Make Biryani at Home

With DIY craft kit delivered to you

Learn how to cook a fragrant biryani in your own kitchen.

2.5 hours Class size 4 to 12     label $70 - $145 ($70 for Class only, no box, $145 for Class and box)

This is a ClassBento virtual Live/Box class! From the comfort of your home, share an artisan experience with your friends, family or colleagues, or enjoy with like-minded others. Here's how it works:

  1. Request your preferred time
  2. We'll deliver a ClassBento Box to you - this is a physical DIY craft kit containing the materials you'll need. Shipping in the US is free, and you'll get your box delivered in time for your class. We ship nationwide.
  3. Enjoy the online class. After booking, you'll receive a link to a Zoom meeting. At the time of the class, use that link to join. During the class, you can easily ask questions and get immediate responses. Zoom is free and easy to use, on any device. You're in control of your privacy - you can mute yourself and hide your webcam if and when you prefer.

Dive into the world of aromatic spices and vibrant dishes with this online Indian cooking class. You will learn how to make biryani, a delicious meal for dinners, and an indoor activity that will fill your home with mouthwatering scents.

Biryani is a flavorful blend of rice, spices, nuts, and meat or vegetables and the heart of many Indian celebrations. It combines comfort and party and is an ideal thing to make at home for any occasion.

Watch your teacher as they demonstrate the secrets to this iconic one-pot dish. You're welcome to get stuck in and cook along or just watch and take notes to make the meal in your own time.

This virtual experience is ideal for beginners jumping into the world of Indian cuisine for the first time, and those looking to improve their kitchen skills. We offer lots of information, history, and techniques as well as advice and feedback on your dishes. Feel free to ask any questions, as our teachers are happy to help.

We provide a spice craft kit along with this class to help you properly season your dishes, but there will be more ingredients you need to bring along. We will send you a full list before the class starts. We will be cooking a chicken biryani, but a vegetarian option will also be available.

Biryiani cooking class menu:
Chicken/ vegetable Biryani
Mixed Vegetable Raita
Cilantro mint chutney

If you're looking for a fun group activity that will wow everyone's tastebuds this online cooking class is ideal for remote team-building events, virtual birthday parties, or just a friendly get-together.

Knowledge Required
What you'll get in your craft kit
Our spice craft box includes:
  • Turmeric powder
  • Coriander powder
  • Cumin seeds
  • Bay leaf
  • Fenugreek seeds
  • Carom seeds
  • Chilli powder
  • Mango powder
  • Garam masala
This will help you make your dishes but there will be other ingredients you need to provide.
What you'll need
Ingredient and prep lists will be made available after booking.
Suitable for

This Box and Live class is a great indoor activity idea for virtual team building activities at home.

This would also be a nice gift for her or gift for mum.

Your teacher
Crimson Kitchen
Crimson Kitchen

I am a travel enthusiast, mother of 2 boys, Indian immigrant, wine and tequila lover, a foodie, kitchen paraphernalia collector, and the biggest party thrower.

I teach Indian cooking classes in my tiny kitchen in SanFrancisco and at various cooking schools in the bay area. My classes are just as much about the community, as they are about the food which there is plenty of.

I have often been asked about my culinary background, to which I facetiously respond that I come from a culture that has been focused on food for the past five thousand years. Certainly, quite a resume! However, there is nuance of truth insofar the Indian cuisine has evolved through millennia to yield a rich and varied culinary repertoire. The gamut of Indian flavors is extensive, with a multitude of unique offerings from each of India’s thirty states.

Coming from a heritage that has food as the epicenter of most occasions, I found myself yearning to replicate the scrumptious delicacies, be it from high end Indian restaurants in Mumbai to street food in smaller towns such as Lucknow. The journey that ensued led to the creation of “Crimson Kitchen”, where I teach Indian cooking classes and cater events and parties. It’s my platform for bringing mystical Indian dishes and traditional recipes to a community that reveres food just as much as I do. So, here I am, to socialize my food and unveil new tastes that delight all.

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