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Helping people get in touch with their grassroots of yesterday but with a modernized approach of growing today! We offer Specialty Garden Kits - specifically created for beginners or those exploring in the gardens





Jennie and Tony Warren Jun 2024

Nicole was very knowledgable and personable. She provided a detailed herb seed growing experience and had many what if scenarios. I would definitely recommend her class for any level of gardening knowledge. She has lots of great experience to share!

Lisa Hugo May 2024

Instructor was amazing. Engaging. Fantastic supplies kit mailed out.

I learned so much, was engaged, and am growing amazing microgreens. Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

Nancy Hammond May 2024

Felt like a kid, again! Digging into the dirt was so grounding. I came away feeling excited and eager to try growing more microgreens - and the first ones haven’t grown, yet! Fantastic value for the course and kit.

Stacy Schmidt Jan 2024

Awesome class! Lots of information, so fun to do the process start to finish in my own home! Love garden outside the box

Silvia Padilla Aug 2023

Amazing class which I learned a lot.

Joi Webb Aug 2023

I had a blast attending this course. The instructor and course selection were excellent. She was easy to follow and ensured there was comprehension amongst the group.

Bernadette Hisel Aug 2023

Enjoyed making an Italian herb garden. Looking forward in watching the seeds sprout and grow. Thank you!

Michelle Meyer-Edley Jun 2023

Nicole was super knowledgeable and friendly. I had never planted from seed before and this was fun!

Grow Your Own Organic Herb Garden review by Michelle Meyer-Edley

Lindsay Wiesenmayer Jun 2023

Our team really enjoyed this experience. We are looking forward to seeing our herbs grow!

Anett Samuelson Jun 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Nicole was very nice and very knowledgeable about a lot that grows. With patience she helped us to get our herb gardens in order. I would happily recommend her to anyone that would like to learn tips and tricks on how to get an herb garden going.

Helen Thomas May 2023

The class was wonderful. Nicole was engaging, professional and shared her expertise. I appreciated that she had examples of things that could go wrong and showed comparisons of healthy versus unhealthy plants. I look forward to joining more of her classes in the future.

Adriana Galvan Feb 2023

Nicole is a fantastic instructor who really took the time to explain the process for planting our own Italian Herb Garden. We were part of large gathering, and everyone felt very happy and engaged with the workshop. Thanks, Nicole!

Claudia Burke Aug 2022

Class was great. I didn't end up following in real time but plan to at home.

Janet Aug 2022

Very thorough and good explanations and suggestions on growing plants. Enjoyed the class. Thank you.

Fabiola Salvant Aug 2022

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

The workshop was great. Nicole was very knowledgeable. She took her time explaining, welcomed questions and was very accommodating. I am looking forward to taking another one of her classes.

Grow Indoor Microgreens review by Fabiola Salvant

Sydney Hitchcock Jun 2022

Nicole was very knowledgeable and our clients had a great time! Everyone really enjoyed this unique experience

Kani Caldwell Jun 2022

Simply put, the herbal garden class was fantastic! This is a great option for small and/or large groups looking for a fun unique activity. Myself and my colleagues took this class together for our team bonding event for the spring. The class was organized and very easy to follow. Our instructor was wonderful! I give the instructor a 10/10 because they were kind, engaging, and insightful. The instructor did a great job of giving instruction while also allowing for conversation and Q&A throughout the class.

Herbal boxes delivery was timely, they arrived about a week before the class. We had to add a few additional participants to our event and ClassBento staff were prompt and very helpful in accommodating us with our changes. The kits were packaged neatly including detailed instructions for creating the garden.

Our team is still basking in the fun of this activity - giving one another updates during our team calls. Many seen results just a week after the class! I'd highly recommend this class to other teams or even individuals just looking to get learn more about herbal gardening.

Connie Zhang May 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Nicole is very knowledgeable and friendly and we really enjoyed class! I would definitely recommend!

Ashley Horton Apr 2022

32 ClassBento workshops attended • 29 reviews

This kid had such a wonderful time during this event, and Nicole did an amazing job keeping them engaged and entertained. They learned so much about gardening, and this was the perfect beginner event for young kids who want to learn more about how to grow their own edible gardens. I would highly recommend this event, it was a blast for everyone who joined!

Patricia Hurst Apr 2022

Really enjoyed attending the Learn Seed Starting class! Full of helpful information and tips.As a newcomer to seed starting it was easy to follow along and understand.

Samira Imanian Apr 2022

This was a great team building activity. Nicole even was able to make us a custom kit with everything we need for our "team morale" budget at work! She thoroughly walked us through all the steps and provided good tips and tricks for our developing green thumbs. I would suggest for a group class of any size!

Kiana Pontrelli Mar 2022

So fun and informative. The instructor was very knowledgeable and willing to answer all of my questions. The kit was adorable and I have plenty of supplies and seeds leftover to keep my garden growing. I feel very prepared and excited to take on this new hobby! My seeds are already starting to sprout!

Grow Your Own Organic Herb Garden review by Kiana Pontrelli

Tamara West Jan 2022

Great job on conducting a Zoom class! Tons of info! I am hoping to be successful with my Mediterranean herb garden! Thank you for your time and effort.

Connie Obrochta Jan 2022

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

This was a great experience in every way! It was organized, informative, and totally fun! Excited to explore more classes!

Hannah Decker Jan 2022

Nicole was awesome! The class was easy to follow, she answered all of our questions, offered great tips and we learned a lot! It was a ton of fun. Highly recommend.

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