Learn How to Preserve Tomatoes at Home

Learn the recipes from our most talked about class in your own kitchen



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Just in time for the tomato season, our preserving tomatoes class is the second in our series of online preserving workshops.

Tomato day has long been our most popular workshop, inspiring students to get serious about seasonal eating, preserving and reducing food waste.

If you aren't able to make it to our hands-on tomato day workshop, here is your chance to learn the recipes from our most-talked-about class in your own kitchen, at your own pace, anywhere in the world.

In this class, Cornersmith owner and tomato lover, Alex Elliott-Howery will guide you through the fundamentals of preserving tomatoes with three recipes for kitchen staples; passata, canned tomatoes and additive-free tomato ketchup/sauce.

Once you see how fun and easy it is to preserve tomatoes yourself, you'll know what a crime it is to eat those floury tomatoes in the dead of winter and why it's not worth buying tinny canned tomatoes, tasteless imported passata, or ketchup full of nasty ingredients.

Alex will also cover food safety, sterilisation and heat processing plus explain the equipment and ingredients you need to fill up your pantry for the year ahead.

You will also receive support material with a troubleshooting guide, a handbook with all the extra information you need, bonus tomato recipes, plus ideas on how to reduce food waste and incorporate what you’ve made into your weekly meals.

This course is essential kitchen knowledge for tomato lovers and growers, budding preservers and anyone looking to avoid supermarkets, excessive packaging and food miles.

What's included?

  • 3 x step by step video tutorials
  • 2 x essential steps videos covering jar sterilisation and heat processing
  • 2 x bonus recipes
  • 1 x handbook full of essential information, recipe cards and plenty of tips
  • 1 x guide to scaling up your tomato preserving
  • 1 x troubleshooting guide
  • Shopping lists
  • Access to our online Facebook Preserving Club

Course outcomes:
  • Gain a thorough understanding of the foundations of tomato preserving
  • Understand and master food safety and storage
  • Understand which ingredients and equipment are best to use
  • Gain the confidence to interchange ingredients in recipes to suit you and your tastebuds
  • Gain practical skills to begin eating seasonally

Knowledge Required
This course is appropriate for absolute beginners, to those needing a refresher or those who want extra tips to improve their pickling.
What to bring
The ingredients listed on the recipe cards you will receive on booking.
Your teacher

5.0 (1)

Cornersmith is a family run business with two stores in Sydney’s Inner West. You can come to us for breakfast, lunch, or come to our cooking school to learn a new skill. We also have two cookbooks full of recipes from our café and Picklery. We believe in ethical food production, sustainable business practice and community engagement.

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