DIY Air Plant Terrarium Craft Kit

Build your own air plant terrarium at home with this fun DIY kit!

Prismatic Gardens
Prismatic Gardens
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Have you always wanted to add some botanical elements to your home but not been certain of how to get started? Do you need a zen and productive activity to work on at home? Then this DIY Air Plant Terrarium kit is for you.

Refresh your mind and add some color to your room with air plants. From experienced green thumbs to absolute beginners taking their first steps into plant parenthood, building a terrarium is a great way to spend some time connecting with nature.

You will get everything you need in a handy craft box which you can put together at your own pace. Air plants are almost completely self-sufficient, thriving on mostly air and the occasional watering. They not only look beautiful, but they are also super fun and easy indoor plants for you to care for.

By the end of this DIY activity, you will have a stunning plant and floral art piece to put on your desk, shelf or to give as a unique gift to loved ones.

We offer five different options of terrarium kits:
  • Ivory-colored flowers with brown pebbles
  • Orange-colored flowers with black sand
  • Yellow-colored flowers and tan sand
  • Purple-colored flowers and white pebbles
  • Pink-colored flowers and white sand

What's in your DIY kit
  • 6-inch glass bowl
  • Air plant
  • 1 patch of preserved forest moss
  • Different colors of reindeer moss (depends on your kit choice)
  • Tree bark
  • Clump of lichen
  • Bags of colored pebbles or colored sand (depends on your kit choice)
  • Dried flowers in different colors (depends on your kit choice)
  • Air Plant Terrarium Kit assembly & plant care instruction card
What you'll need
Any other decorations you would like to add (optional)
Suitable for

Suitable for adults, and kids (minimum 7 years old).

An adult must be present whilst kid(s) engage with the box.

This would also be a nice gift for her, gift for mom, Father's Day gift or birthday gift.

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Prismatic Gardens
Prismatic Gardens

5.0 (17)
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Prismatic Gardens transforms natural elements into unique creations which inspire curiosity, enamor the heart and enrich your life. Each design is the result of a magical process, whereby organic synergy draws distinctive elements into fine balance. A lavish floral arrangement. A classic terrarium. Whatever you request, we meticulously hand-select all raw materials and use a discerning eye to arrive at a multi-textured design rich in nature’s alchemy.

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