DIY Plant Based Elixirs Class

Mix up your happy hour routine with health-focused drinks in this alcohol-free mixology class

Lila Volkas

Lila Volkas

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1 hour Class size 10 to 100     label $80

Let's face it: happy hour is much happier without the hangover. In this class devoted to plant-based elixirs, you'll discover lots of tasty, natural, and non-alcoholic beverage options. If you are looking for DIY projects that speak to your desire to focus on healthy living, this is an ideal way to explore unique non-alcoholic drinks.

This team building experience takes a deep dive into plant-based foods that boost your mood and sense of well-being. You will sample three tasty beverages and participate in a hands-on herbal tea blending activity. You will learn about the energizing ingredients that make up ceremonial drinking cacao and herbal coffee, find out what makes kava kava so special, and get introduced to new types of teas.

Your teacher is a Bay Area nutritionist and superfoods expert who leads this lively and interactive workshop. The focus is on understanding health-conscious ingredients in a fun and relaxed setting. This class is ideal for those looking for fun and health-focused team building activities or gift experiences for groups. Ask questions, discuss what you've learned, and socialize with teammates and friends as you enjoy the tasty drinks you've made together.

After taking this class, you might find yourself shaking things up and concocting your very own unique natural elixirs!

Travel charge: $50/30 min of travel from Oakland (94608) + parking and tolls

Knowledge required
What you'll get
  • Good mood elixir: cacao, coconut sugar, moringa powder, maca powder, herbal coffee, coconut milk
  • Unwind elixir: cacao, coconut sugar, golden milk spice blend, kava kava, coconut milk
  • Good mood herbal tea
  • Custom herbal blended tea jar
What to bring
No requirements
Suitable for

This class is great for a team building activity, birthday or bachelorette party.

Lila Volkas is fully vaccinated against COVID-19, and adheres to COVID-19 government guidelines.


Lowell Studios - 5621 Lowell St, Oakland, CA

Your teacher can also travel within 50 miles of Oakland for private classes

Your teacher
Lila Volkas
Lila Volkas

4.0 (4)

Lila Volkas is a Certified Nutrition Consultant and workshop facilitator based in Berkeley, California. Lila brings joy and connection to employees around food and nutrition through her Corporate Team-Building Workshops. She makes nutrition and culinary information easy to understand and fun to learn through her food writing, illustration, and one-on-one consulting.

Lila has been hosting food events and classes for almost a decade with thousands of participants all around the world. She works with companies like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon to bring team-bonding and wellness into the workplace. These sessions are not your average mixology classes, Lila brings a unique Do It Yourself and “healthy-ish” spin to your favorite cocktails and treats.

Lila found her way to holistic nutrition after a six-year healing journey from chronic skin and digestive issues. She has come to recognize the onset of these health challenges as a blessing in disguise. They led Lila to her dream job of helping others find connection, joy, and healing through food.

Last, but not least - it’s not all about kale and quinoa! Lila believes in balance and enjoying the sweet things in life. She empowers her clients and workshop participants to make educated decisions about their health while also keeping it real.

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