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Hi Foodie and Cooking Lovers! My name is Chef Teena Arora. My parents immigrated from India to the States when I was a toddler.  My upbringing was spent in the kitchen at my family owned and operated Steakhouse, American roadside, and Indian restaurants in the Midwest from the mid-70s thru the early 90s. I've been a Chef and Culinary instructor for over 20 years in Silicon Valley, CA passionately spreading my culinary magic to Fortune 100 companies like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, IBM and innumerable others. I've delighted cooking aficionados at Whole Foods Cooking School, Stanford and thousands of private clients. 

My brand "Currysutra" was not conceived until the mid-90s. I have dedicated myself to sharing my knowledge and obsession with plant-based foods, and the medicinal benefits of Indian spices. I am also crazy about mindful, healthy & intrigued with Ayurvedic cooking.

In 2016, I embarked on a new adventure. I began to offer an exquisite, one-of-a-kind culinary program named, Explore Culinary Arts with infinite passion, love, and warmth.

I encourage and invite you all to gather, create and taste what sets my chef team apart in the industry. Enjoy an educational, intimate, relaxed, and delicious experience! I’d love to make meals and memories in the kitchen and cook together! So, for the love of curry, are you ready to learn & let your inner Indian out? 

PS. We also offer Italian, Mediterranean, and Asian cuisine plus workshops like Cheese + Charcuterie!

PSS. Effective September 21, 2023 explore Culinary Arts is now renamed Chef Teena’s Kitchen. Thank you for your continued support!




Angela Agresto Dec 2022

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This was a really fun virtual activity for my small 4-person team. We work remotely with one another so this was a great way to feel connected and celebrate the coming holidays. Our teacher went above and beyond to share 3 clips of a live classroom tutorial so we could follow along on our own. Our teacher also made sure we all received our shipments on time, shipping to rural locations first. AND she included holiday themes cookies in our kits with short notice. THANK YOU

Carrie Phillips Sep 2022

We had the best time with Chef Teena and her staff. Even with us running behind in schedule they did an amazing job doing prep work and making sure we still stayed within our class time window. I appreciated her attention to detail, the humor, and her laid back cooking style. The whole team was great. The venue was good and easy to find but entering was a little confusing but Teena answered right away and let us in. Everything was laid out nicely for us and instructions were on point. The experience was fun and everyone had a great time with each of their jobs assigned to them. We learned how to cook some new things and even provided a vegetarian option. Price was great for what we got. They even went above and beyond and put our company logo up on the TV so we felt right at home, that was probably one of my favorite besides the ice cream at the end! We had a great time and would highly recommend this class or any class that Chef Teena puts on.

Thank you,
Carrie and the Day One Team

Kate Aug 2022

Chef was very knowledgeable and good at directing individuals. The set up with three smaller working groups allowed for plenty of chat between the team. It did feel a little rushed, so perhaps one of the little get classes for groups of above 10 would make sense.

Talwasa Aug 2022

Loved the class, it was a great learning experience and so much fun as a team.

Ella Halevi Aug 2022

Teacher was warm and welcoming, and everything was ready for our team to start cooking. Wine glasses were provided (we brought our own bottles), as well as water. Teena divided us into teams, explained what each team is in charge of, and checked on us throughout the food prep. Teena's two assistants were great as well, and while we were waiting for the main course to finish cooking, we enjoyed delicious appetizers made by the appetizer team. When all was ready, Teena had us sit down at the table, to enjoy our own cooking, which was followed by a bonus dessert consisting of fruity ice pops.
This class is a great way to get together and step outside the work day for a bit!

Wayne Lee Feb 2022

Best part was the sampling of honeys and other spices. Everybody had a wonderful time. Highly recommended.

Tim Jones Dec 2021

Chef Teena was a pleasure to work with while planning my team building event. Everyone had a great time, and I'm recommending her to others within my company looking for offsite fun activities.

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