Sumi-e Japanese Ink-painting Class

Learn ink wash painting in this Japanese art class in NYC!



5.0 (4)

65 mins Class size 1 to 20     label $40

If you're looking for a relaxing new hobby, learn ink-washing in this art class in NYC. In this workshop, you will learn the Japanese art of Sumi-e.

Sumi-e, also called Suibokuga, is the art of ink wash-painting. Characteristically, it is an East Asian art and has been practiced there for well over a thousand years. Sumi-e depicts the spirit or essence of an object or scene rather than its outward appearance — and does so in the fewest possible strokes.

Because of this simplicity, the painter’s character and personality come through in their work. In both viewing and creating, Sumi-e is a very contemplative form of painting. If you're looking for mindful art practices or ways to unwind, this meditative art might be just what you're looking for.

Your class is held in a Japanese cultural center in New York, where all students will start from the basics of ink-wash painting, such as how to hold a brush. All materials such as ink, brushes, calligraphy paper, and more will be provided for you to create your projects.

This hands-on art workshop is great for team-building activities, where you and your colleagues will enjoy some creative time, learn a new skill, and practice a peaceful art form.

About the Instructor

Ayakoh Furukawa - Visual Artist

Ayakoh Furukawa is a Japanese visual artist with a unique background who has mastered Japanese calligraphy and western painting. She studied with Buddhist calligrapher Sougyu Kashimoto in Osaka, Japan. Currently, she is a member of the Metro New York Sumi-e Society. Besides the RESOBOX Sumi-e class, she had numerous teaching experiences at educational and cultural institutions such as Lyceum Kennedy Japanese School and the Japan Society Summer program. She also taught Sumi-e at numerous events to help in the public in the understanding of Japanese culture. She moved to New York in 2000 and studied Asian Art History at Hunter College, the City University of New York where she received the Master of Fine Art of Studio Art. Her paintings and drawings have been exhibited internationally at numerous established art institutions. Her deep knowledge of both Western and Asian Arts offers an enjoyable experience of Japanese art of Sumi-e.

Knowledge required
Perfect for beginners!
What you'll get
Ink wash art.

Resobox - 91 East 3rd Street, New York, NY 10003

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5.0 (4)

RESOBOX is a Japanese cultural center located in New York City, offering a variety of Japanese cultural classes and events at its venue and online.

The center serves as a gathering place for individuals who are knowledgeable about, committed to, and influenced by Japanese culture. It enables them to create innovative art through collaboration and disseminate their creations to a global audience.

The founders of RESOBOX believe that by supporting these artists as our instructors and partners, a truly innovative and sophisticated Japanese culture can evolve, resonating with individuals around the world.

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