Emma Husseman Mar 2024

Kat’s kintsugi class was an amazing introduction to this beautiful and ancient art form. I really appreciated Kat’s framing of the practice of kintsugi and I feel as though I walked away with not only new artistic skills but a lovely experience. I would highly recommend her course. I am especially grateful for the kit that is provided - as I get to continue practicing kintsugi in future projects.

Hiromi Helmuth Mar 2024

Very cool experience!

I got this as a birthday gift, my teacher was knowledgeable and very supportive. Also the teacher speaks Japanese and English fluently which made it feel very at home for me. I learned how to repair the broken pot and paint the cracks to make a beautiful piece of art.

I really enjoyed it because it was like a puzzle but way more fun.
My piece was too difficult and I couldn’t finish it but when I got home I finished it because I enjoyed it so much. I will continue to practice this in my life as I’ve found a new hobby.

Kintsugi Class review by Hiromi Helmuth - Los Angeles

Angela Guldan Mar 2024

What a great meaningful experience, I would highly recommend this class as well as coming again!

Pottery class review by Angela Guldan - Los Angeles

Tracey Corinne Feb 2024

I took this to add to my abilities as a ceramic and mosaic artist. It did help that I had a much loved piece I had wanted to fix for years. I couldn't believe how nice it looked when I was finished. I really hate the way cracks look on mended things but the kintsugi looks so pretty. Kat is a very patient and thorough teacher and the other participants were a unique and interesting group. It was so much fun I could take the class over and over just to practice my skills and meet new people.

Kintsugi Class review by Tracey Corinne - Los Angeles

Sarah Starr Jan 2024

Oh did we have fun. We were so graciously welcomed. And now, with Kat’s clear instructions and all materials provided, my broken dish is now whole! Just a lovely afternoon we all agreed. Plus tea! Thank you.

Patti Rayne Jan 2024

I highly recommend this class. Bring a little practice dish so you can make sure to get a feel for how to perform the mending and making new of your dish! All materials were provided. The class was held in a lively outdoor setting. Hot tea and cookies were provided. Kat showed us the modern version of Kintsugi. I left feeling confident that I can mend a dish beautifully. Thanks, Kat. I look forward to doing this again.

Minako Rogers Jan 2024

Kat !
Thank you sooooo much for such a great class!
After your class, I was very in busy for next my projects, please see my attached photo.

You were very professional and very knowledgeable for teaching beginners.
No rush and get along with each students project.

Now I know how to fix broken dishes so i’m not scared and kind of expect to break something

Kintsugi Class review by Minako Rogers - Los Angeles

Vanassa Mau Nov 2023

I recently had the privilege of taking a Kintsugi class with Kat, and it was nothing short of a transformative experience.

Kat is a skilled instructor with a deep understanding of Kintsugi, guided us through the process with patience and expertise.

As I carefully pieced together the fragments of my broken plate, I found myself reflecting on my own life. Just like the plate, I have experienced my share of cracks and breaks. But rather than discarding these broken pieces, I learned to embrace them, to see them as part of my story.

As I carefully applied the gold lacquer, I felt a sense of peace and tranquility wash over me. The repetitive motion, the delicate touch, the focus on the present moment – it was all so meditative.

In the end, I emerged from the workshop with a newfound appreciation for imperfection, and a calmer, more centered mind. The class was more than just a lesson in Kintsugi; it was a journey of self-discovery and healing.

I highly recommend this Kintsugi class to anyone seeking a transformative experience. It is a reminder that we are all broken, but we are also beautiful, and our imperfections make us unique. Just like the Kintsugi plate, we can embrace our cracks and breaks and find strength and beauty in them.

Kintsugi Class review by Vanassa Mau - Los Angeles

Shannon Lewis Nov 2023

We live in a disposable world …sigh and Kintsugi focuses on repairing instead of disposing. Thank you Kat for your lovely energy. Enjoy sharing Kintsugi with the world.

Janet Rorschach Nov 2023

What was the teacher like? Charming, knowledgeable, and gracious.
How was the venue (if applicable)? Lord sitting outdoors while we learned how to do Kintsugi.
If materials were provided, did you like them? The materials worked great and allowed each student to complete one piece.
Was the experience good value for money? Absolutely.
What did you do / learn? We learned how to transform a broken ceramic piece into the beautiful art of Kintsugi.
What did you like most? The entire process was soothing. I could focus on the work rather than worry about it all being perfect the first time around. It was a gentle, calming class.
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