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Second generation product designer Daniel Stone learned from his father the innovator of the millefiori glowing ball candle that was originated in the ’60s and was a sensation in the ’90s. Continuing in the path of his father Daniel Stone has created a proprietary all-natural coconut wax base used in his new brand, COCO by Stone. Keeping true to his father's handcrafted process and commitment to clean, healthy products the team offers over 2000 variations branded under Stone Candle and custom private labels.

In 2015 they launched Light 4 Life Cause their social enterprise private label manufacturing designed to help employ people with developmental disabilities, built into the core of the business model. As a father-and-son business, their goal is to combine traditional values and artistry with innovative and creative designs that add just the right ambience to every setting. The California Disability Services Association awarded Light 4 Life Cause with the Employer of the Year award in 2016. In 2018, Source America, a federally recognized agency, awarded Light 4 Life Cause with the Small Business Partnership Award. Each candle purchased with the Light 4 Life Cause logo directly supports this wonderful cause, bringing a little more light into the world with each strike of a match.




Emily Schulze Dec 2023

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The class was excellent, very easy to follow. My team enjoyed it! A great time of year to make candles together.
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