Artisan experience gift cards

Let's make someone happy! Let your recipient choose from 200+ unique in-person and online art, craft and culinary classes and kits, across the US.

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How our gift cards work


So flexible

Never expires, no fees. Redeem the gift on any class (in-person or online), for one or more guests. If the class costs more, just pay the difference. If it costs less, keep the remainder for future classes


Fast delivery

We'll email you a printable gift certificate immediately: visibility Preview


Support your community

ClassBento’s teachers are your local artisans. By booking their classes, you’ll be supporting them, and the arts, in our communities.
Our workshops are a great way to gain mindfulness and to improve your mental wellbeing. Fight stress, burnout, and even dementia. We’ll also donate to with every booking.


Happiness guaranteed

If your recipient doesn't like this gift, we'll refund you 100% (within 100 days of purchase)

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Make someone happy

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