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I am a travel enthusiast, mother of 2 boys, Indian immigrant, wine and tequila lover, a foodie, kitchen paraphernalia collector, and the biggest party thrower.

I teach Indian cooking classes in my tiny kitchen in SanFrancisco and at various cooking schools in the bay area. My classes are just as much about the community, as they are about the food which there is plenty of.

I have often been asked about my culinary background, to which I facetiously respond that I come from a culture that has been focused on food for the past five thousand years. Certainly, quite a resume! However, there is nuance of truth insofar the Indian cuisine has evolved through millennia to yield a rich and varied culinary repertoire. The gamut of Indian flavors is extensive, with a multitude of unique offerings from each of India’s thirty states.

Coming from a heritage that has food as the epicenter of most occasions, I found myself yearning to replicate the scrumptious delicacies, be it from high end Indian restaurants in Mumbai to street food in smaller towns such as Lucknow. The journey that ensued led to the creation of “Crimson Kitchen”, where I teach Indian cooking classes and cater events and parties. It’s my platform for bringing mystical Indian dishes and traditional recipes to a community that reveres food just as much as I do. So, here I am, to socialize my food and unveil new tastes that delight all.




Sarah Fecher Apr 2023

This class was really well done! Great space, and the cooking was well organized so that everyone was actively involved in the making. I learned a lot and had a great time (:

Chanvi Chandhok Apr 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Awesome and fun class! Meghna gives knowledge about the ingredients and the cuisine as well that helps overall!

Cooking class review by Chanvi Chandhok - San Francisco

Eddie Escamilla Mar 2023

What was the teacher like?
- Meghna is an excellent teacher and is great at bringing students together

How was the venue (if applicable)?
- The venue was great and had everything you could ask for

Was the experience good value for money?
- The experience was well worth the money

What did you do / learn?
- We learned how to cook multiple Indian recipes

What did you like most?
- I liked the social aspect of the class the most

Indian Cooking Class: Vegetarian review by Eddie Escamilla - San Francisco

Chanveen Chandhok Feb 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

She’s very precise friendly and I had an awesome class!
Would def recommend her!

Kyle Garske Feb 2023

Meghna was an amazing and entertaining teacher! We loved all of the food that we cooked and learned a lot about the different cuisines of India!

Michael Schafer Jan 2023

Tremendous depth of knowledge of Indian culture and cuisine. Very personable. Beautiful kitchen. Great menu. Fun class.

Owen Shin Jan 2023

We had a great class on Indian cooking using hands on prep of the ingredients and cooking it as we went along and got to eat what we made together. The explanations on all the spices were very helpful and we made savory dishes of different flavors and sauces versus no sauce. Something as simple as adding spices for Indian rice was explained and now I know why it tastes better than plain steamed Basmati rice.

Kari Gray May 2022

What a wonderful experience! Friendly host, delicious food, beautiful house and delightful new friends. We learned a lot about Indian culture and spices. I'm recommending this class to all my friends.

Kari Gray May 2022

What a wonderful experience! Friendly host, delicious food, beautiful house and delightful new friends. I'm recommending this class to all my friends.

Alexander Bickler May 2022

This class is awesome! I bought the class for me and my partner to cook a traditional Indian meal. Meghna taught us about each ingredient and made the experience educational and inclusive. She is an excellent teacher and the dishes were delicious.

I would highly recommend this class to anyone who's interested in learning Indian cuisine, especially for those who are learning to cook for the first time.

Tom Werner Jan 2022

We had a wonderful time cooking with Meghna! She was fun, informative and we felt as if we were cooking dinner with an old friend. The food was great and we are excited to try out our new recipes. She was easy to coordinate with- would definitely take this class again!

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