Susan Henry Sep 2023

Learn Kintsugi

The pace of this class was perfect. The instructor was clear and patient and fostered a relaxed and sharing atmosphere.
Love it!

Francesca Morfesis Sep 2023

Learn Kintsugi

Kat’s class was lovely and supportive. It’s so nice to learn with a group and Kat was very good at giving us space and time and also shepherding us through the skills.

Justin Sep 2023

Kintsugi Class

Kat was a truly wonderful instructor, this was a special experience, I highly recommend it for those interested in learning the beautiful practice of Kintsugi.

Rebecca Markman Sep 2023

Kintsugi Class

This class was a wonderful experience all aroundThe instruction and the materials provided were stellar and I definitely would recommend taking the class with Kat. In fact I would love to do another one!

Julia Walker Aug 2023

Kintsugi Class

Kat's class is a really fun, non-intimidating introduction to Kintsugi! Highly recommend for anyone in the Los Angeles area who is curious about the technique.

Victoria Aug 2023

Learn Kintsugi

It was a great experience! Kat mailed me the supplies with plenty of time, and sent videos to set expectations before class. She did a great job on instructing, and providing educational videos to share about the history of Kintsugi. She also had a camera setup that was clear to see/easy to follow. It is clear that it's an art form she is passionate about, and it was a very approachable class.

Chris Stoneley Aug 2023

Kintsugi Class

Kat is a wonderful teacher. There is an authentic sincerity in her creation of a safe space to be still, reflect, and practice this ancient art. Subtly merging the practical and philosophical, she leads her class through a meditative process, which is part catharsis, and part healing. What a beautiful, safe, and sacred space. I learned so much to hone my art, and I’m so grateful I got to spend an afternoon with Kat.

Cannot say enough good things - just take the class. I promise you won’t regret it. I feel like I just meditated on repair and recovery for a few hours, and I’m both relaxed and exhilarated as a result. Blissful.

Kintsugi Class review by Chris Stoneley - Los Angeles

Khalighi Keri Aug 2023

Kintsugi Class

Kat is a delight and full of love and knowledge of this precious art form. This was a wonderful way to spend a day…mending a beloved item and turning its brokenness into a new kind of transformed beauty. Thank you, Kat!

Kathy Smith Jul 2023

Learn Kintsugi

Kat's Kintsugi workshop was everything I hoped for. I had tried a do-it-yourself kit and was so discouraged with the results. I almost gave up on learning kintsugi but decided to give Kat's workshop a try and I am so, so glad I did. First of all, Kat is just delightful. She is a creative, open, warm, and encouraging instructor. The pace of the class is perfect with plenty of time for each step. The materials she supplies are top quality and I highly recommend her workshop. I'm looking forward to continuing my Kintsugi journey thanks to Kat.

Pottery class review by Kathy Smith

Mary Desjardins Jul 2023

Learn Kintsugi

LOVED, LOVED, LOVED Kat's kintsugi class! I have been looking for a contemporary kintsugi techniques class and the universe led me to Kat! Grateful I said YES. A delightful kintsugi kit is mailed to each participant ahead of class. Kat is patient and has developed a strong, developed technique and is an excellent teacher. Not only that- kintsugi inspired Kat to compose an award winning song! Looking forward to further adventures with Kat.
Mary desJardins

Learn Kintsugi review by Mary Desjardins
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