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Roni-Sue's is a New York-based and women-owned chocolate shop that celebrates high-quality ingredients from the country found in local NYC Greenmarkets to their partnership with MOHO Chocolate Company in Belize. Each treat crafted in Roni-Sue's kitchen is made with love, care, and attention so that the fullest expression of flavor has a chance to shine.

After following in the entrepreneurial footsteps of her mother, Rhonda Kave opened Roni-Sue's in 2007 to continue her mom's legacy in a new way. Together with Sharon Hoahing, this two-woman team makes, bakes, and operates Roni-Sue’s Chocolates.

The Belize-based MOHO Chocolate Company is where their chocolate is made by local artisans using organic Mayan Cocoa. In a direct-trade model, local farmers sell their ‘wet seed’ cacao fruit to the folks at Uncommon Cacao where the beans are fermented and dried under controlled conditions, resulting in a superior product and eliminating the risk of crop loss for farmers.

This direct trade model also benefits farmers’ families – the extra income parents receive from selling beans to Uncommon Cacao allows the family to send all their children to school. These children’s futures stand in stark contrast to the children of the Ivory Coast in Africa, many of whom are trafficked to work as child slaves on the large cacao farms that supply most of the cocoa beans used by the world’s major chocolate manufacturers.

Roni-Sue is proud to share their passion for chocolate making with all their students and welcomes you to try one of their decadent and engaging classes.




Christine Kingdon Sep 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

I did this class as a client event and it was wonderful. All of the participants enjoyed the class.
The materials for the class arrived on time and were just what we needed. The class was easy to follow and the results were delicious.

Patricia Page Jun 2022

Rhonda is so helpful and it was a great class! I really enjoyed it. She also told me about other recipes and fun ways to use ganache. It was nice to have the one on one experience and I learned about her business and such.
My only complaint is, it was pretty an expensive experience. With that being said, still a lot of fun!

Abby Williams May 2022

The team absolutely loved the class with Roni-Sue! I will surely be booking again

Simran Nanda Jan 2022

Great class and helpful instructor! Very clear with lots of great suggestions. Def would recommend.
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