5 Kinds of Experience Gifts for Couples to Spark Creativity

5 Kinds of Experience Gifts for Couples to Spark Creativity

By Jane Gauger

Stuck on what to give a creative couple for their anniversary or other special occasion? Our experience gifts for couples will help nurture their interests whether they love to DIY or are always on the hunt for delicious recipes. Instead of relying on the same presents each year, you can try something original and treat them to an activity that offers new skills and lasting memories. With our hands-on workshops and experiences, they can enjoy an afternoon or evening delving into an interest with expert guidance. 

Read on for some of our favorite creative gifts for couples!

For baking fanatics…

Find the best experience gifts for couples at ClassBento.

If your parents have a favorite bakery where they get their weekend croissants, a pastry baking class would make a thoughtful experience gift. They can learn all the steps to creating the perfect, pillowy French croissants with an expert in this NYC baking class with Atelier Sucre. This is the perfect couple's gift idea for those who love hands-on activities. It’s also a unique way for your dynamic duo to bond and meet other like-minded couples. If your loved ones are social and up trying anything, a baking workshop is the ideal gift experience.  

For those active in the arts…

Find the right present for the creative couple at ClassBento.

Know a couple who are members of an art museum or love seeing exhibits as soon as they open? Help them explore their interests further by giving them an art walk tour. This is a way to visit studios and meet local artists while learning about their process. Your couple will love getting an insider’s look at the art scene while exploring their city on foot. This unique experience is something they’ll remember for years to come and it might even motivate their own artistic journey. 

For hands-on learners…

Find fun experience gifts like pottery classes for couples.

Thinking about what to give friends who are always into DIY projects or learning new skills? A pottery class for couples would be the perfect present for them. Whether they want to try wheel throwing or make vessels by slab building, you can find the right workshop to help them explore this new creative endeavor. Not only will they learn how to make ceramics, but they have the expertise of a potter right there. They can watch a demonstration and ask any questions while they learn. When their workshop is over they can pick up their handmade pieces after they are fired and they just might want to keep going after taking such a rewarding class. 

We offer a variety of different ceramic classes to fit different speeds. From exciting wheel throwing workshops to grounding hand building classes. If your loved ones appreciate sustainability or mindfulness practices, they might like a Kintsugi class where they can mend broken goods. This workshop in San Francisco highlights the practice of wabi-sabi for an extra dose of positivity. 

For nature lovers…

Learn how to make terrariums at our fun workshops.

If the pair in question have a love of plants, a terrarium making class will help them discover a new side to plant parenting. This is the ideal activity for anyone who wants hands-on time with natural materials. The best part is choosing the vessels and plant materials to create a customized mini-garden to watch as it grows and thrives. It's a fun way to spend an hour to stretch your creativity.

For Top Chef fans…

Our couple's cooking classes make the best experience gifts for any occasion.

For the food-loving couple, cooking classes are hard to beat. They can learn to whip up their favorite dishes or explore new cuisines. With the guidance of a professional chef, they can learn new techniques and recipes like they are getting a crash course at culinary school. From warming Indian curries to handmade pasta and vegetarian meals, you can find a cooking class to fit every taste.

Instead of giving more “stuff’ for Christmas or birthday presents, try gifting an experience this year. You can even present in a creative way and feel good about thinking of something original and personalized for your loved ones. These creative gifts for couples will not only stand out, but celebrate the couple's interests and personalities! 

Find all the best couples gift experience to treat your loved ones this holiday season.

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