7 Reasons Experience Gift Cards Are the Perfect Gift

7 Reasons Experience Gift Cards Are the Perfect Gift

7 Reasons Experience Gift Cards Are the Perfect Gift

Put the power in the hands of your gift recipient with experience gift cards in SF! Whether they’ve always dreamed of sitting down to a pottery wheel or they’re an avid at-home baker, your loved one will easily find the perfect hobby with the wide range of craft classes available.

These San Francisco workshops are led by knowledgeable local teachers who will give step-by-step guidance from start to finish. No matter the experience that your special someone chooses, they’ll get the complete beginner’s guide to their new favorite hobby and a memory to last a lifetime!

Here are a few reasons why experience vouchers are just the gift you’ve been looking for!

They’re beginner-friendly

macrame wall hanging

Maybe your loved one has always wanted to try something crafty like candle making or macrame, but they weren’t sure how to get started. Online tutorials aren’t always helpful, and when you get stuck, there’s no one there to help you get back on track.

These interactive craft classes are designed for beginners so that everyone can learn the basics in a supportive environment. From the minute you walk into a workshop, your helpful instructor will be there to show you the ropes.

With guided instruction, your loved one can feel confident signing up for a class that they might have been too intimidated to try on their own. And if they have any doubts or questions during the class, they’ll be able to ask their friendly pro for help.

It’s amazing how quickly and easily you can learn a new skill in a beginner-friendly class. No more wondering how the online tutorials make it look so simple. They’ll be making their own DIY projects with ease!

Supplies are included

cooking class

When you’re thinking about trying a hobby for the first time, the list of materials can be a big barrier to getting started. But, with craft classes, all supplies are already picked out for you! 

Has your friend always wanted to try pottery but didn’t have access to a pottery wheel? Now they can sign for pottery classes! Or, maybe your loved one has been thinking of getting into mixology but gave up when they saw the hard-to-get items that would make their cocktails amazing. With mixology classes, they’ll have access to ingredients that will round out their at-home bar!

No more wasting expensive supplies or ingredients on self-taught lessons at home. With materials and instruction provided, every class ends in success!

Your gift recipient can stay home or go out

Ikebana flower arrangement

With in-person and virtual classes, these San Francisco workshops appeal to everyone. If your gift recipient would rather stay in, they can take culinary classes in the comfort of their own kitchen, or learn how to sew on their own sewing machine. The supplies they need will be delivered to their home so that all they have to do is log on and join in! At-home classes are perfect for your busy friends who would rather avoid spending time in traffic to get to a class. And, they can be wonderful for connecting with friends and family from afar.

There are also in-person craft classes for your special someone to enjoy. If you’re looking for a birthday gift in your friend’s favorite neighborhood, for example, you can sign them up for a fun experience anywhere from SoMa to Mountain View and everywhere in between.

Experience classes can be social or private

For the social butterfly in your life, they’ll love experience gift ideas that give them the chance to chat with other like-minded crafters in their area. Craft classes are so laid-back and welcoming that they’ll be sure to make friends while enjoying a fun paint and sip class or making margaritas in a mixology workshop.

Or, these craft classes can be booked privately for a more intimate group experience. If you’re looking for bachelorette gifts that will give the bride-to-be a relaxing afternoon with her bridal party, a gift card is the way to go. She’ll be able to choose the best activity to try with her girls and book a class that works with everyone’s schedule.

You can skip the material gift-giving

Whether your gift recipient is an avid minimalist or simply impossible to shop for, experience gifts are the perfect solution. Giving them the opportunity to try something new is a great way to move away from material gifts that may end up unused, worn out, or replaced as soon as the next model comes along. Your environmentally-minded loved one will appreciate your sustainably conscious gift!

Craft classes are mood boosters!

Sure, you can give someone a gift that will make them light up with joy as they unwrap it. But with craft classes, the excitement doesn’t just last for the brief unboxing moment. Instead, they’ll enjoy a range of mood-boosting benefits that come with learning a new hobby. Crafts like painting, drawing, and floral design are relaxing and meditative, so that they’ll leave the workshop feeling recharged and energized. And, the social aspect of these fun classes will help them feel connected with the crafting or culinary community in their neighborhood.

Because they’ll have the chance to choose their own adventure, your gift recipient will be even more excited and invested in the hobby they try. Once they’ve crossed off “learn to draw” or “become a pro at cocktail making,” they’ll have a sense of accomplishment long after the class is over.

You’re not giving a gift, you’re giving a hobby!

The skills your gift recipient will build in fun cooking classes, pottery workshops, or candle making seminars will last so much longer than any ordinary gift. Your loved one will have the fundamentals under their belt so that they can continue to draw, paint, create, and cook on their own anytime they need a moment to relax.

Whether your special someone shares the experience with their closest friends or tries a workshop on their own, they’ll walk away with newfound confidence, a like-minded community of crafters, and memories that will make this gift unforgettable!



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