Terrarium with Air Plants Craft Box / Kit

Spark your creativity and design a tiny ecosystem with air plants with this DIY kit.

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Plants in indoor spaces can really boost your mood and create a calming atmosphere. If you are interested in building a homemade terrarium to add a touch of green to your life, this easy DIY box will help you do that!

You'll get everything you need in a thoughtfully curated craft kit. The experts at Fun with Plants include complete instructions for how to make a terrarium plus a glass vessel, air plants, and all the design materials you need.

What's in the kit:
  • Glass terrarium
  • 2 air plants
  • Colored sand
  • Moss
  • Pebbles
  • Tumbled glass
  • Seashells
  • Wood elements
  • Figuring
  • Spray bottle

Let your creativity flow and make a personalized terrarium to display proudly!
What you'll need
Nothing but your enthusiasm for plants
Your provider

We are a full service interior plant design company based in San Francisco. Inspired by our clients requests to provide a way for each employee to have a plant at their desk, we started Succulent Social Hour which was so popular we were asked again and again to come back and host another event. This created a need for us to change up the event so we added terrariums. Today we continue to add new event concepts and ways to have Fun With Plants. Each concept has been a huge success and a really fun way for teams and friends to get together and create their own unique design with plants.

Are you ready to have Fun With Plants? We are excited to show you how!

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