7 Reasons Why Pottery Wheel Throwing Should Be Your Next Hobby

7 Reasons Why Pottery Wheel Throwing Should Be Your Next Hobby

By Jane Gauger

If you’ve always wanted to learn pottery wheel throwing but felt unsure if you can do it, we’re here to tell you to just go for it! With our pottery classes in Chicago, you can find a creative activity that enriches your life. Whether you have tried sitting behind the potter’s wheel before or you are a complete beginner, a friendly local potter will help you create unique works of art with just a lump of clay and your own two hands.

Chicago pottery classes are a great way to learn a new skill, make your own homeware, and find a community of craft loving people just like you. You can also take a class with friends or plan a fun date night with your partner. Wheel throwing class for beginners lets you learn at your own pace and develop a rewarding skill.    

Read on to discover nine reasons why pottery wheel throwing should be your next hobby.

1. Anyone can start pottery wheel throwing

Whether you are stepping behind the pottery wheel for the first time or have dabbled in it before, beginners of all levels are welcome to pottery classes in Chicago! Your knowledgeable teachers are passionate artists who enjoy sharing what they know. They will show you how to work the wheel and then mold and shape clay with a hands-on demonstration. Then you’ll get a chance to get behind the pottery wheel and start creating! 

These pottery workshops are the perfect way to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. No matter your age or skill set, you can learn the beautiful art of making pottery for beginners. It can be a mindful and relaxing experience that makes you fall in love with clay.

Learn beginner wheel throwing at our Chicago pottery classes.

2. You can express your creativity

Chicago pottery classes let you learn how to make colorful and personalized homewares, something you can't find in any big box store. Pottery gives you a change to play and experiment with different shapes, sizes, and textures. By learning foundational techniques of wheel throwing like centering the clay on the wheel or creating symmetrical cylinders, you can make a cute ceramic bowl, mug, or planter!

In each Chicago ceramics class, you’ll get the chance to make pottery from scratch. It’s always new and exciting and you’ll definitely be surprised by how your pieces turn out! The joy of creating handmade pottery is that no two pieces are the same and you can express your individual style with pottery workshops. 

Make DIY pottery at our Chicago ceramics classes.

3. Pottery helps you unwind from a long day

Need a way to unwind after a long week? Throwing clay on the pottery wheel can help you relieve stress and is the perfect creative pick-me-up. Enter the pottery studio and feel instantly relaxed in a supportive environment. When working with clay, it’s so easy to get lost in the mindful practice of wheel throwing. Before you know it, time flies by and you'll have some beautiful pottery pieces for your home or living space.

Looking for team building activities in Chicago? Try clay and sip classes, where you can plan a group event or come after work, drink some bubbles, and unwind with your colleagues. Making cute DIY ceramics and enjoying quality time is a nice way to chill with work friends.

Relax, make friends, and learn pottery at our Chicago workshops.

4. Save money with DIY decor 

Buying new home decor can add up, especially hand made items. But if you take pottery classes in Chicago, you can enjoy making your own pieces while learning a fun new skill. Use your hands and imagination to create a vase or pot planter, adding a handmade touch to your home. With expert guidance, you’ll experience how fun it is to make DIY pottery and feel proud of how far you can take your skills in just a lesson or two.

Our Chicago pottery classes make great gift experiences.

5. Connect over a cool activity

Discover Chicago pottery workshops and round up your friends and family to have some fun with wheel throwing. It’s the perfect way to have fun getting your hands messy and have a drink or two! With laughter and music in the background to bop to, you can feel more connected to your loved ones as you sit side by side and create together. Looking for cute date ideas to shake up your routine? Bring your partner along to a ceramics class, learn something new together and help each other along the way! The best part? You’ll get to make some great memories and will always remember them with some beautiful ceramic pieces. You can also plan a bachelorette party where everyone walks away with a ceramic piece to remind you of your time together.

6. Enjoy a new sensory experience

Working with tangible materials like clay can allow you to get in touch with your senses in a deeper way. As you get behind the pottery wheel, you can use your hands to shape, mold, and make with clay. Pottery classes in Chicago are designed to help you slow down and really live in the moment. Even if things don't go exactly as you planned, you can always start again with plenty of practice to gain confidence. Feel immersed in a sensory experience and enjoy your time getting creative.

Create your own DIY pottery with our Chicago workshops.

7. Feel a sense of accomplishment 

When you learn how to make pottery, you'll learn to love the firing and glazing process. After your pottery course, you can collect your finished objects in a few weeks after they are completely dried. It will be worth the wait when you see your unique masterpieces come out of the kiln and you'll feel a sense of accomplishment when you see the transformation from lumps of clay to completed ceramic art.

Want to know how your creativity can grow at pottery classes in Chicago? Check out the ways here.

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