Latte Art Class

Learn some new barista skills and learn how to make latte art.

45 mins Class size 1 to 10 (public classes), 6 to 12

label $70 - $85 ($70 for Public Class, $85 for Private Class)

Develop your appreciation for coffee in this latte art class. If you want things to do in San Jose as cute date ideas or a friendly get-together, this is perfect!

You will be transforming simple ingredients like coffee and milk to make delicious art that is almost too beautiful to drink but worth it for the amazing taste! Your expert teacher will gently guide you through all the steps and share all their best tips and tricks so you can make a drink as good as any pro barista.

Learn how to make a heart and tulip design on a matcha latte, coffee, or decaf drink of your choice. It's an interactive and exciting class that will have you mastering the fun new skill of coffee making.

If this barista class whets your appetite for more amazing drinks, you can then enjoy a delicious drink in our cafe with a 20% discount!

Join us for a day out in San Jose with friends, family, and even colleagues!

Special Note:

  • For private classes of 8 or more guests a complimentary gift milk pitcher will be provided.

Add-ons available for this class
  • 12oz Latte Art Pitcher ($20)
  • 20oz Latte Art Pitcher ($25)
  • Hand Pump Latte Art Milk Frother ($28)
  • Electric Whisk ($15)
  • Bamboo Whisk ($15)
You can add these when you book (optional).
Knowledge required
All levels are welcome!
What you'll get
  • All materials you need to make stunning latte art
  • A tasty latte to sip on
  • 20% discount at our cafe for after the class.
What to bring
Suitable for

This class is great for individuals and couples as well as for a team building activity, birthday or bachelorette party.

This would also be a lovely gift for her, gift for mom, Father's Day gift or birthday gift.


Jiaren Cafe - 1171 Homestead Road, Santa Clara, CA

Your teacher
Jiaren Cafe
Jiaren Cafe

4.9 (30)

Jiaren Cafe is a non-profit neighborhood cafe in Santa Clara, specializing in high-quality matcha drinks, local espresso, and fruit and herbal drinks. Jiaren Cafe serves as a space for our local community of San Jose. We offer community events and fun classes in latte art and barista skills. It's a welcoming location full of laughter and learning.

We proudly support female-owned businesses as Jiaren Cafe serves Ritual Coffee Roasters and sources products from other local female-owned businesses.

Verified reviews

We only show reviews from customers who have paid for and attended this class

Sotera May 2023

It was very intimate and I learned a lot. Our teacher was sweet to us and I will definitely take what I learned to use.

Lakethia Lake-Pascua May 2023

I had a great afternoon at a the latte art class ☕️ So fun thanks to our instructor Jaden! Can’t wait to keep practicing at home.

Coffee class review by Lakethia Lake-Pascua - San Jose

Desiree Cai May 2023

- Teacher was very enthusiastic and knowledgeable about her craft. She was very eager to answer questions too.
- We got our drinks for free and had the option to turn it to boba and take it home too!

- The venue was in the middle of the café. Hence, you can hear some loud customers or people trying to go towards the counter/bathroom/exit. It would’ve been better if it was in the corner or a more quiet area.
- You only get to try twice (with the actual steamed milk, not with water), but the teacher will be guiding your hand throughout. It would’ve been better if we actually got to try pouring ourselves, so we can see where and how to improve, at least on the second try.

Reply from this teacher:

Hi Desiree,

Thank you for providing us with your feedback. We take our customer feedback seriously and understand where you are coming from. We will do our best to integrate your feedback for future classes. We do have a hands off option on request, but we will make sure to make this more clear during the class.

Thank you, Jaden

Alyssa Conn Apr 2023

Super fun class! The teacher was awesome and really helpful! I feel like I could use what I learned at home!

Nikki Pham Mar 2023

I’m in between 3.5-4 rating. It was a fun experience, the instructor was very nice. Each student got 2 pours as practice and I wish that we could get more practice to make it worth the value.

Jin Dong Mar 2023

We spent about an hour practicing two designs two times each. The instructor was very professional. Highly recommended!

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Garrett Nelson Feb 2023

Very instructive class. Instructor was really easy to work with and explained how to do the coffee art. Would recommend this course.

Swathi Rammohan Jan 2023

So much fun! We practiced with water first and then got to practice two designs. The instructor was awesome and gave us useful tips to take home with us.

Stephanie Gam Jan 2023

Wonderful beginner friendly class. The teacher was very kind and encouraging and offered to add any flavors, toppings, and ice to our creations at the end. Plus you get two lattes at the end—they were so delicious! Jiaren really knows their stuff

Latte Art Class review by Stephanie Gam - San Jose

Geesa Gee Dec 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

The teacher is nice. He went around students to make sure everyone understand. Very good. I have learned some good points and improved.

Rina Takahashi Nov 2022

Instructor was very patient. After consuming two cups of latte ( that I worked on), I was a happy camper.

Coffee class review by Rina Takahashi - San Jose

Daniel Morduchowicz Oct 2022

I loved how the teacher broke everything down into little steps. He also answered all my maaaany questions!
My latte art still needs to improve but here’s something to build on.

Latte Art Class review by Daniel Morduchowicz - San Jose

Hridayam Bakshi Oct 2022

Great experience and had a lot of fun making latte art. Would recommend for beginners to get started.

Andre Tu Aug 2022

Really enjoyed this class. Great introduction to making latte art. Teacher was kind, clear, and helpful. Took time to review and guide everyone in class during our testing pours. Would recommend to friends and family!

Jessica Meter Jun 2022

This class was a fun intro to latte art. The teacher was friendly and knowledgeable.

Isha Arora Jun 2022

Teacher was very knowledgeable. Venue was her own cafe. Tried 2 different designs that turned out to be very beautiful. 2 shots of coffee were provided and then milk to pour for design. The class lasted about an hour and was a lot of fun.

Coffee class review by Isha Arora - San Jose

Casey Lizaso Jun 2022

Our teacher was excellent! Very patient and knowledgeable.

We learned a few different techniques and that surprisingly turned out very well for me!

Highly recommend!

Coffee class review by Casey Lizaso - San Jose

Ashwini Achutharaman Jun 2022

Jaden was so helpful and patient in teaching us how to make both of the art designs. The store was also really clean and the charcoal matcha latte was super good. A really great experience overall!

Claire Chou May 2022

Teacher is nice and patient. The techniques she said is clear and easy to understand. Love the vibes there and we have so much fun.

Coffee class review by Claire Chou - San Jose

Wing Chiu Apr 2022

We have the latte art class team building last Friday. The instructor provided all the materials needed for the class. She was so practiced to demonstrate how to pour the milk and make wonderful latte art. Although the venue is bit small, it contains all of the elements of a café. We learnt to make two different style of heart design. We have an enjoyable time there. I would recommend this class to those who love coffee

Latte Art Class review by Wing Chiu - San Jose

Garnet Kim Mar 2022

We got to make two styles of art, and our teacher was very patient and guided us through each step. A pleasant way to spend an hour! Thanks!

Christopher Yip Mar 2022

I really liked the class! We learned two designs (heart and tulip). We started off practicing with water, then with actual espresso and steamed milk. Would love to do this course again if other techniques are incorporate (i.e. other designs, how to froth milk, etc.).

Dylan Andretta Feb 2022

I took my mom and partner to this latte art class, and we had such a great time. Our teacher was patient, provided a lot of practice time, and taught us how to make a heart and a tulip. It made me excited to go home and try it again! The latte was also very tasty :)

Liang Jin Dec 2021

The host is very patient. I had a great time learning two different types of latte art.

Latte Art Class review by Liang Jin - San Jose

Selene Chew Dec 2021

We are a group of 7 designers having our team offsite and we really enjoyed our time there. The teacher was very knowledgeable & professional and taught us step by step with water first, then doing it for real with coffee. We made two different latte art, so we had 2 cups of coffee. Try not to have a late afternoon class if you don't want to drink coffee at such late hour. The venue was spacious for our team size and nicely decorated. All materials were provided, and very professional! As students, we are given a 20% discount for any purchases from the cafe, which includes not only coffee and desserts, but also all kinds of professional coffee making gears.

Coffee class review by Selene Chew - San Jose

Elana White Dec 2021

We had such a fun time! Jaden adjusted her teaching style perfectly to each person. The space was sparkling clean and the lattes we made were delicious. Great group activity.

Coffee class review by Elana White - San Jose

Bill Huang Nov 2021

Great class and Jayden was a fabulous teacher. She was very patience and gave me plenty of instructions and practice. I walk out of class knowing I have the skill set to eventually be proficient at making latte arts. Just need practice.

Cherry Lei Nov 2021

Great class. Materials are all provided. Instruction, demonstration, and coaching are clear to understand. Environment is clean and pleasant.

Shelly Goldberg Nov 2021

The teacher was amazing She knew so much, gave great coaching and could easily see what movements we needed to change to make good latte art. I learned a TON in a short time and can’t wait to practice on my own. I think I will do this class again with other friends!

Latte Art Class review by Shelly Goldberg - San Jose

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