Aged Tea Tasting at Home

With DIY craft kit delivered to you

Dive into the world of aged tea with this tea kit and online class.

Mansa Tea
Mansa Tea
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1 hour Class size 11 to 500

label $95 - $110 ($110 per guest when you book for 11+ guests, $105 for 31+ guests, $100 for 51+ guests, $95 for 101+ guests)
How it works
Request your preferred time
We'll send a ClassBento Box to you (a craft kit with what you'll need). Shipping in the US is free, and you'll get your box delivered in time for your class. We ship nationwide. International shipping is also available for private groups, please enquire for pricing details.
Enjoy the online class - after booking, you'll get a link to join the interactive class.
If you are looking for a delicious and inclusive event for drinkers and non-drinkers alike, you are at the right place. Described as "fun, engaging, and inclusive, " this workshop will take your tastebuds on a memorable adventure.
Learn about the history and making of aged tea, correct brewing techniques, and nuances and flavors that make three different aged teas spectacularly unique. You will be guided by an expert tea sommelier who will develop your taste for spectacular teas.
Everyone will receive a tea kit with leaves inside for you to learn how to brew and enjoy in the class. This kit does not include teaware. But should you wish to add teaware to your tea experience, we recommend signing up for our Gaiwan Brewing Technique workshop.
During this hands-on virtual experience, you will learn:
  • The history of aged tea
  • How tea is made
  • How to correctly brew tea
This calming tea tasting class is a great way to unwind after a stressful day and spend quality time with friends, family, and colleagues. Trying to plan a client meet-up or team-building activity? Tea is a wonderful way to connect that everyone can enjoy!
Knowledge required
Beginner-friendly class.
What you'll get in your craft kit
Each attendee will receive a tasting kit, which includes the following three aged teas:
  • Smoky Pu-erh (2017) 1oz
  • Menghai Old Tree Ripe Pu-erh (2009) 1oz
  • Fuding Silver Needle (2014) 1oz
What you'll need
  • The teas you received from Mansa Tea
  • A kettle filled with water (we will start boiling the water at the start of the class)
  • 3 teacups (English tea cups preferred over American mugs)
  • 1-3 sets of teaware (i.e. Infuser, Gaiwan, teapots, empty teabags)
  • A plate to save your tea leaves (if you are using one set of teaware)
  • A bowl (to capture extra water)
  • A tea towel (or any towel for drying)
  • A scale (optional)
Your teacher
Mansa Tea
Mansa Tea

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Mansa Tea is a handcrafted aged teas company founded by a certified tea sommelier. Devoted to sourcing the finest single-origin teas and aging to the peak of its flavor, we aim to elevate tea experiences for modern connoisseurs. In addition to our online shop, we work with Michelin-starred restaurants and 5-star hotels, and offer tea education workshops to Fortune 500 companies and high-growth startups.

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