Melissa Stephens, painting teacher

Melissa Stephens

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Born in St. Paul, Minnesota, I received my BA from Cornell College in Mt. Vernon, Iowa, and continue my arts education though workshops and specialized instruction. Currently living in Walnut Creek, CA, I am an encaustic painting instructor, working artist and advocate for the arts. In 2020, I co-developed a virtual gallery and developed a YouTube channel called The Encaustic Edge. I also started a business coaching artists, at all levels in their careers. I serve on several art boards, volunteer at galleries in the San Francisco Bay area, and host live and virtual encaustic demonstrations.

Encaustic is an ancient artform that originates with the Greeks and Egyptians. Layers of molten beeswax and a blow torch are my idea of a good time!

Through the years, I have discovered how fulfilling it is to teach the art I love to make. It is my pleasure to feed people’s creative appetites, give them new knowledge and share ideas. My artwork has been exhibited in Turkey, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, South Dakota, Washington, New York, and California, and I have collectors around the globe.




Eveline Saur Dec 2021

Encaustic Painting Class: Make Your Mark

I gifted this class to my mom and couldn't be happier! Melissa did a wonderful job meeting her student where they're at and teaching new techniques. She's a kind and encouraging teacher. Her studio setup is awesome, too! I highly recommend this class!

Encaustic Painting Class: Make Your Mark review by Eveline Saur

Sandra Nov 2021

Encaustic Painting Class: Make Your Mark

Melissa had everything set up and ready for us to learn. She explained the history of encaustic painting and then demonstrated the technique. She didn't tell us what to do but helped us to be brave in trying new things. We had a great afternoon and ended up with some cool artwork!

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