Knife Smithing Class

Create your own survival knife from scratch at this New York workshop.

Craftsman Ave

Craftsman Ave


5 hours Class size 2 to 10     label $255

Transform a piece of ordinary rebar (steel reinforced rod) into a beautiful knife of your own design at this beginners' smithing class in New York!

This workshop will immerse you in the world of knife smithing — the art, science, and practice of using heat and hammers (among other tools) to shape steel. You'll begin by heating your rebar in a propane forge until it’s red-hot, then use a hammer and anvil to create the profile of your knife. Rinse and repeat until you have the shape you want. It’s a great workout!

After you’ve created the rough shape of your knife, you’ll use a grinder to refine and form the bevel of your blade, which is the core of its cutting edge. Next, you’ll heat the knife one more time and quench it in oil to harden the blade. This involves red-hot metal and usually a little fire when you dunk your knife into the oil!

We’ll then take a break while your knife is tempered. Feel free to grab a bite at one of the great restaurants in Gowanus, check out the nearby canal, or utilize the lounge and rooftop space to relax with your food, a drink, and your workshop buddies.

Once your group reconvenes, you’ll put the finishing touches on your masterpiece — wrapping your knife’s handle and sharpening it to a razor’s edge.

Whether you're searching for fun group activities to try with your friends or you need a fiery experience to level up your date night in New York, you’ll leave this workshop with a stunning piece of artistry and a newfound pride in your craftsmanship.

What you'll get
  • All of the equipment and materials for the workshop.
  • Your own custom forged knife to take home.
Suitable for

This class is perfect for beginners - no prior experience is needed.

This class is great for a team building activity, Christmas party, birthday, bachelorette party or bachelor party.

This would also be a nice gift for her, gift for mom or Xmas gift.

Craftsman Ave is fully vaccinated against COVID-19, and adheres to COVID-19 government guidelines.

See additional precautions taken   

It’s our business to bring people together to make things and use tools that most New Yorker’s couldn’t and wouldn’t use in their homes. This is really difficult to do via Zoom. Gathering people in our post-COVID world requires that we take our guests’ safety even more seriously by implementing every possible precaution. To ensure your safety while at a at Craftsman Ave workshop, we’ve implemented the following precautions:

Small Class Sizes – We’ve always specialized in offering hands-on workshops for small groups of people. In the past, we limited our workshops to 8 guests. For the foreseeable future, we’ll be further limiting our workshops to 4-5 people max so everyone can be safely distanced from each other.

Last-Minute Rescheduling – If a guest doesn’t feel well on the day of their workshop, they can reschedule to a later date at no cost.

Studio Cleaning – With all the wood and metal dust kicked-up in our workshops, there are some areas of our studio that will always appear a little short of “clean”. However, you can be sure that we disinfect all tools and surfaces regularly and especially before each workshop begins.

Mask-Up! – Everyone – guests and instructors – must wear a mask, at least upon entering our studio. BYOM or we’ll be happy to provide you with one. After you arrive, we'll talk about everyone's vaccination status. Masks will only be removed if everyone present is vaccinated AND comfortable with proceeding without masks - otherwise we'll remain masked throughout the workshop. We will also have plenty of gloves available.

Hand Washing/Sanitizing – You’ll find plenty of hand sanitizer dispensers throughout our space and everyone will be asked to clean their hands before each workshop.

Upgraded Ventilation – We’ve upgraded the air handling systems in our studio, effectively doubling the airflow through our space. If any icky things make it into the studio air, they’ll be quickly whisked out by our exhaust system.

Distanced Workstations – For

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Craftsman Ave


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