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We transform "regular folks" into welders, woodworkers, welders, jewelry makers, leather crafters, knife forgers, and stained glass artisans in just one workshop. Our hands-on workshops are taught by local makers, artists & designers in Brooklyn.
Locally owned and operated since 2015, Craftsman Ave is a destination to connect people who want to learn how to do new things with a skilled and likable craftsman who can show them how to do those things in a straight forward, fun, and non-condescending manner. You can make cool stuff while supporting the makers and artists of NYC who we hire to lead our workshops.




Mallikha Goli Jun 2022

Custom Copper Lamp Class

Very helpful and so much fun! Our instructors made a point of being there for any questions and helped when we got stuck. Also very funny.

Winnifred Go Jun 2022

Wooden Side Table Making Class

This class was amazing with teacher Jeff and assistant Mass I enjoyed the class so much making a table taught me so many things about wood working and the tools / machines used in the process . Thank you jeff and Mass I’ll be back for more classes It was awesome

Edison Carrera Jun 2022

Wooden Side Table Making Class

Excellent and easy going class, perfect date or solo. You need to work with your hands and it feels great to do so!

Jadira Mora May 2022

Leather Tote Bag Making Class

This class is so worth it. Will and Massimo were great instructors and extremely patient and kind. The variety colors and straps make it so you truly feel like your bag is one of a kind. I loved being able to craft with my mom and learn a new skill. The space is cozy and welcoming and overall an amazing atmosphere and class. Thank you

Annie Lee Mar 2022

Stained Glass Art Class

Teacher was nice. Good amount of material to chose from. Small class size. Like that we can take the piece home same day.

Nicholette Cain-Ash Mar 2022

Stained Glass Art Class

Such a fun class! The instructor was great, easy instructions and very helpful. Would highly recommend

Metalwork workshop review by Nicholette Cain-Ash

Nivida Thomas Mar 2022

Knife Smithing Class

Attentive, engaging, and super fun! The team at Craftsman Ave made us feel welcome and taught us how to make our very cool knives with a patient hand. Can’t recommend enough!

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