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Sour Flour was founded in 2009 by Danny Gabriner when, through home experimentation with sour dough baking, he decided to start a bakery with a twist. The first 1000 loaves would be free and would be given away to neighbors, collaborators and anyone who expressed an interest in Sour Flour. A bread community began to be born and Danny began to enjoy the idea of reciprocity that the free bread engendered. People began to sift through the woodwork offering help and wishing to learn the art and science of baked bread. While bread sales remain a focus of Sour Flour, neighborly bread gifting, and bread education are high values held by Sour Flour.

Bread Education
Bread Education is a service provided by Sour Flour to help people master sour dough baking, to train future Sour Flour employees and to create an educated community of bread consumers that appreciate Sour Flour bread. You can sign up for one of our workshops.


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