Wheel Throwing Class: One Time Workshop- Intermediate

Take the next step after our beginner wheel throwing series to learn more.

Artillery AG : Mindful Ceramics

Artillery AG : Mindful Ceramics

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2 hours Class size 1 to 3     label $65

If you're hoping to advance your wheel-throwing skills, this one-time workshop for intermediate potters is just what you need. The Collective in the class will decide what next-level projects you will learn, with the intention to advance your creative ceramics process.

This class will cover a variety of topics to grow your capacity to understand the ceramic medium and develop the skills to begin to create anything that you desire.

We will explore the following:

  • Six stages of clay benefits and disadvantages
  • Water flow
  • How to scale your work
  • Tips on tools and workflow
  • Creating with less mess
  • How to prepare for glazing
  • Texture and simplicity to elevate your work
  • Most importantly how to enjoy the rhythm and speed of ceramics.

This class is focused on learning techniques and refining your skills rather than creating something to keep. If you are dropping into only one workshop you will not be keeping your vessels. We will provide all materials needed clay, tools and an apron.

Knowledge required
Prior wheel throwing experience required. Best if you have already taken a beginner's course.
What you'll get
Clay, wheel throwing tools, and an apron.

Artillery AG : Mindful Ceramics adheres to COVID-19 government guidelines.

See additional precautions taken   

We will sanitise all materials, ensure good ventilation', and work outside when possible

Artillery AG Ceramic Studio - 2751 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA

Your teacher
Artillery AG : Mindful Ceramics
Artillery AG : Mindful Ceramics

5.0 (9)

In the summer of 2009 Artillery AG blossomed in the Mission district of San Francisco. Founders Iván Lopez and Alexa Treviño set out to establish a creative gallery and studio that would embody Nature, Familia, and Cultura.

Artillery AG is home to many art forms that we are able to connect with. Creating with clay, earth, paint, and photography.

With clay and flora, we are able to honor our Pachamama. We connect with our earth each time we mold clay and tend to our plantitas. Giving thanks to the Ohlone people for allowing us to be on their land.

Through photography, we reflect on the times and also our ancestors in each moment. Reminding us of the beauty we have within ourselves and that of our community, immortalized with light.

Painting is an act of resistance. You can see the stories of our people painted on the walls of the Mission. Each color expressing our vibrant cultura. Art is the universal language so powerful we can understand each other with just a brushstroke.

At Artillery AG we prioritize being a safe space for our QT and BIPOC Community. We will not accept hate in our space.

We welcome you to join our creative familia.

Art is good for you homie!

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