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Paint the Town is a virtual & mobile art studio that curates unique experiences with an artistic twist. Our "party that comes to you" service helps customers create great memories and fun keepsakes from the comfort of their own homes and offices.

Since establishing in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2016, Paint the Town has connected over 100,000 coworkers, friends, and family online and in-person through fun painting experiences. We are excited to get creative with you too!




Elvia Villalobos-Valdivia Jun 2024

Prabin was a great facilitator and made it really easy for us to follow. Our whole group enjoyed the class!

Caley Kammermann Jan 2024

I was so impressed with how it turned out. Russ was great and showed up early to set up each of the individuals spots. My whole team enjoyed it and was able to paint something great.

Renee Berthold Dec 2023

Dana was amazing. He was very engaging and patient with all of us newbies. The team enjoyed the peacefulness of event. I received a lot of praise for selecting this event.

Painting Workshop for Team Building review by Renee Berthold - New York City

Kendall Dials Sep 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

The instructor was patient and taught the class perfectly. They were on time, prepared for questions, and worked "on the fly". Great! Great! Great!

Zachary Hahn Aug 2023

The class was very well organized and we everyone had a great time! The instructor came fully prepared and made it easy for all of us to relax and enjoy. Thank you!

Moran Snir Jul 2023

Kelly was accommodating, friendly and professional. Thank you so much! The team had so much fun and it was a great activity

Laila Al-Marashi May 2023

My team had a great experience and the artist was very talented! We would do this again.

Brendan Langen Jan 2023

Russ was awesome. Great vibe, excellent guidance, brought it all together wonderfully. A fantastic experience!

Team Building Painting Workshop review by Brendan Langen - San Francisco

Kat To Dec 2022

What was the teacher like? Prabin was awesome and very communicative on the day of the event. He showed up at the hotel and had no issues setting up in the conference room. He was also really flexible. We ended up keeping the prompt

If materials were provided, did you like them? Yes, thought it was pretty straight forward set up.

Was the experience good value for money? The experience was good. We purchased an extra half hour for the event. 1 .5 hour was the right amount of time for our team to paint two glasses.

Michelle Diashyn Oct 2022

Mark was a great teacher. He was patient and let us take our time to paint.

Xiaoyi Yu Sep 2022

The event went great and everyone had a lot of fun! There were a lot of confused faces but Prabin was patient enough to walk us through the steps again. We ended up with some amazing paintings. Thank you Prabin and Paint the Town!

Ramona Sagapolutele Sep 2022

Midori was excellent. She was friendly, very knowledgable and made everyone feel comfortable whether they were a novice or pro at painting. She gave very clear instructions. Some in our group were not as enthusiastic about the team building activity in the beginning but all were more involved as the painting project progressed.
Please see picture of our final product. I think Midori also took some pictures.
Thank you again. Glad to have discovered this sight and work that you do.

Painting class review by Ramona Sagapolutele - New York City

Aimee Hatcher Jul 2022

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

What was the teacher like? ---- Mark was great! He came in 30mins early to setup and everything was setup perfectly!

If materials were provided, did you like them?--- materials were good! Plenty of paint and plates and brushes :)

Was the experience good value for money? ---- super fun experience! Good value for the money!

What did you do / learn? --- we learned that it's quite hard to work with others LOL but it can be done!

What did you like most? --- i like the event as it forced us to really work with our team mates more and it was a fun experience

Monica Zuendorf Jun 2022

We had a good time. Mark was helpful and supportive. We got some good paintings in the end. Thanks!

Corrine Marquardt Jun 2022

We really enjoyed our paint and pass experience! Our instructor, Midori, was so much fun and created an environment where everyone could have fun, regardless of prior painting experience.

Laiza Cruz Jun 2022

Julia was fantastic She was approachable and made the team feel at ease. Everyone enjoyed the experience

Sharon Carroll May 2022

Great instructor, well organized and pure enjoyment! We created paintings and memories that felt great!

Team Building Painting Workshop review by Sharon Carroll - San Francisco

Jay Huang May 2022

Great and fun teacher, who really helped us learn and have a good time. Good communication before event

Michael Krishnan Apr 2022

We did the paint and pass activity with a group of 11 and had a great time! This a really cool team building activity because each painting doesn't belong to any individual and it's a lot of fun to see how the collaborations turn out!

Bernie Bautista Mar 2022

Mark is amazing! Our team really loved this workshop! We appreciate Mark’s patience, attention to detail and professionalism. Will definitely book with him again for future events!

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