Virtual Escape Room: Outsmarting the Ai

Outsmart the AI to escape with this unique virtual experience!

1 hour Class size 10 to 500     label $35
Looking for some fun virtual team building or a way to have fun with your faraway teammates, friends, or family? This unique virtual experience will bring you all together like never before and put you to the test with a series of fun and unique challenges.
With this virtual escape room, your group will become a team of experts working on creating an artificial intelligence system. You feel that this AI will help you to undertake tasks around the business and relieve some of the pressures you face on a daily basis.
But then, the AI develops self-awareness and plans of its own, believing it is fit to rule the world and that we humans are the disease polluting the earth.
The AI seals you all in the underground bunker in which you are based, all the while it is making plans to get to the surface and turn the world’s defenses against itself.
Fortunately, the AI is still in its infancy and it has a number of firewalls and passcodes to work its way through. This gives you time to catch up to it and if possible, overtake it and get to the surface to warn the world and put a stop to the AI’s nefarious plan before they take hold. As a team of skilled hackers, the world is in your hands.
This virtual experience involves decision-making and plenty of challenges for your team to overcome. The way to the top is paved with problems and puzzles that will prove a challenge for any skilled hacker. But work fast and most importantly, work together. The AI is on to you and will throw all manner of obstacles your way to slow you down!
Knowledge required
This virtual escape room is completely beginner-friendly!
What to bring
Your wit, courage, and curiosity.
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Virtual Staff Engagement
Virtual Staff Engagement

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“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” – George Bernard Shaw
In a pandemic world we all need new tools and new creativity.
Albert Einstein said, “Play is the highest kind of research”.
After many years of running successful training and teambuilding companies, our founder, Georgie Mann, understands that training and team building is most effective when it is interesting, engaging and fun! Georgie and her team have helped hundreds of organisations to engage and motivate their staff by incorporating gamification elements into their employee development programmes.
Given the global seismic shift caused by the pandemic, the VSE team have concentrated on creating and developing activities and games to be delivered virtually, for teams or individuals.
We help to liven up the endless virtual meetings or lockdown days and nights by delivering interactive virtual games that develop and entertain and bring laughter through the screens. We are Virtual Staff Engagement.
Game on!
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