Mixology Class

Say goodbye to busy bars and overpriced drinks with a cocktail making class in Chicago.

ClassBento Team

ClassBento Team


1.5 hours Class size 1 to 50     label $150

Whether you prefer your drinks shaken not stirred or muddled not mixed, this mixology class in Chicago is for you. Let loose and get social as you learn how to make cocktails that will have you wondering why you’ve never upped your cocktail making game before.

Desperately in need of some tropical vibes? Find out how to make a mojito that will transport you to Cuba’s sunny shores. Always wanted to make the perfect margarita? This cocktail masterclass is your chance to build brand new cocktail making skills to wow your friends and family.

What to expect at a mixology class in Chicago

This cocktail making class is for everyone – no matter the level of experience you have. You’ll learn the entire process of mixing, muddling, and shaking by expert bartenders and mixologists. Their aim is to share their passion for the art of mixology with you, ensuring that the class is engaging, accessible, and sociable – and, of course, fun!

Take the time to ask any questions that you have as you develop your list of fun cocktails to make by yourself. Don’t be afraid to specify if there are any ingredients that you dislike – maybe you’re not a vodka-lover, or perhaps aniseed is just not your flavor profile. Whatever your preference, just let your teacher know in advance of the mixology masterclass, and they’ll be able to cater to you.

You’ll leave the mixology school knowing how to make cocktails that will impress your friends at your next dinner party. Discover the art of blending aromatics and botanicals with liquors and mixers to create a drink that’s truly unique to you. Or just make the most of the social environment and have a good giggle or two – it’s totally up to you.

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Chicago, IL

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