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Visual Philosophy Studio is passionate about all things arts and crafts and loves to show everyone the joy of stepping away from screens and addressing your artistic needs.

Nestled in San Jose, this creative studio does professional-level art, drawing, printing classes for team-building events, fun, and more!




Jonathan Youngha Joo May 2024

It was a great experience, and the teachers were willing to spend a lot of extra time after the allotted session to make sure every piece came out polished and well! Very instructive teaching and a very fun time. Thank you so much!!

Teacher's response

Great to hear y'all had fun!

Rachel George Mar 2024

What an absolutely amazing class. My group and I were blown away. Already one of the top activities we’ve ever done! Will remember this class forever. We made the most difficult beginner knife and it’s such a beautiful object we’ll treasure! Crazy arm work out but worth it. Definitely coming back for another class thank you!

Taylor Chase Jun 2023

Great teacher! Very knowledgeable and informative, patient, always ready to help but encouraged me to try each step as long as I felt ready. Never made me feel bad for being scared or weak.

Metalwork class review by Taylor Chase - San Jose

Stephen Mar 2023

Teacher Yori was awesome. Had a lot of fun. I'm now addicted to hitting metal.

Beginners Blacksmithing Class review by Stephen  - San Jose

Lina Fares Mar 2023

Booked this for my husband's birthday. The class and teacher were great! He gave such thorough and easy to understand instructions and guided us step by step. We learned so many different techniques. It was not only a fun activity, but a new experience and it was very informative. Would totally recommend to our friends and family to try. Thanks for a fun afternoon!

Metalwork class review by Lina Fares - San Jose

Aparna Jayarajan Jan 2023

Charlie was amazing!we both got to make different things! Kife n a bottle opener. Super fun.

Beginners Blacksmithing Class review by Aparna Jayarajan - San Jose

Betty May Dec 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Yorgi, our beginners class in forging teacher, was fantastic! We made decorative iron hooks. We learned some basics on how to work with metal, how to best protect ourselves while working with fire and heat, force, yielding and shaping. He made sure we had fun while learning. It was a "blast"

Beginners Blacksmithing Class review by Betty May - San Jose

Mercedes Le Nov 2022

Amazing This was a gift for my bf who loves hands on stuff like glass blowing. Instructor was wonderful, clear, and very helpful with classes and helping me with my object. Also nice enough to let us do our own spoon rather than the typical can opener!

Beginners Blacksmithing Class review by Mercedes Le - San Jose

Maura Geiszler Nov 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

We had a great time in the beginner blacksmithing class! We got to have a private class with a very knowledgeable instructor who walked us through every step. We each made a super cool bottle opener to take home!

Rosa Aug 2022

The instructor was clear and a very good teacher. Her teaching would be at a 4-5 star level. The class content could have been better. She went through the entire alphabet showing us how to write each letter, which was fine and useful, but I was surprise to realize that writing the alphabet was basically the entire of the class. I would have appreciated that portion to have been much faster (half the time, really - can similar letters be bunched together and taught at the same time vs. going through the alphabet chronologically?). I was hoping to learn more about hand lettering, such as numbers, technique, decorative styles. Or how to use an actual calligraphy pen. Maybe more tips and tricks for how to write with a "paint brush" tip felt pen/marker. I'd recommend this for the super duper beginner that wants to start from basics, revisit how they breakup and write each letter, and/or doesn't have a good cursive/script hand writing style.

Sherry Aug 2022

Class was very helpful for beginner. Instructor spent a good amount of time showing how to form each letter of the alphabet. The class was relaxed and I enjoyed it very much.

Heather Aug 2022

The class was good and there were some very helpful tips. I think we could have reviewed the strokes and then moved on to some other styles of letteringgoing through the entire alphabet in script felt a bit cumbersome. Overall, great instructor and very thorough direction.

Sarah Camperlino Aug 2022

Dana was super friendly and a fun teacher! She has great hand lettering skills, and her work toward the end of the class was really pretty! Overall, it was very fun, and my team enjoyed it.

Some suggestions in the name of always improving!:
- I do wish we had been able to customize the level of the instruction a bit. Our company started up "communities" for people's hobbies and interests, so our crafting group participated. Because we are all pretty creative already, I think we could have benefited more from advanced technique training (connecting letters, bouncing fonts, etc.) rather than the more "entry-level" of how to write each letter. Perhaps we could have been instructed to practice the letters prior to the class, and then it could have jumped more into the techniques and different fonts / questions on how to achieve different looks.
- I wish the kit had lined paper included because that's what the instructor used. I think it would have been easier to follow along with that.
- The example stuff we received, and the initial examples the instructor did, were not the best looking writing. It made me a little skeptical of what we were getting into. But when she started doing the real examples, her writing was very nice and pretty! I wish the examples were more representative of her real ability to make it look more professional from the get-go!
- In traditional group art classes I've done (like a sips-n-strokes), the instructor would come around and check techniques, offer specific tips for improvement, etc. We had 16 people, but it would have been cool if we could show how we were doing along the way, and she could offer advice for how to make it better.
- The brush tip markers were too squishy to be able to get the thin lines I was trying to achieve without using the other side. I loved the one the instructor used. Perhaps those are too expensive to give out, but it would have been nice to have one that would really work well for us.
- I got two browns that were close to the same color, a neon yellow, and a purple. Would have liked to get a black or blue so I could do more with it.

Hand Lettering at Home review by Sarah Camperlino

Josh Grunzweig Jun 2022

Went for a company offsite and it was enjoyable as can be. Instructor was incredibly welcoming and helpful. Would recommend the experience to anyone with interest in trying something a bit different and interesting.

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