Pottery Wheel Throwing Class

Learn how to throw clay on the potter's wheel in this NYC workshop.

2 hours Class size 1 to 15     label $96

If you're curious about pottery making and want a crash course on the basics, give this NYC class a go! It's a chance for complete beginners to try their hand at the potter's wheel, no experience is necessary.

In this pottery class, you will be shown the basics via a short demonstration of how to make a cup or bowl shape on the pottery wheel. Then, you'll be guided along as you try it yourself. You'll be able to try and try again until you get a piece that you love. Class time includes clean up. This class includes one fired piece per person to be picked up in one week.

Whether you're looking for date night ideas, team building activities, or just something fun to try this weekend, this class is a great option. Come sink your hands into some clay and make a piece of glazed pottery that you'll be sure to treasure!

Knowledge required
None, totally beginner-friendly.
What you'll get
Materials to work with, plus one fired piece that will be glazed for you.
What to bring
Wear clothes you don't mind getting messy and tie your hair back. We suggest trimming your nails before the session and removing jewelry from your hands and wrists.
Suitable for

This class is great for individuals and couples as well as for a team building activity, birthday or bachelorette party.

This would also be a unique gift for her, gift for mom, anniversary gift or birthday gift.


Pottery NYC - 786 9th Avenue, New York, NY

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Pottery NYC
Pottery NYC

4.9 (157)

Pottery NYC is the premier studio for one-off classes for events, individuals and groups. We have short-term classes allowing for lots of availability and a streamlined system for getting you your work back quickly. If you've ever wanted to try your hand at crafting ceramics without the long commitment, Pottery NYC are specialists in the one-time experience! At Pottery NYC we offer group classes in the potter’s wheel, handbuilding, and jewelry/Pendant making.

Verified reviews

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Erick Guzman-Ortez Mar 2023

This was my first time taking this type of class and I am glad to say that Lou was an amazing instructor. She made sure to go over the basics on how to shape the clay and walked around to make sure to help everyone and anyone who had questions. Definitely a fun and insightful class. Would definitely comeback and try a different class to learn a new style.

Pottery class review by Erick Guzman-Ortez - New York City

Evelyn Cho Mar 2023

First time joining a pottery class and had a blast, Lou was really kind and patient, really appreciate her help. I highly recommend this class to anyone!

Ashley Kim Mar 2023

Lou was great and super helpful. We had lots of fun & liked how we got 1.5 hours to make whatever we wanted after the demo before choosing our final piece to be glazed :)

Nicole Glynn Mar 2023

Such a great class for beginners. Lou was fantastic and encouraging every step of the way! Highly recommend.

Pottery Wheel Throwing Class review by Nicole Glynn - New York City

Lauren Laudico Mar 2023

Instructors were very nice and helpful in learning how to navigate this new skill. It was very fun and we enjoyed being able to make several pieces to get more used to shaping the clay and getting creative with designs. We also liked how it was a small group so everyone could get support when needed.

Tatum Snelling Mar 2023

Loved the instruction and the amount of time we got to create! So. much. fun.

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Anna Lin Mar 2023

Love love our instructor Lu She’s so great I would def come back for her . She made it look so easy L o l .

Pottery class review by Anna Lin - New York City

Adrienne Shulman Mar 2023

Lou was a terrific teacher! She was encouraging and funny and gave great tips. I would highly recommend taking a pottery class at Bento. So fun!

Lauren Puckett-Pope Mar 2023

kind and patient teacher and great instruction! space is small but lovely and clean. really fun!

Keith Ruben Mar 2023

Lou was an amazing instructor. They were very attentive and loved the fact they used everyone’s name when addressing them. I can’t wait to have another class there!

Francis Distor Mar 2023

Teacher was very enthusiastic and helpful! Only downside is there’s one teacher so getting her attention was a struggle as others definitely were getting more help.

Heather Hamacek Mar 2023

The wheel throwing class was so much fun and Lou was an encouraging, patient and friendly teacher. I’d highly recommend this to anyone interested in trying out wheel throwing — no matter how novice or nervous you are!

Marygrace Cole Mar 2023

Great place, great people, great fun. Very kind staff who made the experience enjoyable. So glad I went!

Georgina Peguero Mar 2023

I loved the experience and I'd like to join again. The professor is so nice and she helped me out a lot.

Emi Hale Mar 2023

Lou was a wonderful teacher! We were totally new to it, but had a lot of fun!

Chloe Becquet Mar 2023

Great class for beginners! Lou was awesome, patient and super helpful. You start with a short demo with Lou going over the basics, then you spend the rest of the session getting your hands with the clay and making your own pieces. This was super fun and i'm looking to come back for a course. Highly recommended.

Allison McCants Mar 2023

Really enjoyed the experience. Great instructor and very cool vibe. Ample time to learn and make a couple of pieces. Would recommend!

Mark Schulz Mar 2023

Lou was great! She was patient and knowledgeable and very friendly! We had a great time!

Caroline Orr Mar 2023

Lou was an incredible instructor - able to help all 7 members of the group and facilitate a fun environment! We loved the class and all want to come back. None of us had experience but were all able to walk away with a beautiful little bowl! Thank you!

Courtney Federico Mar 2023

Mariana is an excellent teacher and created a fun environment. I had such a great time - perfect for anyone who has never tried ceramics!

Winston Wang Mar 2023

The teacher was amazing Had an amazing time, do not hesitate to book!

Have a little patience and you will do fine if you’re a beginner

Kateryna Starodub Mar 2023

Our teacher Thistle was very nice and helpful. The studio was clean and more spacious than we expected. Nice clay and tools. It was a lot of fun and very relaxing

Pottery Wheel Throwing Class review by Kateryna Starodub - New York City

Henrik Hasell Mar 2023

Mariana was very friendly and helpful. Good song selection. Needs six more words, six more.

Carolina Deodati Mar 2023

i really enjoyed the class and also the instructor was open to help and smart.
i learned a lots and i will book in the future another class.

Mackenzie Fee Mar 2023

Definitely worth the money! It was a great beginner class to get a feel for it. The teacher was very hands on if you neededmore guidance.

Caroline Welch Mar 2023

Marianna was a great instructor - super helpful, patient, and positive. very fun class, lots of time to try on the wheel. For the price, I do wish it was maybe at least a half hour longer - it felt like we were just getting the hang of it when we had to clean up. But great that they include one piece in the cost and the location was awesome (right in Hell's Kitchen). Overall, would definitely recommend!

Claudia Degteva Mar 2023

Great experience! The class is well structured, materials are great. We had a lot of fun and want to come back again!

Pottery Wheel Throwing Class review by Claudia Degteva - New York City

Christina Jameson Mar 2023

We had a good time, the instructor was helpful and there was plenty of time to work on our pieces. We would definitely try it again.

Bella Ruiz Mar 2023

My partner and I had a lot of fun at this class We came in with 0% pottery experience, our teacher was great and we learned a lot. Will definitely be back

Janice Hirst Mar 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Patient, clear instructions, funny, kind and motivating.
I would love to do more classes with Peter.

Lily Poloner Mar 2023

Lou was patient, fun, engaging, and thorough. The class was absolutely wonderful and I look forward to picking up my piece of pottery and coming back.

Avi Kemraj Mar 2023

Fun and exciting and great teacher was very nice also liked the color clay yes

Ambar Martin Mar 2023

Great instructor and perfect class size/ length. Learned a lot in just a couple of hours :)

Uzma Khan Mar 2023

The place was small but not crowded. The instructor was super nice and helpful. We got to try as many times as we wanted within the allotted time and everybody was able to make something they liked with the instructors help. I would definitely come back again.

Rafael Shimunov Mar 2023

Great experience. Awesome teacher. Good ambience. Would consider future visits and would recommend ro others. Great job.

Alexis Nunez Mar 2023

Instructor Lu was very patient; clear and supportive. A beautiful activity to do if you want something challenging and new

Michael Liu Mar 2023

Lou was a great teacher for our Saturday pottery class. We learned a lot and had a great time, looking forward to picking up our pieces soon!

Charles Ross Mar 2023

Instructor was very helpful and upbeat. I enjoyed the class with my girlfriend. Thank you

Anonymized Customer Mar 2023

A fantastic experience, really enjoyed the class. The instructor was very patient and helpful, would recommend!

Britney Tran Mar 2023

It was a great class with great teachers helping out and being encouraging to all of the students

Pottery Wheel Throwing Class review by Britney Tran - New York City

Nicole Vitolo Mar 2023

She should be more attentive to the students with more difficulties. But I loved the introductory class!

Jeff Blackman Mar 2023

What a great time for date night - so much fun to learn to wheel throw. The instructor (Lu/Lou?) was patient and seemed to have a lot of fun answering our questions over and over.
Would recommend for small groups looking to try something new.

(also I had to reschedule my original date and they were very helpful with refunding the original date so we could attend a few days later)

Brooks Ross Mar 2023

Thistle was great. First timer but picked unit up toward the end. Thanks a lot

Justin Alvarez Mar 2023

Lou was a great teacher. She was very insightful and took the time to help us every step of the way.

Helene Jeiven Mar 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Excellent demonstration. Great support for my granddaughter. Lots of fun. Will definitely recommend to others.

Tommy Lau Mar 2023

Booked a class for my girlfriend and me. And it was the best intro course to wheel throwing! Our teacher was awesome. 10/10

Ana Guaba Mar 2023

This was an amazing class with our instructor Mariana. I went with my brother and we both had a lot of fun.

Sinead Hornak Mar 2023

Great class with amazing instructor! Instructor was very cool, helpful and sweet. Studio was nice and clean with all materials supplied. Would definitely recommend!

Derrick Hilaire Mar 2023

Class was great our instructor was very knowledgeable on pottery I could absolutely see my self returning

Sienna Morris Mar 2023

I had a really good time the instructor was very informative and helpful I would definitely go back my only complaint is you only get to take one of your creations and I was torn overall great experience

Stephanie Pernas Feb 2023

I had a great time at the pottery class! My friends and I had never done this before and we loved tapping into our creativity! The instructor was so nice and friendly and I loved her music playlist as well. I will definitely be booking another class soon!

Pottery class review by Stephanie Pernas - New York City

Caroline Garcia Feb 2023

Fun time with an attentive and patient teacher! A great time and a new-found interest.

Alyssa Glenn Feb 2023

Lou is a fantastic teacher, we had such a great time! 10/10 would throw again

Janna Joassainte Feb 2023

The teacher was great with instructions. She also spent time helping everyone fix their pieces. She made sure everyone has plenty of opportunities to make a good piece to bring home.

Anna-Sophia Haub Feb 2023

Great class! Very experienced teacher who was patient and excited about small successes by students. Would highly recommend! Pricing is fair, but I wish you could take home 2 pieces instead of one!

Micah Wallingford Feb 2023

Teacher was very nice! Learn how to spin some pots here. It was very fun, and especially perfect for a date.

Amy Chen Feb 2023

My son very enjoyed, and beautiful teacher very nice and will come back again, thanks

Elyse Crescitelli Feb 2023

Teacher was amazing and gave a positive encouraging energy. I felt like I was taught well and understood the process

Pottery Wheel Throwing Class review by Elyse Crescitelli - New York City

Stefan Basti Feb 2023

I had never taken a pottery class before and this was very fun and a great introduction to a pottery wheel. You can practice as many times as you want and get to choose which of your finished products you can take home. Recommend for a fun night.

Camille Cortes Feb 2023

Amazing class! Lou is a phenomenal teacher. It was very fun and felt like I became a pro after 2 hours although I came in as a beginner. The space is also pretty adorable. I highly recommend this class to anyone interested in making pottery, beginner or expert.

Tanyapat Jarupichitpong Feb 2023

Great experience! The instructor was so kind and the place was so clean. I definitely gonna come back again ;)

Joseph Pierce Feb 2023

Thisle was great! She made a difficult activity fun. She was hands on when needed and hands off when it was time to explore the clay.

Suzanne Dengel Feb 2023

Absolutely loved this class! It was so fun to learn something new! Lou was so patient, kind and thoughtful about guiding everyone through. I am certainly no artist and failed many times and they reassured me that I’d get it! Even with five minutes to spare, they saved the day and guided me through it. 10/10 would recommend.

Hannah Smith Feb 2023

The class was fantastic! Our instructor, Marianne, was helpful in the overall demonstration and individual guidance with a relaxed and informative personality. We were able to work with the clay for the entire time and choose our favorite creation at the end to be glazed and take home after a week. The space was the right size where each person had their own working space but were able to talk with those around and quickly find the needed materials. Highly recommend to anyone trying to have a few hours away from everyday and work with their hands to create something!

Joseph Jr Feb 2023

It was great! Excited to see how they the pottery turns out. Thanks Thistle for a fun class

Gusta Veitnere Feb 2023

The class was a bit crowded. For the price of the class would expect one can keep all the pieces they make and would also expect hiring someone to clean up after the class and not ask the attendees to do so.

Siena Mayer-Costa Feb 2023

What did you like most? === having your own time to make pottery and having unlimited attempts with the clay

What did you like the least === wish we had more time for clay throwing and did not get interrupted by people who kept showing up late. We had to clean up after ourselves which wasn't that bad but took away from time to wheel throw

What was the teacher like? === Lu was very informative and helpful!

How was the venue (if applicable)? === venue was small and cozy. little hard to navigate to get the supplies if it's a crowded class

If materials were provided, did you like them? === materials were fine

Was the experience good value for money? === it was kind of pricy but a good experience. Wish they double coated the glaze before firing

Fu Chen Feb 2023

The class was very informative and very fun. Throughout the whole process we had help even if we were stuck at any point of shaping the clay.

Zohaib Ahmad Feb 2023

Class was excellent and instructor was very friendly and nice, would definitely recommend this experience

Melchor David Feb 2023

This experience was so much fun Our teacher was so helpful and explained everything so easily

Eli Trakhtenberg Feb 2023

Teacher was thorough and very helpful in the demonstration of how to use the wheel! It was a great first experience :)

Casey Rock Feb 2023

Teacher was super helpful, patient, accommodating, and friendly! Instructions were clear and everything went smoothly! Would go again!

Sabrina Feb 2023

Got this as a Christmas present and I loved it! We got a feel for the clay and were able to just have fun and make little pots and bowls. Definitely want to go back for another class

Clara Smith Feb 2023

The class was great! Instructors were super friendly and helpful! It was a gift for my mom, would recommend.

Kyle Brenn Feb 2023

Great experience, very chill and encouraging environment, and so great that one fired piece is included!

Joshua Gelineau Feb 2023

Teacher was very good. Materials were provided. Would have liked a little more individualized instruction, but it was a packed class. Also, it was supposed to be a two hour session, but they ended it pretty early.

Andy Zhang Feb 2023

Had a lot of fun! The teacher was great watching over and giving pointers to make sure my bowl didn't break apart.

Kainat Malik Jan 2023

The class was really fun - highly recommend.
I wish they had a subscription that would allow us to do this more frequently / allow us to paint the pots

Toni-Ann Langella Jan 2023

The teacher wasn’t the best at making sure everyone was helped. There were multiple times that we asked her for help and she said she’d be right back and then would help others instead and never come back so we would just have to figure out what to do on our own. Pretty frustrating. We had a good time, but this was a gift for my mother and she was disappointed because she didn’t end up with a piece she liked. Even when the instructor said she’d come help her with the last piece to make sure she had a good piece, she didn’t. It also would’ve helped if she had asked people in the back of the room to gather around her for the demonstration because we could not see the demonstration (worth noting that we were the first people there and chose seats in the front but were forced to move to the very back because people got there late and there weren’t seats together for them).

Jenny Zhang Jan 2023

Unique experience to try pottery once, but it's a bit difficult to learn in such a large group. The classroom is set up as one long strip, with the instructor all the way at the end. Unless you're all the way at the front, it's quite challenging to see what happens. You probably spend 15 minutes checking in and doing intros. The demo is probably another 20 minutes. You then get to start doing it yourself. The last 15 - 20 minutes is allocated to cleaning / getting instructions on pick up your pots. So, of the 2 hour class, you are probably only throwing for 60 - 70 minutes.

Elise Pinnock-Toliver Jan 2023

Mariana was a wonderful teacher. I loved that she was open, honest, and thorough in her instructions. I appreciated her embracing each individual’s artistic nuances and processes. She sparked something amazing in me. I will definitely be taking another class.

Chelsea Nolan Jan 2023

Really great and supportive teachers especially for a first timer. The class was a lot of fun!

Mujun Liu Jan 2023

Really good experience! I am so excited to see my work! Wanna try to learn more class

Gella Polanco Jan 2023

My husband and I had such a great time, two hours wasn’t enough. Looking forward to taking a future course to learn more

Sergio Perez Jan 2023

Teacher was nice and patient, the group was large and she was able to run up and down the length of the store which is narrow and help anyone who was really struggling. some people did not want help and just wanted to try themselves without assistance.

Like every restaurant and smoke shop on this block between 52 & 53rd, its narrow and long but it’s NYC so expected.

We had unlimited clay! Which i like because I know ceramic materials are not cheap.

Was the experience good value for money?
Yes, the other local options stated a 6-8 week turn around and here it’s just one week from class date for pick up!

Pottery class review by Sergio Perez - New York City

Skye Chandler Jan 2023

The teacher was so sweet and did a great job with making us all feel welcomed and important. She remembered all of our names and helped whenever I was in a rut. Her demo was awesome too. The studio itself was really cute and good vibes. The turnaround time is pretty quick too. I'm excited to go back!

Jeeyun Kang Jan 2023

It was great experience! 2 hours went super fast. I got this for my husband's birthday gift and he loved it so much ~ The place was very clean and staffs were very friendly and helpful. Thank you for giving us unforgettable memories.

Blaise Jacobson Jan 2023

So fun! Lou was great and very patient. Lou was very energetic and never made you feel like you were asking too much - which we both noted we appreciated since it was our very first time. We had such a fun time.

Lauren Bent Jan 2023

So fun! Our instructor & her assistant were really sweet & supportive. My friend & I felt like the time flew by

Allison Lau Jan 2023

Lou was a great instructor! She was very welcoming and patient through the learning process.

Serena Kelly Jan 2023

The class was well informative and fun. Overall great experience and would definitely do it again.

Emmanuella Nsiah Jan 2023

I had a blast at pottery NYC this past weekend. I went with my two sisters and we all agreed that is was such a great experience. Price wise the class is a little steep but when compared to other pottery classes in the city the cost tends to even out as this one includes a fired piece that you can pick up in just a week! Lou (or Lu, I did not catch the spelling I apologize) was a literally saint. They were SUCH a good instructor and so patient with everyone. She brought my first born pottery piece back to life and I can’t thank her enough. Lou was so fun, great at explaining, created the most welcoming environment, and was so supportive throughout the whole class period. I might come back just to hang out with Lou. 10/10 class I could not recommend it more and I will definitely be back :)!

Manuela Velez Jan 2023

Lu was amazing, she was super friendly and very very helpful. Every time I needed help during the session she was there, all the tools were provided and she did an amazing job at showing the class around the venue. I would definitely recommend and come back!

Cristina Santos Jan 2023

Teacher was really helpful and encouraging. Planning to take more classes! It was so relaxing

Michael Kessler Jan 2023

Lou was a great teacher! Very helpful and informative throughout the entire wheel throwing process

Alexia Quarles Jan 2023

This was such a fun experience and our teacher was great! Such a fun idea for a date night or activity with friends.

Ritika Modi Jan 2023

Marianna was a kick-ass teacher! She was extremely friendly and attentive and did a great job of explaining the whole process to us, as we were all first timers. We had such a good time and learned a lot about throwing. We are excited to pick up our pieces and would definitely do this again!

Isa Tejeda Jan 2023

My boyfriend and I had an amazing time. Lou is great and took her time instructing. Your venue is just perfect, clean, neat, and the vibe is amazing. I Will definitely be taking another class in the near future.

Raushan Melton Jan 2023

Really great instructor! Super friendly and approachable and felt like I learned from the class. It was a bit busy but overall I'd definitely go again!

Pottery Wheel Throwing Class review by Raushan Melton - New York City

Adjoa -Kordie Jan 2023

Had a private class for 12 people. It was really fun! Lou was really patient and helpful. We’ll be back!

Dina Pruzansky Jan 2023

Teacher (Lou) was fantastic. So helpful, kind, fun, and encouraging. Studio is easy to maneuver and well-organized. Would definitely do again.

Anne Torres Jan 2023

Had a great time doing my first pottery wheel throwing class! Ariana was a great instructor and she was very encouraging and patient with the class. I highly recommend it and i would definitely do it again.

Davin Huang Jan 2023

Booked a private class for a birthday party. Our instructor Lou was so friendly, funny and helpful. Will definitely do this again!

Gillian Bar Jan 2023

Fantastic class, great teacher. Very patient. Wish we didn’t have to spend so much time cleaning up.

Sabrina Huaman Jan 2023

It was a little expensive but definitely a great time! Our instructor was great, he said it was his first day and he was really friendly, helpful and really got the whole class engaged. He came over and helped when asked (above and beyond if you ask me) and was really supportive by really wanting us to make our own personal pieces. All the materials We’re really easy to work with which was really nice as well.

Pottery class review by Sabrina Huaman - New York City

Nehan Chatoor Jan 2023

There were too many people in the class. For a $100 class there should have been a lot fewer people. Wasn’t able to get too much time from the instructor. The class was supposed to be 1-3 pm but we were told to stop making our pieces at like 2:20 pm and we were all done with cleaning and out of there by 2:45 pm

Heather Lavalle Jan 2023

Marianna was great and I met some very nice people. Didnt wind up making something on my first tr but had a lot of fun. Will do again.

Lydia Spencer Jan 2023

I really enjoyed this class! Would totally do pottery again! The instructor was very nice and funny! I can’t wait to pick up my piece in a week!

Allyson Castillo Jan 2023

Mariana was amazing! Her enrrgy was contagious and her teaching was phenomenal. Will be coming back to throw!

Jose Rodriguez Jan 2023

Had a great time during class. Pete is a great teacher and very fun. It was my first time in any pottery class and it was harder than it looks but i was warned! We all ended with a small piece to take home as memento. I would go back.

Pottery class review by Jose Rodriguez - New York City

Jacob Plotkin Dec 2022

Amazing teacher and class. Would so highly recommend. The instructor made it feasible for everyone no matter what skill to make a piece they are proud of.

Yeong Kim Dec 2022

Lou was so friendly and sweet! It was our first ever pottery class and we still made a bowl! Join the class even if you’re not artsy.

Pottery class review by Yeong Kim - New York City

Krystle Edwards Dec 2022

I hosted a private class for my birthday and couldn’t have asked for anything better. Lu was my instructor and she jammed out to music with us, showed EPIC levels of patience, and almost effortless skills as she led my group of friends.

Pottery Wheel Throwing Class review by Krystle Edwards - New York City

Lual Charles Dec 2022

Our instructor was great as she gave us step-by-step instructions as to how to craft the pieces. As she floated around to observe our work, she was patient, encouraging and honest. I look forward to picking up my completed piece.

Adam Rosen Dec 2022

Lou was a great teacher and my wife and I had such a great time. Can't wait to see how our pieces turned out after being baked. Will definitely do it again

Alexander Dunn Dec 2022

Our teacher was great, she was very helpful to the class when we had problems and gave us all enough attention to help guide us through the process which we were all unfamiliar with. It did seem like having a second person on staff for such a packed busy day would have been good though. All in all money well spent for my girlfriends birthday, and we each got a piece of pottery to take home in a week. See my dreadful little thing in the attached image.

Pottery Wheel Throwing Class review by Alexander Dunn - New York City

Ayomide Akingbade Dec 2022

The teacher was super helpful and knowledgeable and gave all of us great encouragement towards making our first pieces. Extremely awesome experience

Kiara Lora Dec 2022

The venue is small and it difficult to teach a whole group, perhaps having two instructors on each end and divide the groups, especially if it’s their first time. I didn’t know you can only fire one piece, so if you worked on hard on multiple pieces, you would have to choose. Wished they mentioned that at the beginning of class. Also, 30 minutes of the session shouldn’t be dedicated to cleaning up. I shouldn't have to pay to clean up the space. Otherwise it was first good experience. The instructor was nice and helpful.

Claire Pujol Dec 2022

My team came here for a private holiday/team building event. The teach was amazing and we all had so much fun. If you're on the fence, do itoverall great experience!

Pottery class review by Claire Pujol - New York City

Kit Cassetta Dec 2022

The instructor was kind, funny and super knowledgeable :)
Clean and efficient space.
Materials and tools were all provided they, were great!
Great value and a really engaging experience. I wanted the class to be longer :)

Vanessa Miller Dec 2022

The teacher was nice, was easy to understand, really encouraging and made sure to help everyone that needed it.

Kevin Riddagh Dec 2022

My partner and I did our first pottery class and it was a BLAST! Our teacher, Lou was laidback and knowledgeable which made the two hour class fly by. Lou was also a source of positivity and encouragement for the entire sold out class. We can’t wait to go again to get our hands deeper into pottery!

Pottery Wheel Throwing Class review by Kevin Riddagh - New York City

Sonya Ching Dec 2022

Lou was an amazing teacher who had great advice catered to what each student was making. The class made really diverse ceramics, which speaks to the ability of the teacher. The class was a lot of fun and definitely worth it.

Kayla Solorzano Dec 2022

Absolutely loved everything about this class. The teacher was very kind and informative on all needs necessary based off a beginners class. Thank you for being so nice and very attentive to everything we needed help with!

Missy Sharp-Pierson Dec 2022

Flexible with arrangements, reasonably priced—providing unique valuable local service. Will visit again soon. Thanks!

Scott Fabian-Alwazir Dec 2022

Such a fun class! Going into it with ZERO experience! Pete was so amazing and patient. Definitely going back for another class !

Alphonso Carrier Nov 2022

It was amazing for first timers.
Teacher took time explain the techniques properly, fun experience.
Small class so it felt easier to ask for help and actually get it. Teacher really made the experience.

Alex Han Nov 2022

Pete was a great teacher and the class itself had a great atmosphere. He was very hands off in his approach but helped out when needed and overall made for a very wholesome fun and relaxed experience.

Dominika Dudek Nov 2022

What an awesome class! We both thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Pete was a fantastic teacher and made learning something new tons of fun. (Thanks Pete! :) He is also super knowledgeable and talented. We loved it so much we’re already planning our return visit. If you’re thinking about trying pottery wheel throwing just do it…you’ll be so happy you did!

Shani Paul Nov 2022

This was my first time with the studio and it was definitely a fun, welcoming class, I hope to be back again and learn new techniques!

Mary Ng Nov 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

The teacher was awesome. My company was a 14 year old and she thoroughly enjoyed herself.

Byoungwook Park Nov 2022

Great instructor and loved the structure of the class! Great class for a date night!

Pythagore Antoine Nov 2022

Hey guys! It was an awesome class. Would love to do it again! Thank you!

Samaa Khullar Nov 2022

Our teacher was amazing and the class was well-worth the money! We each made about three pieces in an hour and a half, and could ask for help whenever we needed it. The studio was clean and prepped before we started, and cleanup didn't take long either. Great experience — we will definitely be coming back!

Simon Jensen Nov 2022

Great instructor and plenty of time to fail and redo to get an ok pottery piece home. Great experience all around.

Yakira Cabrera Nov 2022

Pete was awesome! He was very thorough with his instruction. It was a perfect date night.

Jess Schwartz Nov 2022

Pete was the best He was a fun and helpful teacher. clean nice studio. I Really enjoyed the class.

Jeanie Syfu Nov 2022

I’m new to pottery and this class teaches you the basics. Teacher was kind patient and we had time to make 3 pieces. I’m interested in practicing and he mentioned classes are open for us to come back. Definitely have a new appreciation for the art of pottery!

Ashley He Nov 2022

Really great crash course in wheel throwing! Pete was super helpful and was very attentive to everyone in class. I liked the small class size and all the stations were clean and organized. Had a ton of fun and will be back soon to pick up my piece!

Pottery Wheel Throwing Class review by Ashley He - New York City
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