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I have been making bath and body products for over 15 years. We share our passion with students in the San Francisco Bay Area. Classes are offered in perfume creation, cold process soap making, body butters and bath salts.




Erica Roberts May 2022

Candle Making Class: Make Three Candles

Annie is an excellent instructor. Great energy. This not my 1st time with Annie & I've referred others.

Martina Lo Apr 2022

Perfume Making Class

Amazing instructor and all the materials were provided! Super happy with the perfumes my friend and I made. Such a great experience, would recommend.

Crystal Lozano Apr 2022

Soap Making Class

This was a great class. She is so helpful and explained everything really well. Made soap making feel so much more approachable. I am excited to make my first batch on my own

Cory Apr 2022

Soap Making Class

Extremely knowledgeable and a highly trained expert. This class was amazing and tons of fun. Highly recommended.

Soap Making workshop review by Cory

Wei Chong Mar 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Soap Making Class

It was a great experience learning how to make cold process soap from Annie. She is friendly yet professional and answered all the questions with a proper reasoning behind it which was very informative for a beginner like me. I would definitely recommend this class to someone who is looking to make organic products themselves with proper knowledge.

Casey Chiang Mar 2022

Candle Making Class: Make Three Candles

The teacher is very professional and willing to answer all the questions you may have. I took her Soap making class and because I found so much fun and Joy in her class I took another Candle Making class, I had same great feelings. Highly recommended!

Candle Making workshop review by Casey Chiang

Paulina Agudelo Feb 2022

Candle Making Class: Make Three Candles

Super friendly and knowledgeable teacher. She answered all the questions and gives you all the tips to make your candles. You don’t need anything because everything you need is provide by Annie. It’s was a great experience! Great for a gift or an activity with your friends

Jazmyne Maile Feb 2022

Perfume Making Class

Annie is an amazing host! She was very patient and informative during the perfume making class. She gave each of us great tips and was very helpful + supportive on our scents. She created such a fun environment where we had a great time with the others who took the class. Giving each other feedback and sharing our opinions. I’d love to go again and invite family and friends!

Anthony Lucas Feb 2022

Perfume Making Class

Everything about this workshop was sooo cool The vibe was chill and inviting, everyone was fun to talk to, the class was organized, and the instructor was generous with her time. I’d do it all again.

Samuel Ruiz Jan 2022

Soap Making Class

Class was wonderful! Learned a lot about soap making and ways to make soap at home with the skills and information needed. Took home some sample soap, and also from our batch we made during the class. Recommend taking this class if you’re interested in learning about making soap!

Soap Making workshop review by Samuel Ruiz Sydney

Casey Chiang Jan 2022

Soap Making Class

Fun class! You can bring back what you make in class and pass around to friends/families!

Soap Making Class review by Casey Chiang

Bilal Chaudhery Jan 2022

Perfume Making Class

Loved loved loved this class, and the instructor was great and goes above and beyond! So helpful and informative and a great group activity

Keyi Wang Jan 2022

Candle Making Class: Make Three Candles

It was a great experience. We had a lot fun making the candle and picking our favorite scents.

Candle Making Class: Make Three Candles review by Keyi Wang

Mohamad Ahmad Jan 2022

Candle Making Class: Make Three Candles

Another useful class with Anne. Interactive, fun, and really builds a nice foundation on candle making. Thank you

Dan He Jan 2022

Soap Making Class

Great class. I learned that the knowledge of soap making was a lot more complex than I expected!

Mohamad Ahmad Dec 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Perfume Making Class

Great knowledgeable teacher. Felt home with her learning all from scratch. She was always patient and down to earth. My wife YASMINE and I learned so much from her. That was a nice foundation into perfume making. Still thirsty to learn more and will be on the lookout for future sessions. Thanks so much

Deann Cooper Dec 2021

Candle Making Class: Make Three Candles

Enjoyed the class! Annie was kind, patient and knowledgeable. The experience was relaxing and engaging. Loved that I was able to choose from a variety of scents to create a scent for my candles.

Pearl Bauer Nov 2021

Candle Making Class: Make Three Candles

Annie is just the best teacher! This is the second time we've taken classes at Opal'z - the first time for a signature scent class and in both instances, we learned so much from Annie. She explains instructions very well and organizes classes in a way that is manageable and interesting. I would definitely recommend Annie's classes to anyone interested in making crafts. She's the best!

Evelyn Guzman Nov 2021

Candle Making Class: Make Three Candles

This is such a great class and I had a very good experience. I've wanted always wanted to try my hands at making candles. The teacher is VERY knowledgeable and a great guide to help you understand the entire process.

Catherine Zhang Sep 2021

Candle Making Class: Make Three Candles

What a nice way to spend a weekend morning! Our instructor Annie was attentive, fun to chat with, and super knowledgeable about candle making. We made three candles each person and were super happy with them. We got to pick our own scents/decorations :)

Candle Making workshop review by Catherine Zhang

Irma Jimenez Sep 2021

Soap Making Class

It was a great class, Annie provided all materials needed to learn how to make soap with ingredients and quantities. She was very informative but loved how professional and personal she was at the same time. Highly recommend you take her class. We walked out with knowledge and goodies. ☺️

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