Why Creative Team Building Activities Lower Stress and Boost Engagement

Why Creative Team Building Activities Lower Stress and Boost Engagement

By Jane Gauger

It’s hard to beat a commute that takes you from the bedroom to the kitchen table! While working from home felt like a temporary adjustment during a pandemic, most US workers are now choosing WFH life over going into the office. According to the Pew Research Center, 59% of people who say they can do their jobs from home are working remotely all or most of the time. It’s tough to beat the flexibility and everyone can appreciate avoiding rush hour traffic, but it makes staying connected with your coworkers a lot more challenging. No one wants to feel like they are working on an island.

Engaging through interaction

One of the best ways for employers to meet that challenge is by engaging teams with programs that encourage interaction and allow a break from work routines to focus on mental health. Team building activities are designed to improve collaboration and boost morale while building company culture. Our partner NAMI highlighted the benefits of lowering stress among frontline workers through creative arts like meditative doodling or listening to music while cooking a new recipe. Even if your profession isn’t nearly as intense as emergency personnel, anyone can feel less burned out and more engaged when they take a workshop with teammates.

Creative virtual activities for team building 

Online group games and virtual experiences go a long way toward team building in remote and hybrid workplaces. Whether your team wants to challenge each other inside a virtual escape room or gather online for cocktails – or mocktails – and trivia, it all works toward building relationships and boosting wellness.

Does a soothing hour of sinking your hands into clay sound like the ideal activity for your team? Or maybe a lively pizza making class feels like the best way to bond? Whether chocolate is the way to your team’s heart or digging into plant life with a DIY terrarium class sounds like a relaxing hour together, we have a variety of virtual team building activities sure to bring everyone together. 

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