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Prismatic Gardens transforms natural elements into unique creations which inspire curiosity, enamor the heart and enrich your life. Each design is the result of a magical process, whereby organic synergy draws distinctive elements into fine balance. A lavish floral arrangement. A classic terrarium. Whatever you request, we meticulously hand-select all raw materials and use a discerning eye to arrive at a multi-textured design rich in nature’s alchemy.

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Michelle Wells Apr 2024

We did this as a team building activity for work High quality products and fun conversation!

Matthew Collins Dec 2023

Thank you. The team really likes their terrariums. If was fun and interesting to put them together.

Greg Leffler Jul 2023

I really appreciated Sig’s enthusiasm and interest in our group and how she answered our many questions smoothly during the session. The kits arrived early and in good shape and I also liked how Sig emphasized the most important care information several times to make sure we retained it.

Ravi Jindal Apr 2023

We had a class of 9 people (3 were virtual) and everyone really enjoyed it! Sig was a knowledgeable instructor and the terrariums look wonderful.

Terrarium class review by Ravi Jindal

Mikayla Duff Apr 2023

She was very helpful and had a lot of good ideas/ pointers to help us build the terrarium. She was knowledgeable about the air plants and mosses that came with them. She had good energy through the whole workshop. 10/10

Terrarium class review by Mikayla Duff

Rio Yañez Nov 2022

Our staff really enjoyed this workshop. Sig was a great instructor and our terrariums were a hit with our staff.

Bert Oct 2022

Great class and great, knowledgeable instructor! It was very easy to follow and the plants survived shipping!

Terrarium class review by Bert

Bert Smith Oct 2022

Great instructor and very knowledgeable!

Make a Succulent Terrarium Bowl at Home review by Bert Smith

Diane Oct 2022

The class was great, our instructor was super knowledgable and did a great job guiding us through the process. Super fun and relaxing class!

Alyssa Leinweber Oct 2022

Sig was such an awesome teacher! We hosted a team event and everyone enjoyed themselves so much. Building a terrarium was such a calming experience and Sig was so kind in answers all of our questions and guiding us through the process. Will definitely be recommending this class to the larger company org in case other teams want to do it!

Make a Succulent Terrarium Bowl at Home review by Alyssa Leinweber

Mary Nguyen Jul 2022

Our team had a lovely time with this class All communications and shipping went perfectly smoothly, with very timely responses and information provided. Thank you, Sig!

Kenneth Padilla Apr 2022

The team had such a fun and relaxing time at the workshop, that they want to do another workshop soon. Thanks for the constant support throughout the planning and logistics phase. Thanks once again! Awesome workshop!

Mary Shelato Apr 2022

Sig was great! Really friendly and helped us understand the reason for each layer and how they all work together. The team really enjoyed it!

Dan Allen Mar 2022

it was great! we loved the class with Sig! hopefully can do something like this again

Rhoda Wynn Mar 2022

Instructor is friendly and the class was fun! The kits are terrific and arrived early.

Jamie Stanton Jan 2022

Sig was amazing! She did great at juggling our large team and answering questions. We all loved that she was so knowledgeable and friendly!

Make a Succulent Terrarium Bowl at Home review by Jamie Stanton

Rachel Rosen Jan 2022

What a fun workshop! Even though we all had the same materials, everyone customized their terrariums in really wonderful ways.
Sig was amazing to work with and very thoughtful in her approach! Would highly recommend as an activity to do with a team or group of friends.

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