Create a Handmade Traveler's Journal

Make your collected souvenirs into an easy crafts project in this online class.

20 hours label $82
Calling all collectors: do you have a drawer full of interesting bits and pieces that you'd love to display in a meaningful way? In this online arts and crafts course, you will learn how to make your own French Bohemian Traveler's junk journal using all the ephemera you've kept over the years.
In this prerecorded online class, you will use postcards, drawings, and other collected items to create a mixed-media picture book. You'll put everything together for a journal that holds your memories in a captivating new way. Anyone looking for things to do at home will appreciate this fun DIY craft project.
Your guide is Robin Dudley Howes, an experienced teacher with several decades of knowledge, who will share all of her tips and tricks for creating a junk journal in a French bohemian style that's full of your own treasures. She will go over all the techniques so you can attach fabric to card stock, create collages, binding book pages and so much more!
This virtual. class is perfect for anyone who loves journaling, scrapbook making, or paper crafting. You can even use what you learn to create a look book or mood board for your ideas if you want to take the theme in a different direction.
By the end of your course, you will have hours of class time to put together a beautiful handmade journal to tell your unique story.
What's covered in your prerecorded class:
  • Creating a cover with fabric and card stock
  • Collaging different design elements
  • Learn how to dye paper with tea and coffee
  • Distressing fabric and paper
  • Creating design elements with special techniques
  • Binding your journal
  • Access to an online forum to ask questions and show off your project
Knowledge required
Perfect for beginners.
What to bring
Your teacher will send an email with resources on how to recycle materials and purchase any tools you might need.
Your teacher
Artsy Bohemian
Artsy Bohemian

Hi I'm Robin Dudley Howes aka The Artsy Bohemian. Welcome to my Bohemian happy place! I have been an educator for over 2 decades, guiding individuals to loosen up their creativity and think outside of the box, mostly with unconventional styles of art. I've taught 1000's of students at hundreds of venues in various backgrounds with a goal of not only finishing a project but teaching individuals HOW to be creative.
Since 1997 I have been published dozens of times in well-known magazines (landing the cover of 1) and 3 books. I've been asked to speak about creativity via speaking engagements and podcasts, culminating in a growing social media platform and loyal following. To say I am PASSIONATE about spreading the magic of creativity would be an understatement. I live, eat and breathe creativity EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.
I absolutely love sharing my knowledge, whether it be at cozy home gatherings, large National art retreats or online. It's what I love to do and I'm so grateful to my loyal following and a platform to spread my love of creativity.

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