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Naturely Box is on a mission to bring fun, easy to assemble, and nature-filled projects straight to your home! As seen on Buzzfeed, this incredible piece of art is a great way to connect with mother nature while sparking your creativity.

This family-owned business is passionate about sharing the joys of nature and making art. Join your friendly teacher and learn all about how moss can brighten up your home.

Our lovingly curated craft kits are trusted by some of the most innovative companies to orchestrate team-building activities, unlike any other experience.




Christine Frate Jul 2024

My team had such a great time with Vanessa who is a great moderator. Appreciate the Q&A portion during the team building event, made me know my teammates more.

DIY Moss Wall Art review by Christine Frate

Erik Beakey Jun 2024

It was fun, I think the entire team had a good time. It was outside of the box for what I would normally do but our teacher was funny, engaging, helpful so that made it more enjoyable. I most enjoyed the interaction the team was able to have with each other as well as the teacher.....a good way to spend the hour to further bond the team together

Dalia Vega Jun 2024

It was such a great experience coming together as a team and seeing everyone’s master pieces.

Kokedama class review by Dalia Vega

Amanda Retzer Feb 2024

Such a fun and unique class! We did it as a virtual work activity (12 of us) via Zoom. The kits came quickly in the mail, and the presentation of the materials in the branded box was so well done. Our instructor Vanessa was very sweet and personable, walking us perfectly through the whole process. The materials were high quality, and everyone's final art pieces looked great!

Jennifer Kellogg Dec 2023

Great! We all loved Lauren and the team loved the event. Bravo for a great time!

Stephen Tsoi-A-Sue Dec 2023

My team and I had a great time putting together our moss wall art kits. Our host Vanessa was great and engaged the team with some icebreaker questions to get everyone involved. She even accommodated a pre-event activity to get the team warmed up. Thanks for a great time!

Elaine Wong Oct 2023

Vanessa was great! She was responsive via text or phone call before class for logistic discussions. During class, she did a great job guiding us through the activity and coming up with some fun ice breakers for the second half. I’d highly recommend this as a team building activity’

Kokedama class review by Elaine Wong

Keri Bias Sep 2023

Great quality product, great kit, I will definitely hang this in my house. The whole team enjoyed the activity.

Lizzie Rushin Dec 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Kits arrived on time, instructor was really nice but we never were sent the link until 5 minutes after the scheduled time already had started.

Teacher's response

Hi Lizzie, thank you for taking the time to submit a review and our sincerest apologies for the zoom link snafu! Holidays are super busy and we try our best but sometimes these things happen. Thank you for the kind words and feedback and we hope that you come back soon and do another class with us!

Naturely Box Team

Dayna Miyahira Dec 2022

6 ClassBento workshops attended • 6 reviews

Our employees loved this virtual class and showed off their beautiful wreaths! It was easy to work this Naturely Box and I would recommend this class!

Courtney Spencer Dec 2022

This was such a fun activity! Thank you so much

Jessica Wojewski Dec 2022

The instructor was really sweet and made it fun! Thank you!

Nicole Bruno Dec 2022

It was really fun and a nice way to disconnect from the work day!

Tyler Perry Dec 2022

Great experience! Our instructor was very kind and involved the entire team in conversation and ice breakers. Would definitely love to do this again!

Cat Parker Dec 2022

I had a great time! The workshop was casual but the host gave good instructions and kept the flow going with fun questions and icebreakers. I hope our teams will get the chance to do this again soon, it was a blast!

Dianne Mani Dec 2022

great activity to connect with my team

Samantha Bender Dec 2022

This was SUCH a fun class! I work from home, as do many of my company's employees, and this was a great way to feel connected, especially during the holidays. Our instructor was so personable and knowledgeable. She encouraged us to be creative and to connect with each other. We answered fun icebreaker questions and had a little bit of trivia. I would absolutely take another class like this and have been telling everyone I know about it!

Beth Hoselton Dec 2022

This was so fun and went by too quickly! The instructor was fantastic, and it was great to get to know my colleagues in a low pressure environment while doing an activity together.

Wendy Rubio Oct 2022

4 ClassBento workshops attended

Our instructor was communicative, engaging, and knowledgeable. The project was a hit with our group and we are absolutely going to do this again. Highly recommend it for small and large groups alike!

Mia Jun 2022

Very organized and fun event! The instructor is on-time and explains everything very clearly

Elsie Pan Jun 2022

Our instructor was very kind and patient. The team had a great time! It was such a great therapy!

Valissa Mayers Mar 2022

5 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

This event was enjoyable and educational. It was a great virtual event for our staff who are still working remotely. Jessica, our instructor, was amazing. I recommend to anyone looking for a virtual team building event.

Kokedama class review by Valissa Mayers

Betty Lin Feb 2022

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

mixed reviews re: instructor - some comments that she was too chatty, disorganized, inflexible

folks liked the idea and thought materials were high quality

Teressa Peirona Jan 2022

This was so much fun! My team and I had a blast and it's always fun to see how different everyone's moss piece ended up looking even though we all started with the same materials. The instructor was super personable and very clear with her instructions and the packaging on the box was so pretty!

DIY Moss Wall Art review by Teressa Peirona

Cecilia Ou Oct 2021

A wonderful event and excellent instructor! Our team had a blast and the kit we received was perfect.

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