Perfume Making Class

Learn how to make your own perfume in Mountain View.

2.5 hours Class size 1 to 8     label $125

Looking for unique things to do in the San Francisco Bay Area? You don’t have to be a celebrity to make your own fragrance. Discover how to make your own custom perfume or cologne with Opal’z in Mountain View. This could be an exciting new hobby, the special scent for your wedding day, a made-by-you addition to your collection, or a great gift!

Throughout the class, you'll be led by a friendly teacher, who will show you how to create your signature blend using quality fragrance and essential oils, and aroma blends. You will be seated, where all the materials you need to make your own unique creation will be supplied. The teacher will lead you through the different phases of this class step-by-step and show you all the necessary concepts as you work towards blending your own unique scent.

At the end of this hands-on workshop, you’ll have a written formula that you can use to recreate your signature scent again and again with ease. You’ll also choose a label for your creation, give it a name, and leave with your gorgeous creation that you can wear immediately or give your personalized fragrance as a gift.

The fragrance materials offered are those that both men and women love.

Please note: This class can take anywhere from one and a half hours to more than three hours. It just depends on how long each person wants to take to craft their scent.

Please Note:

  • Groups with over 8 guests can be accommodated but would be at your location and likely a party version of this at a reduced price. Please use the Contact button below near the teacher's bio to inquire.

Knowledge required
What you'll get
Your own signature perfume to take home!
Suitable for

This class is great for individuals and couples as well as for a team building activity, birthday or bachelorette party.

This would also be a unique gift for her, gift for mom, anniversary gift or birthday gift.


897 Independence Ave, Ste 3C Mountain View, CA 94043

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4.9 (70)

I have been making bath and body products for over 15 years. We share our passion with students in the San Francisco Bay Area. Classes are offered in perfume creation, cold process soap making, body butters and bath salts.

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Jocelyn Chavez-Diaz Sep 2023

Today’s class with Opal’z was wonderful! It was a very personalized experience and she uses her expertise to guide you towards the right direction. I appreciate the grand variety of scents and learned how to mix my perfect blend! 100% recommend.

Laila M Ajani Sep 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

I loved this class! The instructor was really helpful, educated, and experienced. I went home with a perfume I made that I adore!

Kristen Kaps Aug 2023

We LOVED our experience at Opal'z. Annie was very knowledgeable and was even able to answer the most complicated questions from our perfume aficionado. Though some of us were significantly better at smelling good combinations of scents over others, Annie was an active participant in choosing our scents which ensured that we all walked away with something we loved. Thanks Annie for the wonderful experience!

Sylvia W Aug 2023

I have nothing more to say other than I became much happier after I came lol SO glad I came

Jamay Lau Aug 2023

This perfume-making class was a highlight of my friend's bachelorette celebration. Annie was a wonderful instructor, and I especially appreciated how responsive and accommodating she was leading up to the event (she added an extra slot for our group). It was so fun smelling all the different fragrances, and learning how to personalize to our preferences to create complex scents. Annie was very helpful in giving us tips to adjust our formulas as a we were making them. Overall, a very unique and memorable experience to do with friends!

Saradha Ravi Aug 2023

Anne was a very good teacher and her instructions were simple and clear. She helped us to build our own perfume, giving necessary inputs at various steps in the the process.
The products provided were also of good quality and I was very happy with the end product. Thanks to Anne Opal for making my long time dream of learning perfume making come true!

Tracey Medlin Jul 2023

What a FUN class! Annie was a GREAT instructor; very knowledgeable, extremely helpful and pleasant. She was very welcoming and organized. She made this experience really fun. Thank you!

Graeme Finlayson Jul 2023

Annie was super fun and a sweet heart. We all had a great experience and would definitely book again

Perfume Making class review by Graeme Finlayson - San Jose

Jennie Kim Jun 2023

Our group had a wonderful time with Annie, who walked us through the steps patiently and was knowledgeable about making our most signature scent. Thank you Annie for your kind encouragement and for teaching us in such a fun environment - we can’t wait to be back again for your advanced class soon!

Shinika Parks Jun 2023

Annie was amazing! I can’t wait to go back to the advanced class! You must try it out!

Noraya Reed Jun 2023

The teacher was sweet yet honest I loved that about her. The workshop was definitely a necessary step in my perfume designing journey. Was it worth $100 Well that depends on the break down of price. If it’s 60 for her time 40 for the materials…maybe, but I’m also not complaining. I’d like to have more options in scents next time so I’ll be taking her part 2 class. I learned a lot and I’d definitely do it again

Thai Nguyen Jun 2023

The class is helpful for beginners and the instructor is very friendly. During the class, I had a great time exploring and crafting my own perfume. I definitely will return for the 2nd part of the course.

Yale Kim May 2023

Our instructor was amazing in many ways We learned so much about scents and perfumes and she encouraged our creativity but gave such constructive criticism! Also had a blast talking and hanging out with her as well! Me and my partner had a wonderful time

Natalie Jose May 2023

I took my friend to this class so that she could make a signature scent for her upcoming wedding. We had a GREAT time! I want to thank our instructor Annie, who was so patient with all of us, and so incredibly kind and knowledgeable. The class was structured in a way that made sense, the materials were all provided for us and doled out so that we didn’t have to get up from our seats, and the bottles are well made and allow for a GENEROUS amount of perfume to take home (well worth the money). Annie can identify the different scents without even looking at the names and was so helpful in letting us know what she thought we could remove, add a bit more of, etc. What would have been an overwhelming experience (with all the variations of scents), Annie made it easy to create a one of a kind scent that I’ll cherish. The perfume making class was such a wonderful experience, and I highly recommend this to anyone (any age, any gender). I would like to take another class with Annie in the future.

Christopher Welton May 2023

Opal was very nice and explained the process of perfumery well. She offered information on resources, and offered advice on mixing our fragrances.

Rosanne Liu May 2023

Very enjoyable experience, solo or with a group and you get to take home your own personalized bottle of perfume! Teacher was very knowlegable and assisted us when needed to. 10/10 would recommend doing this if you’re interested in a new hobby or even as a date idea!

Perfume Making class review by Rosanne Liu - San Jose

Mia Lee May 2023

I booked a private class for 7 people. We had a girls day and we enjoyed learning about how to combine scents to make our own one of a kind perfume. There were a lot of scents and at first, it was a bit hard to pick and chose favorites. In the end, I chose 7 scents to pair together and I really like the outcome of it. It takes about 2 to 3 hours total but It’s a relaxing and unique experience that we all enjoyed. Would recommend 10/10!

Perfume Making Class review by Mia Lee - San Jose

Richard Ahn May 2023

Our team had such a great time. Annie is so kind and knowledgeable. Would definitely come back to take the level 2 class!

Tuan Doan Apr 2023

The course provides simple instructions plus all the materials and chemicals. If you have your own things set up, you could easily do it by yourself.

I don't like the micromanagement atmosphere. "You're looking for something?" "What are you looking for in your phone?", Also, she's telling people she will not judge whatever you made but keep asking you to make changes or let her smell it every time I make a change. Well, I'm making my own perfume so I honestly don't need your opinion whether it's good or bad.

Daniel Ayala Apr 2023

Amazing teacher! Such a fun experience can’t wait to take another class! Highly recommend

Daniel Hoang Apr 2023

The teacher was incredible! I went with two other friends and she explained the concept of fragrance making extremely well. The teacher provided constructive feedback on our scents and really guided us on how to make a scent that we would be happy with to take home. This class has made me even more excited to keep exploring different scent profiles.

Roxana G Mar 2023

We absolutely loved Annie and her class! Annie was kind enough to add us on to an already full class and we had so much fun! Annie is super knowledgeable, kind, funny and beyond helpful making sure the perfumes we created were well balanced and perfect! Can’t wait to take the level 2 Perfume class and a soap making class too! Highly recommend! :)

-Roxana & Jesús

Mary Norton Mar 2023

Ann is very knowledgeable and a good teacher. She provided plenty of high quality materials for us to explore and I went home with a unique perfume I really like. It was a great experience.

Diana Roberson Feb 2023

Sometimes you come across some experiences and it really blows your mind. This was one of those. We did this as a valentines day event. Our class was small so it felt more personal. Annie was such an amazing individual. We asked questions before starting and once it was time to go the class flowed smoothly. We were amazed at the process as it is one of a kind. The creations you can make is truly only limited by your imagination. I enjoyed using my creative nature to craft what I deemed a go to scent. If you are interested in soap/candle making, cologne/perfume making this is really a must.

Irina Kiryievich Feb 2023

I am deeply grateful to Annie for the class! She is so knowledgeable and fun! The class was Informative, entertaining and creative.

Perfume Making class review by Irina Kiryievich - San Jose

Ericka Feb 2023

Annie is a great teacher. She explained everything clearly and was very patient with us.

She has a cute little studio with everything we needed to make our fragrances.

We learned about essential oils and got to a smell a wide variety of aromas.

This was a great experience. Annie is super cool and I’d definitely do this again. I’m so happy to have gotten the opportunity to make my own custom smell.

Perfume Making class review by Ericka  - San Jose

Shruti Dixit Jan 2023

Loved the experience today. The teacher was kind and knowledgeable. She was patient and took time guiding everyone. I enjoyed the experience and will continue to okay with fragrances.

Sindhu Giri Dec 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

I absolutely loved this fun and unique class! It's great for individuals or groups. Would highly recommend.

Audrey O'Neill Dec 2022

Had a brilliant time! The instructor was very helpful. Definitely worth the money, lovely group as well.

Perfume Making class review by Audrey O'Neill - San Jose

Pol Espinosa Nov 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Me and my friends had an amazing time. We learned a lot and the experience was more creative and fun than I expected. Annie gave very useful and clear structure while allowing plenty of room for experimentation and insight on how to improve our creations, and we were very happy to bring our own perfume home. Will definitely be back for more!

Erica Trieu Nov 2022

Opal was such an amazing teaching! We had so much fun in class that my husband is excited to do this again in the future. Opal was so thoughtful with her input, always just providing guidance but never taking over your creation. She’s incredibly knowledgeable and made herself available to help everyone with their perfume. What a fun way to bond with others with a souvenir you created uniquely for you! Would definitely recommend this experience!

Perfume Making class review by Erica Trieu - San Jose

Youjia Lu Aug 2022

My husband and I enjoyed the class a lot. During the class, we smelled the scents of various fragrances. The instructor Annie is very patient and knowledgeable. She helped us make modifications to our perfume so it is close to what we want. I like my perfume a lot. It keeps me calm and I will wear it in the future when I do yoga.

Melissa Morgan Jun 2022

Wonderful class with a knowledgeable teacher. My daughter and I had a wonderful time making our custom perfume

Martina Lo Apr 2022

Amazing instructor and all the materials were provided! Super happy with the perfumes my friend and I made. Such a great experience, would recommend.

Jazmyne Maile Feb 2022

Annie is an amazing host! She was very patient and informative during the perfume making class. She gave each of us great tips and was very helpful + supportive on our scents. She created such a fun environment where we had a great time with the others who took the class. Giving each other feedback and sharing our opinions. I’d love to go again and invite family and friends!

Anthony Lucas Feb 2022

Everything about this workshop was sooo cool The vibe was chill and inviting, everyone was fun to talk to, the class was organized, and the instructor was generous with her time. I’d do it all again.

Bilal Chaudhery Jan 2022

Loved loved loved this class, and the instructor was great and goes above and beyond! So helpful and informative and a great group activity

Mohamad Ahmad Dec 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Great knowledgeable teacher. Felt home with her learning all from scratch. She was always patient and down to earth. My wife YASMINE and I learned so much from her. That was a nice foundation into perfume making. Still thirsty to learn more and will be on the lookout for future sessions. Thanks so much

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