Delicious Gift Experiences for Couples Who Love to Cook

Delicious Gift Experiences for Couples Who Love to Cook

By Jane Gauger

If you're searching for the perfect gift for a couple who shares a passion for cooking, look no further. Our gift experiences for couples are the answer, offering a unique and memorable way for them to connect over their love for food. Even if they aren’t skilled at cooking, they’ll enjoy a night out getting hands-on in a professional kitchen. They have fun learning and eating a delicious meal they create from scratch and you’ll feel like a hero for thinking of an extraordinary present to give for the holidays, an anniversary, or other special occasion. 

Take a look at our top picks and see if you can choose just one!

Gift a cooking experience for the couple who loves food.

Sensational sushi

Learn how to make sushi at our fun cooking classes for couples.

Your favorite culinary couple can immerse themselves in the art of sushi-making if they’re the type to always suggest sushi for a dinner out. Sushi classes are not just about rolling rice and fish, but they are also a window into Japanese culture. They'll learn the delicate art of slicing sashimi, perfecting the art of maki rolls, and creating exquisite nigiri. It's a journey through the flavors and techniques that make sushi an internationally beloved dish.

Perfect paella every time

Our Spanish cooking classes are great gifts for couples. 

Transport your food-loving friends to the streets of Spain with a hands-on paella class. It’s known to be a bit finicky to make but with the help of an expert, they’ll be able to perfect a recipe. They'll master the art of creating the perfect crispy layer of rice at the bottom of the pan that's coveted by paella lovers. From selecting the freshest seafood to infusing saffron and the right flavors into their dishes, this class is the perfect way to learn about this cuisine and it’s traditions.

Fresh handmade pasta

Treat a special couple with a hands-on experience gift like cooking classes.

Nothing beats the taste of homemade pasta, and a fresh pasta-making class will leave your couple with the skills to craft their own pasta. They'll knead, roll, and cut their way to favorite dishes like linguini, ravioli, and more. From classic Italian recipes to more modern flavors, they'll discover all possibilities of pasta once they learn how to make their own.

Delicious Asian dumplings from scratch 

Learn how to make dumplings at our couples' cooking classes.

Dumplings are a beloved comfort food around the world, and learning to make them from scratch is a rewarding experience. Your favorite duo will learn to fold, stuff, and cook dumplings to perfection. With a variety of fillings and dipping sauces to explore, this class will make a delightful addition to their cooking repertoire. 

Colorful magical macarons

Our baking classes make the perfect gift experience for couples.

French macarons are delicious and notoriously delicate treats to make. Gifting a baking class will let your couple learn how to make them with a professional pastry chef. They'll create the perfect meringue and learn the art of piping. From classic flavors to creative combinations, they'll create macarons that look just like the iconic sweets found in Parisian patisseries.

Unique experience gifts like cooking classes are ideal because instead of giving a gift card to a restaurant you let your favorite couple try something new. It’s a thoughtful way to keep their interests in mind without giving them more stuff to store away. Instead, they’ll create lasting memories with a bonding activity and amazing food.

Gift a unique experience

Pick a fun experience for them, or let them choose from our thousands of creative classes and kits.

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