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Z. Cioccolato is a locally owned business located in the heart of the historic North Beach neighborhood of San Francisco. Z. Cioccolato is a specialty sweets shop specializing in house made fudge and chocolate confections as well as featuring other treats like Ice Cream and Salt Water Taffy. The shop also has an array of nostalgic candy, sodas, and treats that you have not seen since you were a kid!

Z. Cioccolato is best known for our famous fudge, which comes in over 50 different flavors. The fudge has been featured on the Cooking Channel which featured our creative and unique flavors.

Once inside the shop, customers are able to sample the fudge so they can taste all of the unique flavors before making their decision. Come see us!




Ellery Walker Jun 2024

Our office had an amazing time creating chocolate goodies for our team building event. We would highly recommend doing this if you love to drink some wine and make yummy treats. Make sure to check out the Z Cioccolato store, fabulous fudge!

Renee Lowe Jun 2024

My team had so much fun!! Chef Thomas was hilarious and I can't want to put my chocolate making skills to use.

Lauren Appel Apr 2024

Our team really enjoyed this event. I would highly recommend to anyone. Chef was super easy to follow, informative, and overall great!

Learn How to Make Chocolate at Home review by Lauren Appel

Christina Liu Apr 2024

Great class for our team building activity. The chocolates are delicious and the class is extremely beginner friendly. Thank you Chef Thomas!

Ann Togasaki Mar 2024

So much fun. I highly recommend this experience. Chef Thomas was great and everyone had a great time.

Learn How to Make Chocolate at Home review by Ann Togasaki

Michael Mar 2024

We had a fantastic team building/bonding/hangout time with the chef from Z Cioccolato, Chef Thomas. He was super easy to follow and fun to interact with while explaining how to temper using a microwave (who knew?) and about GF and Vegan options for both chocolate and what to cover with delicious chocolate.
Thank you!

Ellie Booth Mar 2024

We came for a team building activity and had lots of fun! It was great for socialising, and our chefs were fun and friendly :)

Bethanie Kuker Feb 2024

We did a class for our team and it was educational, delicious and super fun. Everyone loved the treats and Chef Thomas was great!

Elena Ruyter Feb 2024

We had a really great time! The chef was hilarious and great at leading us through the class at a decent pace. I loved learning more about chocolate, his process and having both structure and freedom to explore!

Angel Leung Feb 2024

The class with Chef Thomas was really fun and informative! Our team really enjoyed the chocolate (it's delicious!) and the steps were easy to follow! Also really appreciate how flexible folks are at Z Cioccolato when it comes to accommodating food allergies / sensitivities. They were also able to ship a kit to me ASAP when the original box got delivered to the wrong address. Highly recommend this class as a remote team event!

Michael Lewis Feb 2024

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

This was one of my favorite classes so far. The instructor was amazing; funny, knowledgeable, and patient. We had 30 participants and all of my feedback was positive.

Natalie Ross Dec 2023

We had a great time! The whole team enjoyed and Chef Mike was easy to work with. Thank you!

Jahness Valle-Salenga Nov 2023

Chef was patient and engaging. This is the 2nd time I have used this event and it has been a wonderful experience.

Noelle Allon Sep 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Chef Thomas is hilarious and made everything fun and easy to understand. The fudge was amazing

Yuchen Peng Sep 2023

It was so fun. Chocolate are so great Yummy

Baking and Desserts class review by Yuchen Peng

Karthik Shanmugasundaram Sep 2023

Awesome class from the Chef. I learned what is tempering means, etc.

Tonya Fields Sep 2023

14 ClassBento workshops attended • 9 reviews

Our employees loved the class with Chef Mike! They want to do another one! The quality of the products was top notch! I highly recommend!

Tonya Fields Sep 2023

14 ClassBento workshops attended • 9 reviews

Chef Thomas was absolutely amazing! So friendly! Great information and our class learned so much! The class was super easy and the chocolate is some of the best Ive ever tasted! I cannot recommend this class enough! MAJOR Kudos to Chef Thomas!

Tonya Fields Sep 2023

14 ClassBento workshops attended • 9 reviews

Our employees had so much fun! They learned a lot and the chocolate was delicious! The Chef did a GREAT job!

Ron Yehoshua Aug 2023

Team of 16 people had a great time chocolate making and wine tasting. The chocolate was plentiful and tasty, and so was the wine. Everyone on my team loved the experience, including me!

Melody Steveson Aug 2023

This is the second time I have participate in this class, and it just keeps getting better. Thomas was wonderful, made the class fun with his joke, but also taught us a lot about how to work with chocolate. This was a Team Building class for us, and it allowed us all to relax, and just have some fun together. I would recommend to anyone, book and have some chocolate fun.

Deborah Aug 2023

The chief was awesome, instructions were easy to follow. My team really enjoyed it The kits were very nice

Jane Stiles Jul 2023

Wow! This class was a lot of fun. Chef Mike patiently took us through our chocolate adventure. The completed treats are delicious! Can't wait to do it again!

Learn How to Make Chocolate at Home review by Jane Stiles

Mindy Farr Jul 2023

This class was amazing Chef Mike was fabulous and our group liked this so much we plan to book again in the Fall. The kit arrived perfectly and we made a pound of the most divine chocolate ever. This is such a great event and a steal of a price - such a fun virtual class that I highly recommend for women’s groups, neighborhood gatherings, supper clubs or even kids or adult parties. It’s a 10/10 and gold stars to Chef Mike !

Learn How to Make Chocolate at Home review by Mindy Farr

Jill Puterbaugh Jul 2023

This class was awesome>. Chef Mike was great! I did the with my sorority sisters and we had such a great time. We are already trying decide which class to do next. This one was a winner

Danielle Osiecki Jul 2023

Great class! Very fun, thank you for everything! Treats turned out delicious! Thank you again!

Traci Kemp Jul 2023

Fabulous! So much fun. Will definitely recommend to my friends. It is a great activity for online groups or work teams.

Baking and Desserts class review by Traci Kemp

Stacy Tiffin Jul 2023

Amazing class! Mike was a wonderful teacher, great presence and voice, really patient and easy to learn from. The kit he sent was perfect with a variety of chocolate options.
I’d take another class from him again in a second

Learn How to Make Chocolate at Home review by Stacy Tiffin

Dane McMichael Jul 2023

Definitely recommend this for team outings!

Chef Thomas was an incredible instructor. He was very outgoing and also encouraging. We had some chocolate not working out, but Chef Thomas squared away my colleagues! And the fudge is freaking amazing

Learn How to Make Chocolate for Team Building review by Dane McMichael

Ali Zamanian Jun 2023

We all had such a great time and are so glad we picked this class as a team activity through zoom. The supplies came on time and Thomas was an excellent instructor. He had some good dad jokes and kept us rolling!

Jennifer Albert Jun 2023

Amazing class - my whole team enjoyed it. Highly recommend as a team building event. Very organized and very fun!

Sonia Mitcham May 2023

Our teach was excellent and so much fun.

Krystal May 2023

I had a great time at our chocolate making class. We had a great teacher! He took his time explaining everything and answering everyone's questions. Everyone had a great time!

Anita Harris May 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

This was a great opportunity for team building. The teacher Chef Thomas was wonderful - entertaining and informative.
I would recommend for any family, business or friends get together!

Wendy May 2023

Thomas was so great! The package received was perfect and the kitchen tools needed was so easy! Thanks so much for the great experience Thomas!

Megan May 2023

This was a fantastic experience! Our Chef Thomas was entertaining, patient and informational.
We did it as a small team building and we definitely got to have fun together.
Would highly recommend for team building, families or a group of friends!

Learn How to Make Chocolate at Home review by Megan

Robyn Pullin May 2023

It was excellent. The chef walked us through each step. Answered questions. And the chocolate is delicious!

Lucy Wilson Apr 2023

Fantastic class Our group had so much fun and truly enjoyed the experience with Chef Thomas. Our kits arrived well in advance of the class so everyone was prepared. A super easy experience from start to finish. Highly recommend!

Now to dig into these delicious treats

Jenna Rice Mar 2023

Thomas was great! He was funny, dynamic, and gave clear, easy to follow instructions. The kits made everything SO easy to prepare - added bonus was the delicious chocolate! Overall a great class and fun way to spend some time with co-workers.

Baking and Desserts class review by Jenna Rice

Stephanie Wadas Mar 2023

The instructor was great! The class was fun! Great team or family event

Learn How to Make Chocolate at Home review by Stephanie Wadas

Mary Covington Mar 2023

Chef Thomas was funny, informative, and engaging. My team all had a great time and the chocolate was good too!

Mariel Leon Mar 2023

This class was awesome! The team gave really positive feedback and appreciate the kit and guidance during the class. Will definitely be booking again. -M

Mariel Leon Mar 2023

Chef Thomas was awesome! He was interactive and a great instructor, will definitely be purchasing and booking classes with them again. -M

Clay Heinzel-Nelson Mar 2023

Great teacher and experience. It moved along and the hour flew by. Delicious chocolate!

Bruce Horner Mar 2023

Our host was really good and kept it very interesting with humor the entire time

Justin Oh Mar 2023

Awesome, had a great time and the instructor was mindful of how everyone was doing. Very friendly and funny.

Christine McBride Mar 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Fantastic class, our team really enjoyed the activity and the final goodies. Chef Thomas was fun to interact with and provided a great overview and education related to chocolate and the treats we made. I would definitely recommend this class and also supporting the shop! Thank you!

Anett Samuelson Feb 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Directions were clear and Chef Mike was engaging with the team. Both kids and parents enjoyed this event.

Rachel Zhou Feb 2023

5 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Thomas was fantastic!

We're generally a quiet group and most of us are remote so there aren't many opportunities for all of us to relax and connect, hence the silence from us, but he took that in stride and was just phenomenal with his quips and everyone had smiles on their faces!

Your team should definitely come out with another class that we can book but, in the meantime, we'll enjoy the wonderful desserts.

Thank you guys so much!

Learn How to Make Chocolate for Team Building review by Rachel Zhou

Tylar Nicklis Feb 2023

Great time with our remote team! The chocolate was tasty and we learned some awesome facts. Would recommend to any remote team!

Baking and Desserts class review by Tylar Nicklis

Briana Soohoo Jan 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Chef Thomas was great and very personable. He kept the energy up, even though we were more of a text-chat group than vocal. Loved how he was able to engage with us and answer all of our questions, and give us lots of pointers on what works well and not so well to dip in the chocolate. Our team had a great time and we would highly recommend this course again.

Valissa Mayers Jan 2023

5 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

This was a truly enjoyable experience while being educational. Chef Mike was fun and engaging especially to a curious group learning to work with chocolate for the first time. I highly recommend this fun activity to any group. Who doesn't like chocolate?!

Baking and Desserts class review by Valissa Mayers

Mary Nojeim Dec 2022

The class was so much fun! Chef Thomas was so fun and engaging, he held all our attention as we went through instructions. We did this for a fun work event, just to take an afternoon off and do something together even though we’re all scattered across the country, and the entire team had a blast!

Holly Gilchrist Dec 2022

Our group of eight had a great time. The chocolate making was fun, the desserts and ingredients were delicious and it was a gift to our staff and for those who they shared the chocolates with. The instructor (Chef Mike) was fun, clear, and had our kits to us all in advance. Thank you!

Stephanie Brewer Dec 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Chef Mike was wonderful! Professional, easy to understand, and of course the chocolate was absolutely amazing!

Laura Osete Dec 2022

Everyone enjoyed their time with Chef Mike! Our employees were so pleased with the class, the number of different types of candy made and we will definitely be doing it again!

Baking and Desserts class review by Laura Osete

Lauren Cote Dec 2022

This chocolate making class is amazing. Not only is it the BEST chocolate and peanut butter you will ever eat but it’s a lot of fun too. Great for groups - family or co-workers. I highly recommend it.

Thanks Chef Mike.

Jacob Brown Dec 2022

Had a fantastic time with the team in this class! Would highly recommend.

Steve Gervacio Dec 2022

Chef Thomas was AMAZING. He was entertaining, made everyone comfortable (which is sometimes hard to do virtually), and super informative. He was also very accommodating to different experience levels, kitchen dynamics, and food sensitivities.

Baking and Desserts class review by Steve Gervacio

Jordan Wilkinson Dec 2022

Wonderful setting and experience for a team building event! Would most certainly do it again!

Learn How to Make Chocolate for Team Building review by Jordan Wilkinson

Patti Snyder Dec 2022

The team LOVED it! Some of their comments in Slack: "This was an Awesome time and great fun!" "It was so much fun!""What a great time! Can’t wait to snack on some of these. "

Baking and Desserts class review by Patti Snyder

Carla Dec 2022

Chef Mike was Awesome and very thorough. He walked us through every step of the way and explained why certain steps need to be taken when making chocolates. It was amazing and we had a lot of fun. Definitely one of the best team building events I've attended in a long while.

Ella Yung Nov 2022

Mike was lovely and kind. I appreciate the communication, and the class itself was really fun. There's plenty of chocolate left over, and the treats were delicious. Thank you!

Meggan Molinaro Nov 2022

10 ClassBento workshops attended • 10 reviews

This was a great class. Our team loved all the yummy treats we made and the Chef was funny. I will definitely be making more candies after this.

Taeho Oh Nov 2022

Experience was great for a teambuilding activity, with a nice blend of time to actively work on the chocolate making but also time for casual chats within the team and with the instructors. Both instructors were extremely nice and knowledgeable about their crafts, and they allowed us to hang out in their space even past the reserved time. We had a great time!

Christine Paus Sep 2022

Chef Mike was amazing! So patient, fun, and informative! I will absolutely schedule another class in the future. Incredibly impressed by the whole experience. Thank you!

Esteban Tinoco Aug 2022

The class structure, pace and Chef Mike were great! My team and I had a very good time and learnt a lot about making delicious chocolate

Fabiola Salvant Aug 2022

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

ALL AROUND AMAZING AND DELICIOUS My kids and I enojoyed and have chocolate left over to try some new treats. Great activity!

Joanna Prado Aug 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Highly recommend! The hosts were amazing! kind, courteous, and knowledgeable! My team of 11 enjoyed themselves!

Samantha Walker Aug 2022

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

My Team LOVED this even. It has been talked about so much at our company and it was so much fun! Highly recommend. The kits being shipped to everyone was so easy and so convenient to have everything we needed.

Leslie Basurto Jul 2022

Chef Thomas did a great job at leading the class, and was very funny! Our team enjoyed this session and the chocolate tastes was amazing.

Gary Cestone Jul 2022

Great class learning how to make some delicious chocolate covered treats. Chef Mike was excellent.

Tricia Thomas Jul 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Well organized event and I learned quite a bit in the process. Chef Mike was flexible with last minute changes and made the virtual class easy and memorable. I’ll be recommending him to others without hesitation. Many thanks, Chef Mike

Jenny Jul 2022

Teacher has great people skills, making the class fun and able to connect with all of us.

Jack Lin Jul 2022

great class! truly enjoyed the event. great teacher and thoughtfully explained everything

Iliyana Mihailov Jul 2022

Chef Mike did an incredible job, this class was so much fun Definitely recommend it!

Duane Smith Jul 2022

Great chef and great instruction!

Taylor McLean Jul 2022

7 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

Thank you team! We had an amazing time with this class - our host was hilarious and informative :) He handled all the silences like a pro and was quick on his feet when someone was struggling to get their chocolate right! Not only do I feel confident on making my own chocolate covered strawberries for life I can even make treats for future events I attend.

Bekka Rosenbaum Jun 2022

Great class! My team loves it. Delicious product, and friendly and informative teacher.
Thank you!

Learn How to Make Chocolate at Home review by Bekka Rosenbaum

Chrisanna Jun 2022

We had an amazing time Everything was sent to us and was absolutely delicious! We wanted to eat it all up before even starting! In our group we had all levels of cooking skills. Some who rarely cook and those who love to cook. Experience didn't matter and Chef Mike did a great job of making it all simple and fun for everyone! I highly highly recommend this class and would love to participate in something like this again

Craig Dimond Jun 2022

Awesome team building event!
Chef Mike was engaging and we all learned a lot.
I recommend to everyone.

Bart Jones Jun 2022

As a team building event this course was a BLAST! I loved that it was interactive and so tasty as the end product. Chef was awesome and when in San Fran, will be stopping by to say hi and grab some Pro made treats. Highly recommend this as a great team building activity.

Adam Jun 2022

This activity was a lot of fun. The chef explained the steps well and taught us about the process along the way. He was fun and interactive!

Colin Towner Jun 2022

We had a great time. The combination of chocolate making and wine pairing was outstanding. Highly recommend this to any group

Nicole Jun 2022

Chef Mike was absolutely amazing! This activity was so fun and I would recommend this to any team. Cannot say enough great things!

Wendy Wei Jun 2022

Awesome class! We had a virtual offsite group team building event with Chef Mike for chocolate making. Mike was very helpful and provided a great class experience for us. We all enjoyed it. Highly recommend!

Neena Parikh May 2022

The chocolate class was great! It was super easy or organize, we all got our kits on time, and really enjoyed the session with our very fun and helpful instructor.

Jose Murcia May 2022

Class was engaging and fun, entire team enjoyed! Easy to follow and tasty treats to enjoy afterwards!

Learn How to Make Chocolate for Team Building review by Jose Murcia

Katherine Sanchez May 2022

MUST DO Bucket List Item! This was the best team-building, bonding event ever! The teacher made it fun and easy. The ambiance and wine pairing really complimented the overall experience. It was perfect! The additional snacks served were a thoughtful, unexpected, and well-received addition. Everyone had an amazing time! We'll definitely be signing up for this event with future team members. Thank you for offering this amazing class. It was a magical experience.

Eric Wood Apr 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

This event was awesome, we had a small group and the instructor made it very engaging for everyone. Would highly recommend this class to anyone who loves cooking or chocolate.

Justin Wear Apr 2022

Handsome and intelligent teacher who made us laugh and had a great story to tell throughout the whole hour long class.

Brittany Cook Feb 2022

We lovvveeee Chef Mike and this chocolate class. We had so much fun making chocolate

Learn How to Make Chocolate at Home review by Brittany Cook

Rahul Ramesh Feb 2022

Thank you to Chef Mike for a great lesson! We were very impressed by his attention to detail and charisma.

Laura Salvan Jan 2022

Thanks, Chef Mike for this great experience! It was fun and engaging. We had a great time and the chocolates are delicious. Thank you!

Vicky Sargent Dec 2021

This class was a real pleasure! Chef Mike was very accessible throughout the lead up to the event. The experience felt personal and tailored to make sure we had a great time. The team really enjoyed the class. The information about the ingredients and the cooking techniques added to the enjoyment. Really nicely done. High quality all around.

Fatou Seck Dec 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended

The team was very entertained and LOVED the class! Will highly recommend it to anyone looking for a fun team building activity.

Ben Stein Dec 2021

Wow what an awesome team event for the Holidays! Our team of 14 loved Chef Mike and making these treats! HIGHLY recommend!

Anna Fincke Oct 2021

Chef Mike was great! We were a chatty group and he did a great job teaching and engaging us. We had a great time and now have lots of delicious treats to enjoy. Thank you!

Cameron Rau Sep 2021

Our team had a great time making chocolates and Chef Mike was great! Super entertaining, we learned together, had many laughs, and everyone loved having lots of chocolate to eat and share with their families and friends.

The ClassBento team was incredible helping to ensure we had a great class, kits were delivered to everyone on time, and ensuring coordinating the class for a big group was smooth and simple. Thank you, Stephen!

Annette Freschi Aug 2021

Teacher was great. Group had alot of fun. Teacher was very informative about chocolate history and how chocolate goodies are made

Ayesha Zafar Jun 2021

My whole team had a fantastic time with Chef Mike and we all enjoyed making our yummy treats! Chef Mike organized the class super well and included tips on how we could keep our workspaces clean and clear instructions for everything else. Tempering chocolate is something I was nervous about but out of a class of 20 people no one had any issues with this at all because of the guidance Chef Mike gave us. There weren't any issues with timing either and we finished everything on time. I was the person who organized the class and I received a lot of compliments for doing so even though Chef Mike was the one who did all the hard work, so thank you for making me look good!

Baking and Desserts class review by Ayesha Zafar

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