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Try digital drawing at home in this virtual experience.

Young Art
Young Art
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1 hour Class size 1 to 15     label $12
If you’ve treated yourself to a new tablet and want to make the most of its drawing capabilities, this at-home digital art class is the ideal starting point. Using AutoDesk Sketchbook — or another drawing app of your choice — you’ll learn the basics of digital sketching, including how to use tools, layers, color, and opacity to create a stunning piece of digital art.
Hosted by an experienced art maestro, you’ll learn the fundamentals of drawing both three- and two-dimensional shapes, and how to use these in your compositions to really let your imagination run wild! Covering the whole process from the initial sketch to lineart to the final coloring, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of drawing, and how you can maximize the potential of your device.
Don’t worry if this is your first time putting stylus to screen, as the class is designed for everyone, even those with no prior experience. Your friendly host will be on hand to answer any queries and share tips and hacks to really make your art pop. By the end of this live-streaming art class, you’ll have picked up some handy drawing skills, giving you the confidence and know-how to create something beautiful no matter where you are, using only the device you have on hand and your creative imagination.
Knowledge required
What to bring
Autodesk Sketchbook or a similar digital art program downloaded on your tablet device.
Your teacher
Young Art
Young Art

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Young Art wants to share the joy of creativity and the wonderful benefits that making art can bring. They teach many different forms of art that aim to inspire your mind and awaken your inner artist. From drawing to painting to sculpture and digital art they have a variety of classes for you to look at.
They want to provide a creative outlet in their community with welcoming spaces, friendly art studios, and experimental and engaging activities.

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