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Learn how to bake your favorite sweet treats with this class in Chicago.

ClassBento Team

ClassBento Team


2 hours Class size 1 to 50     label $100

Join our baking class in Chicago and you'll soon discover how to make croissants and cupcakes as delicious as any you could buy in a local café.

There are many benefits to upping your baking game, whether you want to learn new bread and dessert recipes or you just want to level up your skills. It's a creative activity that can add plenty of sweetness to your life!

This beginner-friendly baking class is an inviting place to pick up the basics and build your confidence in the kitchen. You'll learn from a local teacher in Chicago and have the chance to meet new friends or bond with colleagues if you're planning a team building activity.

What to expect at this baking class in Chicago

Curious to learn easy desserts or ready to take on French pastries like a pro? Baking school in Chicago can be laidback and fun for anyone who wants to try something new. It won’t be long before whipping up your favorite desserts will be – well, a piece of cake!

Whether you’re eager to learn how to make bread as delicious as the loaves your grandma used to make, or brownies richer and more chocolatey than any you can buy in a store, this baking class will help you boost your skills.

It doesn’t matter if the closest you've ever come to baking a cake is by using a pre-mixed box you bought from a supermarket – this Chicago workshop is entirely beginner-friendly. You'll go home with new skills and delicious baked goods to enjoy!

Knowledge required
What you'll get
All the ingredients for your baked goodies

Chicago, IL

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If you’ve always wanted to learn baking, now’s your chance, with this fun Chicago baking class. Taught by a local expert, this workshop will have you whipping up cakes like a professional in no time. You’ll soon discover why a baking class is one of the most fun activities in Chicago for adults!
2023-04-07 15:00:00
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