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Plant Connection SF

Plant Connection SF

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Plant Connection SF is a plant shop, gardening academy, co-working space and private event venue in the beautiful Embarcadero Center complex. Manifested inside an upcycled former bar and restaurant, Plant Connection SF features verdant patio gardens and an indoor greenhouse, showcasing ways to invite nature back into urban spaces. Our mission is to work with plants, fresh air, birds and butterflies to reclaim the FiDi as a vibrant and desirable place to be.

Come shop for plants, take a workshop, bring your laptop to hang out and work, or schedule your next team building or private event in this lush and tranquil indoor-outdoor space.

Living and working in an urban center shouldn’t mean disconnection from nature and beauty. Are you ready to connect?




Ji Sub Feb 2023

How was the venue?
The venue was great!

There is a lot of open space & there's even a patio outside where we were able to take a team photo together. Overall, I was very impressed that the space could easily fit 20 people who attended (with lots of extra room for more) the event.

If materials were provided, did you like them?
The material (air-dry clay) was good. The material itself stayed pliable for long enough that we could work on our ceramics through the 1.5 hour session, and there were more than enough clay to go around for everyone who attended the event.

Was the experience good value for money?
Yes, the team really enjoyed the experience!

Emily Cagape Jun 2022

Fun class! The teacher was very accommodating and covid-conscious. My team really enjoyed the free-form nature of the class and got to create multiple creative pieces not just limited to planters.

Constance Shi May 2022

the venue was very nice and the teacher was very patient and willing to accommodate us. the class was free form and allowed creative exploration, and it was a super relaxing and nice environment! they were also very covid conscious and asked our preferences on masking and keeping the doors open, which we really appreciated!
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