Wine Tasting at Home

With DIY kit delivered to you

Enjoy a wine tasting class at home with this virtual experience.

Cocktail Guru
Cocktail Guru
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1 hour Class size 10 to 50     label $165
How it works
Request your preferred time
Cocktail Guru (liquor license number: 1251306) will deliver a Box to you (a kit with what you'll need). You must be 21+ years old to purchase this Box. Shipping in the US is free, and you'll get your box delivered in time for your class. Teacher requires 17 day lead time for shipping kits, 25 days for shipping branded kits. International shipping is available for an additional fee tbd.
Enjoy the online class - after booking, you'll get a link to join the interactive class.
Wine night just got a whole lot more interesting thanks to this virtual tasting class. An at-home experience lets you and your friends have a memorable happy hour with the guidance of an expert.
Your teacher with The Cocktail Guru will share knowledge of three kinds of wines: red, white, and sparkling. Your hour is devoted to learning about varietals and sharing tasting notes. Socialize with your group while you sip and learn. You can even choose to add on small bites to enhance the happy hour vibe.
This is an excellent way to spend time if you are looking for at-home date night ideas and make it a memorable event with your friend group. If you are looking for virtual team building activities, a wine tasting happy hour is a great way for everyone to relax and enjoy an easygoing night.
By the end of your time, you'll have new wine knowledge that will come in handy when you buy your next bottle or order a glass on a night out.
Add-ons available for this class
  • 3 artisanal cheeses (one serving) ($45)
  • 3 chocolate truffles ($45)
  • 3 Chocolate brownie morsels ($40)
  • Corkscrew and wine glass ($45)
You can add these when you book (optional).
Knowledge required
What you'll get in your kit
Three half bottles of sparkling, red, and white (based on inventory)
What you'll need
Wine glasses
Your teacher
Cocktail Guru
Cocktail Guru

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In 2006, bartender Jonathan Pogash was at the forefront of the of the cocktail renaissance. This drinks resurgence brought about a need for unique offerings for bars, restaurants, and beverage brands emerged.
Over a decade later The Cocktail Guru has not only grown to represent hundreds of beverage brands around the U.S., but has created a unique network of regional “Cocktail Gurus” across the country who are active members of our Team and of their bar communities.
Jonathan and his Cocktail Guru Team execute private and corporate events, design signature cocktails for small to large spirit brands, and develop craft cocktail programs for restaurants, bars, hotels and resorts.
The Cocktail Guru has also worked with nearly 100 corporations on bespoke Team Building Mixology sessions.
Jonathan himself represents beverage brands by leading educational experiences, training bartenders, presenting consumer‐facing classes and seminars, and acting as media and industry spokesperson.

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