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Aesthetic Barista Latte Art Studio

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Aesthetic Barista was established by Jaden and Junhwa, who are passionate about creating fun latte art experiences at home. Since its inception, Aesthetic Barista shares passion and love for latte art through hands-on classes, inviting people to experience latte art. Aesthetic Barista offers high-quality latte art tools and step-by-step tutorials that are designed for anyone who wishes to learn how to create latte art. Aesthetic Barista believes that anyone can be their own barista at home. Start pouring your latte art and be ready to admire the beauty of your uniqueness in a cup.




Shriya Nadgauda Mar 2023

Latte Art Class: Heart and Tulip

Great class! Every step was explained really well and the instructor was very clear and helpful. Would reccomend!

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