Portrait Photography Workshop

Learn how to create portraits on location in this photography class in Seattle.

Kate Hailey
Kate Hailey
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3 hours Class size 1 to 8     label $100 - $125 (Earlybird price of $100 applies if you book into a public session 22+ days ahead)
Improve your photography skills and learn to take portraits in this photography class in Seattle! This location-based workshop is intended to provide a well-rounded experience and leave you feeling more confident in finding and shaping light, posing a subject, and more. There will also be a model for you to work with and photograph!
This class is beginner-friendly photography workshop, but basic knowledge of how to use your camera and manual settings is required for class.
You will learn to embrace and utilize available light, seeking out the best light for the person you are photographing. This could be the bright sun, finding shade, or creating shade.
Through the use of light, we can create a mood, tell a story, or highlight a face or form. Using available light can bring us lots of options but also has limitations. What if you want diffused light on a cloudless day? What if you want bright light on a cloudy day?
This is where learning to add light comes into play. We can create a mood, tell a story, and simply get more creative when we have more tools available to us! In the Pacific Northwest, we are faced with many overcast days. If we learn to master available light, add light to available light, and shape that light, we can create portraits that stand out.
During the in-person workshop, your instructor, Kate will talk through camera and lighting settings, finding interesting locations, and working with talent. You will leave this experience more confident in using off-camera flash and finding great compositions and backgrounds.
What you'll learn
  • Understanding the gear from lights to wireless remotes
  • Tips for working on location
  • How to add a natural-looking fill light by balancing ambient light and flash
  • How to add in light as available light dissipates
  • Understanding High-Speed Sync (HSS)
You will receive a specific meeting location and details after registering.
Save $25 per guest, when you book 22+ days before a class
Knowledge required
You should understand ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed, and white balance, and how to change these settings on your camera.
What to bring
Digital or film camera with a hot shoe. Also bring a fully charged battery, clear memory card, and a portrait lens, something between 50mm and 85mm.

Seattle, WA

Exact location is masked for privacy. You'll automatically get the specific address after booking.

Portrait Photography Workshop location
Your teacher
Kate Hailey
Kate Hailey

Instagram followers7k
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Kate Hailey is a freelance photographer and photography educator based in the Pacific Northwest.
Kate leads workshops, photowalks, and photo tours, focusing on topics she holds dear, from lighting and portraiture, to travel and exploring creative techniques. This includes teaching workshops in collaboration with places like Glazer's Camera, Photographic Center Northwest, Pro Photo Supply, Gulf Photo Plus, and beyond.
Kate is an ambassador for Lensbaby and a contributor to blogs of brands like Lensbaby and Exposure by Alien Skin, as well as SLR Lounge, Digital Photography School, FujiLove, Glazer's Camera, and beyond.

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