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Pottery NYC is the premier studio for one-off classes for events, individuals and groups. We are more than just a pottery place, we also offer drawing, scultping, kombucha, knitting, epoxy, painting and any other class you can imagine.

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Finlay McCarrick Mar 2024

Fantastic fun for a couple trying their hand at pottery for the first time! Would definitely come back.

Rachel Nahon Mar 2024

The host was great! Very knowledgeable and friendly, and made me feel better about sucking (pottery throwing is harder than it looks lol)

Meghana Vadlapally Mar 2024

It was a surprise for my friend! It was a fun class and great instruction!
Enjoyed a lot

Sean Kim Mar 2024

Patient and wonderful instructors. Fun ambience, would love to go again. However, instructions to wash the equipment would be helpful. Overall fantastic experience!

Kristen Bowen Mar 2024

Adam was wonderful and attentive. They provided a warm and positive environment for beginners and we're patient and super helpful.

Christie Crawford Mar 2024

We loved our instructor Adam! He was helpful and so kind. He and his team helped us make a great piece for our first pottery class ever!

Shalibhadra Kothari Mar 2024

Thistle the teacher was very patient and friendly. Great clean environment. Looking forward to getting our creations back.

Rohan Dani Feb 2024

It was interesting as we learned more about the wheel throwing class, though more time would be good

Carmen Feb 2024

The class was really cool and we even made a beautiful bowl

100% recommended, amazing class

Rianna Clever Feb 2024

The pottery class was a great experience. I celebrated my birthday with 7 other individuals and the teacher was able to accommodate all of us. The teacher was kind and friendly. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to experience enjoyment while creating pottery pieces.

Maria Cristina Rodriguez Feb 2024

Class was great, I can't wait to go pick up my little creation!

I would love to have options for continued courses or two class where you could get to paint you piece in the second one.

The venue was perfect and so were the materials.

Daniel Wong Feb 2024

class could have been more structured
main instructor was nice and friendly, didn't like the other instructor

Jinah Jong Feb 2024

Came here to try pottery for first time with couple friends. Instructor was very personable and attentive. i had a good time and would do it again

Adan Rosado Feb 2024

it was our first time and we had a blast learning how to throw. the teacher was very informative and we would definitely do it again.

Jasper Liao Feb 2024

I loved this experience. The thing I liked most is trying to get you to try something new and they say that is very healthy to try something new especially in the new year. I loved it so much and what’s even better is that I get to keep my glazed piece and pick it up after a week. (Some studios do not allow this)

Hector Rivera Feb 2024

What an amazing experience. The studio was great. Adam was incredible assisting each and everyone of us complete a beautiful piece and keepsake. Definitely recommend to all.

Bryan Guerrero Feb 2024

Great experience, the instructor was very knowledgeable and made it fun to learn, definitely a one of a kind experience

Pauline Hardi Feb 2024

The class was so much fun and Lou was a great and professional teacher.

Lillian Martinez-Arzu Feb 2024

It was my first experience doing Pottery. The instructor was professional and patience. Thank you

Yoshitaka Hirogami Feb 2024

It’s wonderful time to create nice ones with my daughter together at this time. Thanks for helping and support!

Ana Collado Feb 2024

Just got back from this class. There were two instructors, one who’s name I didn’t catch and the other names Adam.

I like how encouraging the instructors are, especially Adam. The earnestness in the delivery of “that looks great” was very appreciated!

It was a nice atmosphere as well, no music playing, just vibes. I’m a nervous nancy, but still felt comfortable enough to ask questions or ask for help.

The tutorial was a little fast paced and I’m one of those people that forgets instructions immediately but they have pictorials of the technique on the walls which really helps. The instructors walk around and tap in when they see you might need some help anyway.

Everything is provided to you. I just recommend you bring coveralls or wear something you don’t mind dirtying. They provide a plastic apron which helps keep your shirt moderately clean, but your pants will not survive (and def not your shoes) lol

They also allow you to grab clay as many times as you want, which apparently isn’t typical. However, you can only pick a single piece to be finished by them.

The only complaint would be the lack of space for how large the class was. Even so, I really liked it and would do it again!

Pottery Wheel Throwing Class review by Ana Collado - New York City

Shivani Parmar Feb 2024

Great class! Plenty of time and good instruction. Looking forward to picking up our glazed pieces.

Marques Henry Feb 2024

Amazing stuff you have to get here. Lu is amazing she's a great instructor

Pottery class review by Marques Henry - New York City

Matthew Martin Feb 2024

Teacher was great and the class’s was amazing! Loved it and look forward to taking another one.

Julia Tockar Feb 2024

The best birthday gift, ever! My bestie and I took a private class to learn how to use the wheel. It was an amazing, rich experience, thanks to Thistle, our instructor. She taught us how to manipulate the clay and to become consistent in forming shapes. So much fun and a great value.

Lisa Anne Pike Feb 2024

What a cool class! Great date idea or girls day or even just on your own, i felt very welcomed in the space. Emerson was a patient, kind and helpful teacher from demo to the end and as first time students we needed all the help we could get!
Would def do this class again!

Pottery class review by Lisa Anne Pike - New York City

Juliana Phanor Feb 2024

Lou was phenomenal and very patient with me as a beginner. I would definitely do another class!

Joanna Tsoumpas Feb 2024

Really fun, interactive class! Teacher and was great and helpful. I recommend this class for couples or groups of friends.

Suren Gourapura Feb 2024

The instructor was very competent and kind. we had a great time! Would do again

Pottery class review by Suren Gourapura - New York City

Jane Seben Feb 2024

This was a great celebration of my birthday! Very laid back, the instructors make you feel very relaxed, and they are very hands on. I had my own wheel and plenty of time to practice and make my stuff. The class was full of beginners including me but everybody was doing great and enjoying themselves. Would go back for sure, worth every penny. The best part is the feel of clay and discovering your own creative way of doing this.

Gift Owolabi Feb 2024

My boyfriend and I went here for a Valentine's weekend date. We had a great time! Our instructor and assistant were very helpful and encouraging when our pots were coming apart, haha!
For clarification, the 2 hours period includes both instruction (a demo) and cleanup. While the demo was helpful, be advised that it does take away from your pot throwing time (as does cleanup). Also, you can throw as many pots as you want, but you'll only get to fire and have them paint one.
The venu was clean and orderly (as much as possible for a clay studio)! All materials provided. I think the class was well worth it, but the time at the wheel went by so fast.

Chandler Hodder Feb 2024

I loved this pottery class! I had so much fun & thought it was great and well run!

Shehreen Kheiri Feb 2024

It felt unprepared and my first experience was at the 756 location and that was much better and organized.

Annie Bou Feb 2024

I wish the instruction was a little slower but great value for a pottery class. Overall challenging but very fun

Alexa Lorenzo Feb 2024

loved this class! they allowed us to make as many pieces as we could and we were able to keep one. i'll sign up for another one again!

Ankita Sunilkumar Feb 2024

Wanted to try a hand at pottery and have a date night. You get to learn from the failures. Our instructor was great and very helpful.

Shannon Cutinello Feb 2024

Really great concept and would have had a better time, but the space is too small for the amount of people they book per class. We had a fully booked day and I don’t think the class functions well at that size. There are not enough coat hangers for everyone so I had to put my coat on the floor in the corner (other people got clay on it). You definitely need to advocate for yourself if you need help. They would benefit from having another teacher on fully booked days. And cleaning up was a huge hassle. They only have one small sink and a two bucket clean up system. They should stagger clean-ups by table or have less people per class.

Gabriel Yakubov Feb 2024

My wife and I had an excellent time! Anderson was very helpful and attentive to everyone in the studio. We had so much fun, we lost track of time. Can't wait to see our finished products.

Danielle Baranes Feb 2024

Awesome and attentive teacher. They explained everything as many times as needed and made it make sense for a beginner.

Pottery class review by Danielle Baranes - New York City

Luke Cosgrove Feb 2024

It was my first time but had such a good time! Would highly recommend! Teacher was patient, approachable and communicative. Will definitely be going back the next chance I get.

David Picinich Feb 2024

Tons of fun! Thistle was a great instructor and the pieces came out great!

Osita Nwaedozie Feb 2024

Instructors were amazing and very helpful and knowledgeable. You learn so much in such a short time. Would love to do this again!

Melina Romero Feb 2024

The instructor was so sweet and such a great teacher! He was very encouraging and helpful. The venue was clean and cozy. Very easy to find. I would love to do this again. I highly recommend!

Akhila Rao Feb 2024

So fun and instructor was perfect and informative! Would recommend the class to a friend.

Elsa Athiley Feb 2024

It was for Valentine’s Day. Emerson was a great teacher. Materials were provided and worked great. The class was worth the price and we greatly enjoyed it.

Madison Crowe Feb 2024

Emerson was great, attentive, and caring. We will be back to practice our skills thanks

Melanie Nyarko Feb 2024

This was a great class for me and my bestie. Our instructor was really patient and thorough in explaining the process and walking us through our art pieces. I’ll definitely be back for another class

Lauren Delgado Feb 2024

2 ClassBento workshops attended

The class was super fun and informative! I had no previous experience with wheel throwing and was very afraid of being terrible but the instructor gave very clear and simple instructions during a short demo at the beginning and while we tried it out she was very helpful in answering questions, giving advice, or even stepping in to help when things got off track. The atmosphere created was also a really fun one focused more on learning and enjoying which was perfect for someone with no experience!

Yerson Pedraza Feb 2024

I took the wifey for Valentines, trying to get away from the classic dinner go-out thing and this was perfect! Not only is a beautiful time to spend together, you are creating something, laughing at each other, learning something new…
The place was great and we brought our own alcohol to make it even nicer, the host was super nice and knowledgeable and even helped some on their pieces. Definitely an awesome experience.

Pottery class review by Yerson Pedraza - New York City

Tariff Kinard Feb 2024

The instructor was very helpful and informative it made the whole experience with my wife and I amazing. We will definitely recommend

Raisa Valerio Feb 2024

Went here on a date my host was very informative totally sucked at this craft but enjoyed the experience

Pottery Wheel Throwing Class review by Raisa Valerio - New York City

Monika Audi Feb 2024

First of all, this was SO MUCH FUN.
Second of all, my date and I WILL BE BACK, totally recommend it if you're cool and want to do things more exciting than a dinner & movie combo for a date (yawn).
Third of all, Adam and Onik, our instructors were AMAZING
That is all.

Kat Leander Feb 2024

Excellent instructors! So much fun! Especially love the fact that you can create more than one piece.

Alice Kim Feb 2024

Adam was a wonderful instructor. He was clear and very helpful. His class was a breeze, although getting the hang of the wheel was not. A very kind and helpful gentleman. He seems very knowledgable and very experienced in what he does. Would love to take another class of his.

Sarang Kim Feb 2024

Teacher was so helpful and it was very fun!

Noa Ovadia Feb 2024

Lou was a wonderful teacher! The class consisted of a short and helpful demo, and plenty of time to practice using the wheel. Great atmosphere.

Rachel Gibbons Feb 2024

SO FUN! our class was led by Thistle who was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful during our class. my boyfriend and i were gifted this class by my best friend and i’m so happy we did wheel throwing. add complete newcomers, i’m so happy with our experience and the fact we each were able to make 3 vessels. it is such a lovely class to do with a significant other or friends. it’s also very therapeutic and creatively fulfilling. highly recommend!

Pottery class review by Rachel Gibbons - New York City

Samantha Padilla Feb 2024

My mother and I enjoyed every second they were so sweet and helpful Im going again definitely

Raffi Garnighian Feb 2024

Excellent class and amazing instructor! Would book again. Made a really cute bowl and plate :)

Amanda Sinclair Feb 2024

I had a great time in the pottery wheel throwing class. It was my first time doing pottery and the instructor, Peter, did a wonderful job of introducing the methods and techniques of pottery. The class was very fun, and Peter was extremely patient, kind, and knowledgeable. I would definitely go back for another class!

Rosa Baez Feb 2024

Such a fun class! I'm a treat yo self queen and Decided to take myself on a solo date. This class is perfect solo, a date night or group activity. The group was small made seeing the demo and getting help easy. The instructor herself was sweet made time for all of us reminded us to have fun! I look forward to my next class

Thanh Thanh Nguyen Feb 2024

Lou was such a great teacher! She created a friendly atmosphere, was very thorough with her explanations and eager to help. Excited to bring home the fired product!

Steven Wang Feb 2024

Great class. Amazing and patient teacher. Good value for the money and would like to attend another.

Melissa Sueyoshi Feb 2024

Took my boyfriend to pottery dare! and it was an amazing experience!
The instructor was very friendly and has a lot of patience!

Grete Grubelich Feb 2024

We had a fantastic four-person private class with Lou! Venue was clean and well-organized. Materials and supplies were perfect. Our teacher was so friendly, relatable, knowledgeable and fun. She was a total expert and helped us make some awesome pieces. Loved that this private class was affordable and I could book it a couple days before. We're excited to come back!

Jose Saavedra Feb 2024

Teacher was 10/10. Customer service made the experience better. Would most definitely booked again worth the experience.

Steven Pego Feb 2024

Great date night activity especially if you have never done it before! There is a comprehensive demo before you start throwing your own! They take time to answer any questions and encourage you to start over and try again. Would highly recommend.

Wing (Sandy) Li Feb 2024

The two instructors were really good at handling a class of 20 people. It was very laid back but everyone was having so much fun. I love how they started with an instructor showing us the 5 steps then they just have you dive right in and get dirty. Instructors were really patient walking around asking questions. It was my first time ever and I only made 2 pottery bowls since I kept failing. But regardless my bestie and I had so much fun laughing and trial and error. Definitely a great thing to try for a date (2 hrs)

Stacey Haskel Feb 2024

Very patient helpful and encouraging teacher. Really made us all feel special and like our pieces were great even though we were clearly beginners with crooked work!

Lamont Anderson Feb 2024

Had a great time. Great for a date or even just wanting to learn something new.

Yangsin Lau Vazquez Feb 2024

Very fun time! Our instructor was incredibly kind and we had practically the entire time to be hands on. Got lots of assistance when things went wonky. Highly recommend as a cute date or something fun to do!

Pottery class review by Yangsin Lau Vazquez - New York City

April Glass Feb 2024

Was very friendly and helpful. Maybe just have more buckets of water/paper napkins available.

Bimina Ranjit Feb 2024

It was a fun experience, would do it again! can't wait to pick up my masterpiece :)

Ron Kaplan Jan 2024

Easy to follow. Very helpful. A completely fun learning experience. Highly recommend thistle as an excellent teacher

Mike Lewis Jan 2024

Amazing The teacher absolutely made it. She was the best. So engaging and fun. Highly recommend

Nicola Gordon Jan 2024

The instructor very sweet and informative and helpful throughout the whole process. 10/10 would do it again

Danya Porter Jan 2024

Love this class! So relaxing and zen. Instructor was great! I love that you get to do as many pieces as you want. This allows for you to be relaxed and not worried about screwing up.

Mika Inatome Jan 2024

My boyfriend and I enjoyed so much
Two hours of pottery making.
Instructor was super friendly but taught with precision and we felt we accomplished so much.
We cannot wait to see our creations after they finish.

Lara Hauschild Cobra Jan 2024

Super fun and productive class. Lou is an excellence instructor. She's so helpful, fun and knowledgeable. I highly recommend this class

Silvi Labrador Jan 2024

I really enjoy the experience, the class was really fun and creative, for sure I want to come back , I did 3 designs but I choose my best, I can’t wait to come back and take my piece with me

Bianca Animas Jan 2024

Adam was such a nice host! Learned everyone’s name and addressed everyone by their name. So helpful, so knowledgeable and very kind!

Fahad Gilani Jan 2024

Excellent Greta teacher, great encouragement, wonderful class and environment. 10/10 would do again, Mariana was awesome!

Kevin Hsieh Jan 2024

Took the beginners wheel class. Great teacher - Arianna. New and clean venue

Peter Santo Jan 2024

Great team and really fun learning experience! The team was really patient with us and we were able to make a piece on our first time doing this!

Arnav Mahajan Jan 2024

Teacher was great, class was super fun. Learned a lot in the short time of the class.

Sang Kim Jan 2024

Overall great experience. Instruction period was very quick and clear, with the majority of the time for actual wheel throwing. Main instructor was all around the classroom and being very helpful. Enjoyed the intro to pottery, will definitely consider picking up as a hobby!

Chloe Fang Jan 2024

I got gifted a beginner pottery class for my birthday and was a little nervous going into it because I've heard there's a steep learning curve so I wasn't sure how much I could do in one class but my instructor Lou (Lu?) was absolutely amazing at guiding us through the process and giving personalized feedback/help when we needed it. I feel like I learned a good foundation in wheel throwing and inspired to take more classes!

Sonia Parada Jan 2024

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Loved the class! The teacher was great and it was a fun experience. Def recommend

Rohan Dani Jan 2024

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

They went through and taught us entirely how to create the pot and it was a lot of fun

Bili Scott Jan 2024

What was the teacher like? Very helpful and nice but very knowledgeable
How was the venue (if applicable)?
Too tight too many people
If materials were provided, did you like them? Yes
Was the experience good value for money? Yeah
What did you do / learn?
How to make the clay smooth
What did you like most?
Using my hands to make the bowl

Rick Derrickson Jan 2024

Marianna was great. Helpful,supportive and friendly. This was my first time throwing on a wheel. It won’t be the last.

Chris Thierry Jan 2024

The teacher was excellent and we had so much time to play.

Pranav Vaid Jan 2024

We enjoyed the quality of the class and the time spent with the both of us teaching the basics. The biggest issue that we had with the class was that it was 15 degrees outside and there was no heat on in the space which made it quite cold.

Ambah Simpson Jan 2024

Our instructor was super patient and made the learning process enjoyable. She also had a great music playlist! Good vibes all around and great value for money imo.

Samantha Grant Jan 2024

Lou rocks! We had a great balance of learning time/working time. The group size was perfect and we had plenty of space to experiment and strengthen our skills.

Alondra Fernandez Jan 2024

It was an amazing class! Very beginners friendly. You can make different things in the duration of 2 hours and you get to keep the one you like most. They glaze it and it’s ready to go in a week. Lu was a great instructor and was an overall awesome individual. 10/10 would recommend!

Pottery class review by Alondra Fernandez - New York City

Jaqueline Garcia Jan 2024

The class was really fun and informative! All materials are provided and the group was small enough that the instructor was able to give individual feedback. The instructor was great at explaining everything, and helped with troubleshooting. The space was well organized and had great music playing in the background

Vivek Trivedi Jan 2024

We loved our first pottery class. Looking forward to be back. Lou is an amazing teacher.

Wenting Zhao Jan 2024

The experience is interesting and the staff are friendly and helpful! Both my friend and I love it.

Aneesha Kommineni Jan 2024

Really fun! Surprised how quickly we could pick up the basics. Anik was super helpful in demonstrating and figuring out how to correct when I messed up. Adam was a great instructor too and gave really easy to apply tips & had a very positive presence. Overall encouraging and fun environment.

Henrietta Miers Jan 2024

Loved everything. Have been wanting to do a class for so long. Big thank you to everyone who taught and helped me out. Learning curve I guess. I'll be back!

Angie Arbelaez Jan 2024

Overall good experience and would recommend. It was a bit chilly so wear layers

Pottery class review by Angie Arbelaez - New York City

Ellen Charalambous Jan 2024

We had such amazing time and our instructors were incredibly helpful and patient with teaching all of us beginners!

Alixandra Rutnik Jan 2024

Class was super fun– I’d go again for sure. Instructor Lou was great. Very helpful, fun, and upbeat!

Pottery class review by Alixandra Rutnik - New York City

Faviola Guzman Jan 2024

The session went very well. I felt comfortable to make mistakes and to express myself. The teacher was there to supervise but also step in when needed. You are able to do as you want and experiment but the teacher makes you’re you have at least one good piece you will wants

Jiali Fang Jan 2024

Super fun class to do with friends. I had zero pottery wheel experience and was able to create something by the end, which was very satisfying. Looking forward to picking up my completed piece next week.

Shameem Kathiwalla Jan 2024

Neriage is a great concept and should be taught in a much smaller class. There were 16-20 students and only two instructors which made things really tight. I would love to take longer classes there if they ever offered them.

Julia Bhasavanich Jan 2024

Thistle was an amazingly patient teacher! I had so much fun. The demo was informative, and it was such a fun, safe space to try out pottery for the first time.

Jasmin Paredes Jan 2024

Class was great, easy explained, not easy to do something with the claylol
Everyone was profesional and friendly.
Staff helped all the time to have us archived get at least one piece. Will love to do again !

Neriage Wheel Throwing Class review by Jasmin Paredes - New York City

Gunner Rainford Jan 2024

Alyssa and I had a great class and very happy with our pieces. I was glad that for the short time we had, the demo covered just enough to allow us to mess around on the wheel, which is the only way to really learn. As an experienced potter, I had a great time just getting back in the wheel and Alyssa was able to get a good feeling for it for her first time, and made some awesome bowls.

Shernala Brusco Jan 2024

Great class loved the demo and the extra help if needed would definitely come back again

Neriage Wheel Throwing Class review by Shernala Brusco - New York City

Heather McMaster Jan 2024

The venue was great, the instructor knowledgeable and overall it was just a lot of fun. I would do it again!

Mallory Emmert Jan 2024

Adam was amazing. Super great at instructing and cueing each pottery. Thanks! Mallory

Neriage Wheel Throwing Class review by Mallory Emmert - New York City

Yimei Xu Jan 2024

Fantastic pottery class! Engaging instructor, well-equipped studio. Learned the basics and created beautiful pieces. Highly recommended for all skill levels

Andrew Lee Jan 2024

Enjoyed that the clay had color and the teacher was good but was very disappointed in the end that while I cleaned up, I hadn’t tagged my piece and it was basically ruined. The teacher tried briefly to fix it but it was ruined. I will not have a piece of my own to take away from this class.

Emma Fleming Jan 2024

Great instructor and fun class! The instructor was very helpful. Would go again with friends!

Katlyn Reynolds Jan 2024

The teachers were great, attentive, and personable! My boyfriend and I did this class as a date, and we really enjoyed our time. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a date idea or just a fun activity/hobby. I would take this class again!

Raul ‘rue’ Flores Jan 2024

Great instruction, collaborative environment. Great first class and 10/10 would recommend for anyone in the future.

Michelle Park Jan 2024

Adam was so friendly, attentive, and encouraging.
He made sure to engage with everyone individually and was so helpful and sweet!

Pottery class review by Michelle Park - New York City

Yang Chen Jan 2024

Very clear instructions, plenty of time, we went on a weekday so it was a much smaller class!

Stephanie Collins Jan 2024

Loved this class! The teacher was great, hands-on, and so informative. Was very good at giving instruction and guidance for beginners like me! He also made it very fun and created a welcoming environment to learn.

Patrycja Jan 2024

Awesome class, staff was really nice and also helpful. They walk around and give you tips :) cool introduction - you can make as many pieces as you want and then pick your favorite

Jason Brown Jan 2024

Pete was a great instructor! The class gave us the perfect amount of time get comfortable with the wheel and make something nice.

Helen Zhang Jan 2024

This was my first experience with a pottery wheel and it was a lot of fun! The class was pricey but I think it makes sense considering the cost of materials and time. The instructor was friendly and attentive. Going into this, I thought we would be able to pick our colors but the balls of recycled clay were pre-formed so they were mostly grey. We were allowed to practice as many times as we liked within the allotted time but could only pick one piece to fire in the kiln. I'm excited to pick it up in a week. The only downside was that it's a small studio so it can feel cramped with a line for the sink. I would recommend this class for friends and dates. It's very messy so wear old clothes that you don't mind getting dirty (although it should wash out).

Lucy Pichardo Jan 2024

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

I had a great time during this class! Pete was a great teacher; lighthearted, funny, and knowledgeable. He made all of us feel like pottery experts! The space was small but gave for an intimate feel, and everyone had one piece they were proud of. I'm excited to pick up my piece next week to see how it came out. The class was a great value and one I may take again in the future

Giselle Cornejo Jan 2024

Awesome teacher, who is super patient. Overall a great time and experience. Super easy for beginners

Andrea Paez Jan 2024

The teacher , Thistle, was so nice and helpful. I really enjoyed the class and found wheel throwing to be fun and relaxing. I think I’ll come back for more classes

Hali Rodriguez Dec 2023

Great fun. Not too messy. Warm and friendly instructor, who was supportive and encouraging of everyone.

Nick Jablonski Dec 2023

Highly recommend a private lesson! Our instructor was very knowledgeable, gave great instructions, and let us have fun and experiment. Would definitely do it again.

Kevin Yuen Chong Dec 2023

Great experience. Our instructors were patient, kind and taught us well. Very fun!

Rebecca Zambrano Dec 2023

Class was so fun! We were able to attempt 3 sculptures with guidance from the teacher.

Knyckolas Sutherland Dec 2023

Teacher was so talented, kind, and instructive! I loved my experience and it made me want to come back soon. I created a beautiful piece and had a great time :)

Joshua Lemire Dec 2023

Teacher did a great job at explaining the process and helped us when we were stuck. Would definitely recommend and will be coming again!

Endar Li Dec 2023

It was a very rocky start. The class was overbooked due to miscommunication and that was handled very awkwardly.

Chrissie Mar Dec 2023

This was a fun beginner class! It was exciting to learn about basic pottery using the really pretty marbled neriage clay and fun to mess around trying to form bowls and cups! This experience would definitely be better if there was another instructor or a smaller class. While the instructions were clear and easy to follow having fewer students or more instructors would have allowed for the people who need help to get more attention and guidance. It got especially difficult at the end of clean up with so many people trying to use one sink.

Neriage Wheel Throwing Class review by Chrissie Mar - New York City

Alice Xie Dec 2023

I think this class is good if you want to experience wheel throwing but I wouldn't expect to be able to make anything to take home since two hours is hardly enough time to learn the basics and actually begin to practice centering, opening, and pulling.

The session started off a little late with the single instructor trying to handle 20 people looking to check in, get materials, and figure out if they were in the right place or not. Logistically it was a little messy but when it came to wheel throwing, I was disappointed in how fast the tutorial was explained to the group and how many of the students were not set up for success (ex: not given enough water to work with the dry clay). I wish the class could also spend the time to go over the significance of Neriage since it's clearly different from your traditional clay.

Overall the class was fine to go if you want to try throwing something with no guarantee you'll bring anything back home. For anyone with experience or looking to actually learn about Neriage I'd recommend finding a different class.

Garrett Oconnor Dec 2023

Pete was great at keeping a positive energy throughout the class and provided great instruction and assistance when needed. I thought the 2 hours was going to drag on but it went really quick. Easy check-in and checkout, would definitely recommend to others.

Jeanette Fierro Dec 2023

Pete is a wonderful teacher. So in tune to what participants need, even in a full class. It was a great first pottery class experience!

Vijaya Mohan Dec 2023

I was a newbie to pottery and had just enrolled in one 2hr session before I decided to opt for this course. To my surprise, I thoroughly enjoyed this Course, learning all the different aspects that the Teacher so very patiently went over and explained, besides showing a Demo in every class. There were ample materials provided, be it the raw clay or the glazing and students were given a free rein to use them to create as many items as we could. We were also allowed to view other students' pieces, to learn from them.

I loved the spacious studio, at a walking distance from all the modes of commute - Port Authority bus terminal to the Subway stations. The timing of the classes was convenient to dopy in after work, and we were also given a choice of attending the Tuesday class if we missed the regular Monday one.

I will definitely recommend this Course to everyone, be they a newbie like me or an experienced creative hand. The teacher is well experienced and guides each student according to his/her skill. In the Demos, he not only showed us how to do it the right way, but also went over the possible errors we could end up doing and how to rectify them.

Michelle Chin Dec 2023

Our teacher Adam was super nice and patient! He came around and helped people as needed and made an effort to remember our names. Great instructor and hypeman; never made us feel rushed :)

Liann Chen Dec 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

I've been to 2 classes so far and definitely want to come back for more! This is a great class for complete beginners. It's also really nice that you can use as much clay as you want and have the freedom to make anything, after they show you a demo of the basics. I've seen policies at other studios where more clay would cost extra, which would make me very nervous to get it right the first time! They will glaze and fire one piece and it's ready for pick up a week later.

Elsie Wong Dec 2023

The class started off with a 15 min demo and then we were free to make as many pottery as we want, then we pick one for them to fire. I loved the class! The instructor walked around and helped us out individually. Would do it again!

Kris Moran Dec 2023

Instructors were excellent and had a great time. Very helpful demonstrating and assisting throughout the whole process

Darnell Norman Dec 2023

Awesome had a great time had a great teacher thank you I would definitely would go again

Shane Kinley Dec 2023

Mariana was AMAZING! She made us feel comfortable and excited to try something new! Very patient and great with positive reinforcement.

Andrea Pukulis Dec 2023

I really enjoyed class! It was very accessible for beginners and so easy to follow along. Our instructor Thistle was very attentive and hands on with the class. I definitely plan to take another class!

Kevin Cheng Dec 2023

Teacher was great and the class was fun. Would be happy to take the workshop again.

Jailene Peralta Dec 2023

This was so much fun! My partner and I enjoyed it so much we look forward to coming back again! The instructor was really nice and informative and also very nice and patient definitely love that as a newbie! Totally recommend you won’t regret it!

Evan Zagha Dec 2023

We had an amazing time! So much fun to be able to spend the time working with clay. Great anniversary celebration.

Jacob Schott Dec 2023

Such a fun experience, loved that we got to take our time really getting to play with and experiment with the clay. Our instructor was very sweet and patient with us, and I am proud of what I created!

Marilyn Ramirez Groupon Dec 2023

The instructor and his assistant were dynamic! They were patient, knowledgeable, kind, and enthusiastic.

Catherine Chiappardi Dec 2023

Thistle was a wonderful teacher! Gave simple yet thorough instructions and was on hand to avert any crisis we beginners might be having during our 2 hour class. Clean and cozy space. Each student made about 3 pieces during the class which was definitely more than I thought I would accomplish, and you get to take home your nicest piece the following week. Would recommend and would come back to do it again. Fun date night.

Pottery class review by Catherine Chiappardi - New York City

Celine Harms Dec 2023

Great teacher, great course! The space is new and fully equipped-we could do everything from throwing on the wheel, trimming and glazing. I learned a lot but more importantly I had lots of fun :-)

Kim Duinmeijer Dec 2023

Thistle was informative and fun. She gave clear instructions and helped where needed. We would love to come back to another class.

Katherine Fitzgerald Dec 2023

Thistle was absolutely lovely! We had a fairly small class, only 6 of us in total, so plenty of time to ask questions! Loved the energy and the whole experience was so therapeutic! Highly recommend to anyone looking for a fun afternoon experience!

John Wheaton Dec 2023

I really enjoyed the direction/instruction given to assist in understanding the stages of throwing clay. Even though , the class had a lot attendees, Adam and his assistant(i apologize for not remembering his name) did this best at accommodating those who attended. We were provide with enough material to explore until the end of class.

Looking forward to attend another class in the future.

Christina Howard Dec 2023

Thistle was great and super clear in her instruction and guidance. I enjoyed my time

Frank Rodriguez Dec 2023

Took my girlfriend on a date and we had a great time. The instructor was very informative and helpful to everyone in the classroom. Environment was great.

Daria Izat Dec 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Loved my pottery class! Teacher was very nice and super helpful. So fun working w blue clay, the color is so cute. Classmates were great, millennial/ gen z vibes.

Rahim Dec 2023

Adam was a great teacher. Very fun class!

Marianne McManus Dec 2023

I really enjoyed my wheel throwing class. The studio was bright and clean and very well designed. The work stations were well organized and comfortable to use. The tools and materials were close at hand and everything seemed to be of high quality. Most of all our instructor, Thistle, was wonderful. She was organized, knowledgeable and friendly. We had a brief tour of the studio and then she gave great demonstration of the techniques to be learned. There were 7 people in my class and Thistle spent time going back and forth to everyone. I had a great time today and I will be back for more pottery making!

Miriam Freedman-Carmen Dec 2023

Tyler was great. Went through all the steps and was very helpful individual attention . Positive vibes and extreme energetic I would love for this class to be another half an hour long.

En Ez Dec 2023

I would suggest everyone who attending really try to be on time , cuz I was late and only made one plate from the great teacher Adam (great teacher and kind in person)

Mohammadou Groupon Nov 2023

The class was fun and the instructor was very polite

Von Williams Nov 2023

Our firm took a group class to celebrate making our October sales goals, and we had an amazing time at Pottery NYC. The instruction was knowledgeable, pleasant and very helpful for all us beginners. It was a great experience and a lot of fun.

Pottery class review by Von Williams - New York City

Kimberly Simek Nov 2023

All of the materials were out and ready to go when I got there! Both the teacher and the assistant were so lovely and helpful and made throwing a breeze, offering step by step instruction and then being with us every step of the way to offer feedback, suggestions, and encouragement. I plan to come back to this studio for future classes!

Neriage Wheel Throwing Class review by Kimberly Simek - New York City

Alexander Moon Nov 2023

Overall, this is a fun experience. However, I was in a full class, and despite heavily struggling to create anything the entire time, I received almost zero help from instructors. If it's possible to find out the number of participants for a given class, I would recommend to do so, as it seems like the class is significantly more enjoyable and rewarding with more detailed guidance. Also, note that you get to fire exactly one piece of pottery in this class.

Gitit Bachiry Nov 2023

It was such a fun class and a great learning experience! We got to play and experiment with the clay and really improved our technique. The instructor was really helpful but let us try things on our own, which I liked. 10/10 would recommend

Solange van Doorn Nov 2023

The teacher was amazing, funny, and so helpful. Time flew by and it was well spent. Really enjoyed this class and will be back!

Niti Bagchi Nov 2023

I took my parents to Pottery NYC for a private wheel throwing lesson and we had a truly lovely time. The space is welcoming and bright, the clay is fresh, and the equipment is clean and modern! Our instructor, Pete, was a dream to work with. He had the perfect balance of hands-on instruction and allowing us to make our own creative decisions. He was attentive and warm and provided one-on-one attention to each of us. We worked on a schedule that was efficient without being rushed and each created two pieces, of which we each chose one to get glazed and fired. Can't wait to use our new vases and planters.

My parents have never worked with ceramics before and they had a blast. It was a great bonding experience for us and a fun new way to spend time together. Pete and the other staff at Pottery NYC were professional, super talented, and so kind. This is an amazing gem of a studio-- I highly recommend private lessons at Pottery NYC and would 100% come back with friends or family. Thank you so much for an incredible afternoon!

Julia Kim Nov 2023

Lou was a fantastic instructor! My colleagues and I thoroughly enjoyed the private experience tonight.

Howard Lev Nov 2023

The teacher, Lou, was terrific. Friendly and made the first time totally approachable.
Class was two hours but went by quickly. A testament to the fun time learning how to handle the wheel.

Kevin Watroba Nov 2023

Our teacher was AMAZING. Highly reccomend doing this solo or as a date night! FYI it’s byob

Sabina Shaikh Groupon Nov 2023

We enjoyed the class, definitely worth it! Will recommend the place to my friends.

Lauren Ginsberg Nov 2023

Adam was great! Super helpful and patient, showed he cared about how everyone in the class was doing and how their piece turned out!

Leah Raymond Nov 2023

We had so much fun at this class. Adam was a great instructor and always willing to help when needed. I definitely recommend!

Leona Groupon Nov 2023

The instruction was so positive and encouraging and the instructions were very helpful!

Talia Busey Nov 2023

The teacher was great! She explained the process and assisted everyone as needed. She engaged the whole class. It was a wonderful experience for my first time. Definitely going to go back. The only con was we weren't able to paint our pottery which would have added to the experience.

Carline Aspervil Nov 2023

Very nice experience for me and my children. Definitely recommend trying it out. What I love lost is it’s very beginner friendly and the instructors are all patient and sweet.

Fernando Sica Nov 2023

The best date idea for a special occasion. It was 4 couples in total. Adam was super helpful and instructed us how to actually make things, from beginning to the end. Wear something that you WILL get dirty. Super fun!

Keren Lei Nov 2023

Lou was amazing - great personality and made the class super entertaining. Pottery is a lot harder than I imagined. I had trouble with my elbows and pressure but still had a fun time. Let's hope the piece turns out OK when glazed ;)

Ana Kostic Nov 2023

Mariana is an amazing teacher and she got my seven-year daughter introduced to pottery effortlessly and lovingly. We loved our time at the studio and we will be back soon.

Hannah Feldstein Nov 2023

Adam is the most encouraging teacher! I had a great time and can’t wait to see how my ceramic piece turns out

Sophia Pimentel Nov 2023

Lou was great! As a first timer I appreciated that everything was provided to us, the layout of the room was perfect. Great experience and would definitely do it again!

Delia Cruz Nov 2023

This class was such a fun experience! Our instructor was so helpful and accommodating, especially to those of us with longer nails. She was patient and supported us each with our pieces, and because of it, we all left satisfied with what we created. The space was clean and neat, and all the materials we needed were there and ready to go. I will definitely be going back and keeping an eye out for future classes! Definitely recommend!

Roxanne Moadel-Attie Nov 2023

Lou provided a demo with great tips and techniques for successfully throwing a pot. This was a good class for beginners. The teacher provided feedback and assistance throughout the class. I was able to throw two pots during the class. Pottery NYC glazes the chosen pot and puts it through the kiln prior to pickup.

Navjeet Randhawa Nov 2023

Peter was a fantastic teacher, and thoroughly explained the process and techniques, as well as gave guidance on dos and donts. The studio was clean, bright and airy. This was a great way to learn the basics of slip casting, and to tale some 'me time' after a particularly stressful period at work. I could feel my tension melting away as I lost myself in this workshop, exploring my creative side for a couple of hours. Highly recommend, and can't wait to see my finished peices in a couple of weeks!

Melissa Parzych Nov 2023

My class experience was great Our teacher was incredible, the class was interactive and everyone loved creating their pieces, i cannot recommend this class enough

Norma Ford Nov 2023

The class was fun and the space was comfortable. Mariana was helpful, clear, and friendly!

Payal Arora Nov 2023

It was my first wheel throwing experience, and I loved it. The teacher was awesome and very patient, instructions were clear and the materials provided were good. It was a fun class overall.

Anjuli Figueira Nov 2023

Lou was so patient and kind! Her instructions were clear and helpful. She jumped in to assist when we were struggling and get us back on the right track, giving us tips & instruction when needed during us trying it out.

Samantha Wong Nov 2023

Had a class with Adam. Adam is very patient! Took awhile to understand the process but ended up doing quite ok for a beginner I think! Excited to pick up piece next week. I made a matcha bowl :)

Pottery class review by Samantha Wong - New York City

Christine Weston Nov 2023

Wonderful class. And great teacher! If you’re thinking about taking the class, take it!

Studio Marchetti Nov 2023

I just finished my second wheel throwing 4-session class with Lu at Pottery NYC. What a great class and what a fantastic teacher! As a beginner (twice!), I made enormous strides in throwing techniques, and I'm super-pleased with what I produced. I'm only sorry that Lu doesn't offer an intermediate class, because I'd be there in a heartbeat.
I recommend this studio and this teacher highly!

Annie Edgerton Nov 2023

Mariana was a great teacher, and my friend and I had a blast! There’s definitely a learning curve, and you’ll get dirty ;) but everyone seemed to have a great time. The venue is small, a charming oasis in bustling Hell’s Kitchen. We really enjoyed it!

Shivani Chitturi Oct 2023

I enjoyed learning about the technicals of wheel throwing. The instructor came around to help us frequently

Andrew Hough Oct 2023

Lou was fabulous! Very informative, interactive and funny! I/we will definitely do this again

Sara Catalano Groupon Oct 2023

Teacher was rude. Would not return

Brandon Potenza Oct 2023

Incredible teacher that was helpful, kind, and thoughtful. Really enjoyed the class. Will recommend to others and come back soon!

Alec Sherman Oct 2023

Class was fantastic overall! The instructor was tremendous, very competent and thoughtful. Would highly recommend the class to a friend and beginners.

Shimon Laniado Oct 2023

Was so fun! Went with my girlfriend and we had a great experience. The instructor was very sweet and friendly. She even let us play our own music! We happened to get lucky to be the only ones there at that time slot so we had our own little private experience. Would definitely recommend and I’m sure I’ll be back again!

Bassem Hanna Oct 2023

I surprised my girlfriend with a pottery throwing class at pottery NYC last Friday and we had a fantastic time. It was our first time trying this and Thistle was our instructor and she did a great job of teaching and demonstrating proper technique, patiently helping us when we got stuck and offering input when we asked for advice. Was a chill, relaxing and fun experience overall. Would highly recommend this class to anybody who is curious or interested in trying pottery throwing out!

Mya Nunnally Oct 2023

Great instructor, really tough time getting the pottery how I wanted but still had fun!

Shereen Ilusorio Oct 2023

Great class & excellent teacher - Thistle !
Very patient even she had to repeat all the steps.

Ajay Nadhavajhala Oct 2023

Mariana was an awesome instructor and showed an incredible amount of patience! The class overall was very fun and it’s something I’d highly recommended people to do! Can’t wait for the next one I do!

Danya Oct 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

I had a great time taking this class with my mom. It was relaxing and fun. We were able to see our progress by the end of the class. I loved that you get to do several pieces so there’s plenty of time to practice the skills. I’ll for sure come back

Benjamin Goldwater Oct 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Really nice teacher. Class was approachable. You have the chance to throw several items and choose the best. Would go again.

Miles Cheung Oct 2023

Great class for beginners, the instructor was beginner-friendly and fun! Was able to make a nice little bowl by the end of the class.

Ian Stern Oct 2023

Had a very nice time making some pottery! We learned a lot and had fun!

Phyillicia Bishop Oct 2023

This was a great team building exercise for my team and I. Would definitely recommend and our instructor was vibrant and great!

Sadie Alperson Oct 2023

Our instructor Thistle was super nice and helpful. We would definitely do this again and will recommend to others.

Angela N. Rodriguez Oct 2023

This was class was amazing! The instructor is wonderful, calm, patient, and takes their time explaining technique and providing tips on how to create the design you like!

Yolainne Mary Derenthal Oct 2023

My instructor was very good at breaking down the steps in this class that was easier to put into practice. She came around often to assist us as needed and give us positive feedback when we were doing the techniques well. If we struggled with something, she quickly tended to our needs.

Jeffrey Jiang Oct 2023

Thistle was attentive and gave great instructions. She also went at a good beginners pace and taught us the basics of throwing clay.

Habin Cheong Oct 2023

I booked this class for my friends and it was the best decision i’ve ever made…! i forgot my instructor’s name but he was super talented and very professional. I was like an hour late to the class but he even showed the demo again for me Since it was our first time getting ceramic class, we were a bit struggling at the first place and kinda ashamed by our first few pieces yet he kept motivating us to keep working and also didn’t forget complementing our works :> we all really enjoyed this class and i will definitely recommend this class to others as well

Maggie Greene Freeman Oct 2023

Great teacher. Perfect for beginners. Really fun class! Can’t wait to try it again.

Kaeli Rivera Oct 2023

The class flew by! The instructors were 10/10 and helped individually whiling giving you enough time to practice on your own. Would definitely go back!

Avery Jeon Oct 2023

Pete is an amazing instructor and the course was so much fun! It is very beginner friendly and had no problem enjoying the course having zero experience in pottery

Anonymized ClassBento student Oct 2023

Was happy that we could make various options and choose the best. The instructor was great but would have liked the class to be a bit smaller and it was hard to get her attention. More "pro tips" could have been told upfront (i.e use the sponge to shape if have nails). Would have liked an object a bit bigger so description of using a 2lb piece of clay and how big you item would be as a result would have been nice to know upfront.

Kayla Phillips Sep 2023

This class was incredible! Lou was so informative and helpful. My partner and I are seriously looking to take consistent classes here after this intro class!

Esha Sep 2023

The class was so fun! It was a great environment and I learned the basics of throwing in the wheel

Pottery class review by Esha - New York City

Gabrielle Egger Sep 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Really loved this experience and am really proud of the piece I made! Pete was an excellent teacher - I will definitely be back!

Pottery class review by Gabrielle Egger - New York City

Ibrahim Sep 2023

Great instructors and helpers. Class went very smoothly and was lots of fun. Would def come back for another class

Susanna Ko Sep 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Fantastic teachers who are able to meet everyone where they are at. I always walk away with lots of topic-specific tips that make me a better burgeoning potter. Thank you!

Linibelle Minaya Sep 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

What was the teacher like? Lu was great, very laid back, and there for any questions and to help. It's a small venue, so small group which is nice, as you don't get lost in the shuffle.
The materials/clay and tools were adequate. Will go for the color clay class next, as I find the plain clay a bit boring.
It's a bit pricey but its NYC so everything is pricey. But it was good for the value, will do it again.
What did you do/learn? I learned that you must cut your nails lol. Need more classes to get used to the wheelalso don't do it too fast
What did you like most?

Katherine Byrnes Sep 2023

Great instruction, very friendly, cant wait to come back, very therapeutic, you receive all tools and support. Adequate time to do everything :)

Allie Cheatham Sep 2023

We had an amazing experience for myself and my 12 year old daughter. The studio is very nice and comfortable and our instructor was obviously knowledgeable and talented but very capable of teaching to beginners. Would absolutely recommend.

Nikky Steiner Sep 2023

Very relaxed and encouraging class with skilful teacher. loved it! Great for beginner and others who have tried before.

Jason Cavanaugh Sep 2023

Good instructor, gave us enough time to throw. Cool environment. Enjoyed learning something new. Yay

Sarah Tonos Sep 2023

Lou was out instructor. She was beyond great- very helpful, funny, and pleasant to be around. All materials that were provided were good. The instructions were easy to follow. Overall great experience.

Carla Pratico Sep 2023

The instructor Lou was so funny and incredibly helpful. Really enjoyed it Will do it again and bring more friends next time!

Lynn Heinisch Sep 2023

Our group of 8 (6 adults and 2 teens -- all beginners) had a wonderful time! The teachers were so helpful, fun and encouraging. This was a birthday outing and was a great success Highly recommend.

Michael Catton Sep 2023

Teacher was great! Really personable and easy going.

Venue was perfect but we were the only ones there. If it was fully booked I think it might’ve been a little tight.

Had a great time.

Theresa Colonna Sep 2023

Teacher was super helpful, really a very fun class! Class was small enough to get all the help needed! No experience necessary!

Bonnie Chan Sep 2023

Pete was great, he went through the process step by step and was available for questions throughout the class. The venue was clean and prepared for us upon arrival. All materials were provided. The class should be a bit longer, maybe 2.5 hours instead of 2 hours as time went by quickly and we didn't take as much practical time as we'd like.

Janine Diaz Sep 2023

Pete was a great teacher! My friend and I had a lot of fun. The only disappointment was at the end, we didn’t know we could only choose one piece to have finished. I would have focused on one piece for the class if I knew. Otherwise , we had a wonderful experience.

Sandya Muchimilli Sep 2023

The teacher was fun, relaxed & patient! Good price point & nice time length. Thoroughly enjoyed spending a Sunday morning with my girls doing this activity

Marco Angeles Sep 2023

5 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Super fun and less stressful than working with a wheel! Nice and patient teacher, too. I’m looking forward to see the fired product!

Pottery class review by Marco Angeles - New York City

Marco Angeles Sep 2023

5 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Fun and easy class, can’t wait to see the finished bowls! Pete’s a great teacher :)

Austin Joseph Sep 2023

Our instructors Malissa? and Thistle where great in getting us setup and rolling. Would 100% recommend the class to anyone else.
The class felt like good value for money and served as a great way to take a first crack at pottery.

Louisa Holden Sep 2023

The class itself was a lot of fun, however, a lot of it was just figuring it out for yourself because the instructors checked out half way during the class and were chatting amongst themselves in the back corner.

We started 10 minutes late to wait for people and the instructors said we would finish 10 minutes later to make up for it which did not happen -- we ended the class 10 minutes early.

It was difficult to see the instructor do the demonstration in the very beginning. The room was very narrow so the person in front of me was blocking the entire time. The layout isn't set up for watching someone teach you what to do.

I don't think the price of this class reflects the level of instruction and professionalism I experienced

Anonymized ClassBento student Sep 2023

Fun afternoon instructor was very helpful. Would have like extra time for cleaning up. Looking forward to picking up my piece.

Veronica Basara Sep 2023

It was awsome. Even tho I was running late we still got a quick simple demo of what to do. She walks around and helps guide you when you need. You can restart as many times as you want. You get as many tries to make something as you want and by the end of the night you get to choose your favorite one to bring home with you. You may intend to make one with and make something better later on. You can be as creative as you want. I was trying to make a candle stick but it looks a bit lob sided but the instructor helped me fix it a little and let me know not everything will be perfect but if I wanted perfect I can get it at IKEA. It can get messy but stains aren’t permanent. This is an awesome group activity or even a fun simple date night.

Pottery Wheel Throwing Class review by Veronica Basara - New York City

Jala Nelson Sep 2023

The instructor was phenomenal. he is truly a great witty teacher that makes the experience 10 times more fun. he is extremely patient with you especially if you are a beginner and encourages you to make as many pieces as you can. my work was not the best but i’m proud to have had help from an amazing instructor. (:

Neriage Wheel Throwing Class review by Jala Nelson - New York City

Terrence McSweeney Sep 2023

Mariana and Thissle were incredible instructors! Great energy and really nice people. Class is super fun, there's enough time to work on several pieces (you get to choose 1 to keep at the end of the class, can also keep extras for additional fee). Would 10/10 recommend this class. Fun for people of all ages of any artistic background.

Christine Boutin Sep 2023

The teacher was welcoming, patient and through. Everyone was on time and on schedule. It was a fun experience.

Kelli Scott Sep 2023

Thank you Mariana for such a wonderful experience for myself and my team. This was an incredible bonding and relaxing experience. You were so patient with us and answered all our questions with ease. I know large groups can somethings be overwhelming but you made sure we all had a great time. I would definitely take this class again.

Chanakan Sirisukhodom Sep 2023

We really enjoyed the class and had a fun time. It would have been even better if the instructors were able to check in a bit more on each student.

Anthony Demaio Sep 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Instructor was the perfect balance of helpful and letting us have our space. Would highly reccommend

Brian Wang Sep 2023

fun and informative! Instructor was encouraging and made sure to help anybody who needed it

Marquis Simpkins Sep 2023

I enjoyed the class. The instructor was helpful a great space. I’d go back again definitely!

Juanita Harty Sep 2023

The experience was fun. I didn’t know what to expect but was comfortable with trying and learning. The teacher was ok, not as enthusiastic as we expected. She helped us though, and explained the 5 steps. Overall, we had a great time and would do it again.

Rasha Sep 2023

Teacher was great. She was very very patient and checked up on each student during class. Time went by really fast, especially for a first timer. Only got to do 3 pieces, but definitely got one that I was proud enough of to keep. Studio is small and I would have rather had a little more room between each person / wheel but made best of the space I guess. Thank goodness my class was only 6 person big because I think having more than that can be a bit overwhelming especially if one or two persons need more attention than others. I would definitely recommend this experience to others and being able to have one piece that you made to take home is worth the price.

Pottery class review by Rasha - New York City

Derek Sep 2023

Had a great time. Our teacher, Thistle, was really nice and helpful. We had plenty of time to get the hang of it and make something fun.

Bailie Brown Sep 2023

Amazing experience! As first-timers, we were presented with all the materials, instructions, and help we needed. Instructor was super nice and explained things well. Had lots of fun and came away with cute pieces!

Barbara Samuels Sep 2023

Thistle was so kind and patient! We only wished we'd had a little more time!

Michelle Meserati Sep 2023

Had such a wonderful time! Will be signing up for a pottery course next. Thank you.