Pottery Class

Learn how to make your own clay creations in this New York City pottery class.

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2 hours Class size 15 to 50     label $90

Start on a unique creative adventure by joining our pottery class in New York City. You'll get to feel, mold, and transform ordinary clay into something extraordinary. Get your hands dirty in the best way by painting ceramics and hand building pottery.

Our pottery wheel for beginners class will teach you how to make glazed pottery from scratch. Join enough pottery making classes, and you'll fill your home with handmade ceramics in the form of pans, plates, mugs, and vases in no time!

What to expect at this clay pottery class in New York City
Inhale the smell of clay, shape pottery, and get your hands dirty. Sign up for pottery classes and learn from the best local potters. Their studios are in different neighborhoods, so whether you are in the West Village or the Upper East Side, you'll be able to find a place that suits you.

Clay is such a forgiving art medium, and wheel throwing allows you to start all over again. You can pinch, roll, and form the clay until it takes on your desired shape. Because it requires a lot of movement, you'll be getting a great workout and release a lot of tension in your body!

What's terrific about pottery is you can literally feel the clay transform and reshape itself under your palm. The beauty of pottery throwing is that you don't need to worry about making mistakes and imperfections because each piece is truly unique in its own way. Because working the wheel requires an incredible amount of focus and concentration, it can help reduce stress.

Interested in challenging your creativity and taking up a new an relaxing hobby? Learn more about these exciting pottery classes in NYC.

Knowledge required
Beginner friendly.
What you'll get
All the materials and access to tools to create your own pottery.
Suitable for

This class is great for a team building activity, Christmas party, birthday or bachelorette party.


Manhattan, NY

Exact location is anonymised for privacy. You'll get the specific address after booking.

More about this class

Step out of your comfort zone and try our pottery class in New York City. Whether you are interested in learning Japanese pottery, looking for fun team building activities, or want to explore unique date ideas, you'll find that our classes offer all of these and more. You'll be able to experiment and explore the limits of your imagination. Join us in any one of our pottery classes and unleash your inner creativity.
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