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Welcome! People’s Plate is created by Darshana for quality meals for the community – be it a catered event, an everyday meal, private meals made in your home, or learning how to cook a delicious meal from our class offerings. One thing is for sure: meals will never be boring again!

Today in the People’s Plate kitchen we are so pumped about all the incredible things happening this summer — and we can’t wait to share them with you! While Indian curries and flavors are Darshana’s speciality, we also offer a wide range of culinary classes ranging from American, Italian, Far Eastern/Asian, Middle Eastern, Baking and Desserts. Darshana has tested and devoted countless hours developing recipes that will make you tastebuds tingle with excitement!

People’s Plate demystifies two all-time, classic dishes that you can recreate simply and deliciously, so you can become a Master Chef at home! You do not want to miss these classes and we are so excited for you to join us!


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