

Jody Thomas May 2023

I've been wanting to take a Kintsugi class with Kat for over a year and this experience did not disappoint. It was an intimate class size (4 students total), so Kat was able to attend to each person's questions. The overall vibe of the lesson was very meditative, mindful and rejuvenating. It also helped to have other classmates who were wonderfully open and thoughtful. I learned so much and am able to do more Kintsugi work at home. I highly recommend this class.

Piper Overbaugh May 2023

This was such a great class! Kat was a lovely teacher, very informative and helpful with sharing her knowledge and put together adorable little kits for each student to take with them in order to do more Kintsugi at home. The venue was at a charming house and was comfortable for all the people who attended. Highly recommend if you are looking to learn more about Kintsugi!

Celia Gannon May 2023

This class is a wonderfully supportive introduction to the art of kintsugi! Kat presents the information and instruction in such a kind and interactive way that you come out of the workshop feeling well-informed and able to continue the process independently. It helps that she has thoughtfully put together customized tool kits, as well as providing extensive online resources.

Kat is a natural teacher and her love and deep knowledge of kintsugi is evident in her detailed approach to the workshop. I definitely recommend and will definitely take the class again myself!

Christine Savage-Mindel Apr 2023

What a wonderful class!
I’m so grateful to have been able to learn Kintsugi from Kat online.
I’ve been dreaming of learning this art for years and was so pleased to finally find a class that was so accessible. I no longer fear my precious ceramic treasures breaking - I only wish I had saved all the ones that broke in the past

Tim Huang Apr 2023

Can not be happier with the class! Kat was such a excellent singer and teacher.

Pottery class review by Tim Huang - Los Angeles

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