DIY Houseplant Care and Management

Learn the essentials to caring for indoor plants in this online class.

1.5 hours Class size 1 to 100     label $30

Love the idea of keeping a lush indoor garden but not feeling confident about your skills? In this online class, you will learn many essential and practical tips for keeping your plants happy and healthy.

Houseplants can enhance the quality of our living by cleaning the air and adding beauty to our homes or offices. Scientists recommend having indoor plants as much as possible to get the numerous benefits and vibrant energy they generously offer to us.

In this online class, you will learn all fundamental and vital knowledge for your indoor plants, including:

  • Best practice of watering, fertilizing, and lightning
  • Plants, pots (containers), and medium (soil) selection
  • Tips for interior design and decoration with plants
  • Recommendations for when you are away from your plants
  • Many helpful tips and understanding common mistakes in houseplants' care and management

So, come and join the class to have beautiful and healthy indoor plants and make your home or office pleasant with good vibes.

Knowledge required
What to bring
Bring your love and passion for plants. No other requirements are needed.
Your teacher
Ashkan Nochian
Ashkan Nochian

5.0 (17)

Ashkan Nochian earned a Ph.D. in Landscape Architecture and has more than 20 years of experience in various areas like design, maintenance, and installation/implementation. He has worked in different countries and states with diverse climates such as Arid and Semi-Arid, Tropical, Cold, and Mediterranean climates. He has also taught people with diverse socio-cultural backgrounds ranging from beginners to graduate students in several subjects. For instance, in the United States, He has been in Idaho, Utah, and California.

Dr. Nochian enjoys teaching people to help them have a sustainable outdoor and indoor landscape/garden with great aesthetic and functional values. He was honored to receive excellent feedback for his classes from participants, and this is due to his easy-to-learn, step-by-step, and pictorial teaching approach.

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Laura Caccioppoli Jul 2023

Ashkan is very knowledgeable and was able to share great and easy to implement tips. He went above and beyond providing additional resources and entertaining all questions. He even gave on the spot advice for our houseplants (so if you’re home, have them nearby)

Connie Eaton Mar 2023

5 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

Dr. Ashkan explained Houseplant maintenance while addressing areas of basic care (soil, light, watering) and then more complex issues like fertilization. For example, with fertilization, how light affects how much fertilizer to use, which type is best for your plant, how to choose economically). I'm an avid gardener with probably 50+ houseplants and this class was both interesting and informative while knowledge in areas that I didn't know I needed it in! I'd recommend for any level of Houseplant lover from novice to expert.

Susan Reilly Mar 2023

Very interesting, learned a lot about choosing, potting and taking care of houseplants. Thank you

Kelley Tighe Oct 2022

Ashkan is so knowledgeable and passionate about plant care, it's really infectious. It was an absolute pleasure to learn from such an expert.

Daniel Phoenix May 2022

Great class! The class gave me all the tools I need to successfully maintain an assortment of indoor plants. I have a much better understanding of which plants I should obtain for my home as well as how to best care for them to achieve their desired effects on my home environment. I highly recommend this class!

Qing Trepte May 2022

The class is very informative and covered wide ranges of indoor plants care, from watering, lighting, soil and fertilizer selections to when and how to repot and tips of grouping houseplants for interior decoration. We learned not only how to keep plants healthy but also how to keep them in desired size. The instructor shared his enthusiasm and extensive knowledge in design and maintain healthy indoor plants with nice illustrations. Highly recommend this class to all-levels of indoor plants enthusiasts.

Nitchie Smith May 2022

This class was one I really needed filled with lots of relevant information, very well-presented with great visuals, and enjoyable too. Ashkan is obviously extremely knowledgeable and encouraged interaction, answered our questions and made useful suggestions. Thank you Ashkan for a great presentation

Jorge Pinzon May 2022

A lot of practical information given by a person with a lot of knowledge in the subject

Lisa Harbor Apr 2022

It was very helpful class. The class was beyond my expectation. Ashkan is a great teacher, very friendly, and knowledgeable. I highly recomend it.

Lisa Harbor Apr 2022

It was very helpful class. The class was beyond my expectation. Ashkan is a great teacher, very friendly, and knowledgeable. The class was beyond my expectation. I highly recomend it.

Emanuela Neagu Mar 2022

I’ve been a plant parent for a few years with mild success and this class was a game changer! I learned so much about taking care of houseplants, common mistakes, and tips. The class was comprehensive and well organized. Ashkan is friendly and has so much great knowledge to share. I highly recommend this to any plant parent!

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